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arrer; arrers; arrest; arrestation; arreste; arrester; arresters; arresting; arrestingly; arrestment
  1. Forty soldiers died before the progress of the disease was arrested by home-made remedies and groceries brought up by the sutler.

  2. Several persons have been arrested near Crow Wing for selling whiskey to the Winnebago Indians; and twelve or fifteen barrels of whiskey have been overtaken and knocked in the head, by Capt.

  3. Fear of the Indians living about the mouth of the Blue Earth River, one of whose number had been arrested and sent to St. Louis for murder, had suggested the necessity of the military escort.

  4. James Higby who sold a promissory note which had already been paid, and Jacob Shipler who was arrested on a charge of assault and battery were both given terms in the jail at the fort.

  5. A third character appeared in the person of Major Plympton, the commanding officer, who arrested Dr.

  6. They put him in a temporary cell with three others--two white men and a Chinese, who had been arrested for smuggling opium.

  7. Being arrested and jailed is losing its novelty.

  8. It was when he chanced to look at her as she was looking from the window that she arrested him.

  9. On arriving at the plantation Simon was immediately arrested and asked where the gold was.

  10. The captain threatened to have her arrested by his soldiers if she didn't hush up.

  11. He had already disobeyed two orders to stop the pursuit, and had he not been arrested by his superior officer in person, would soon have been up with the main body of the British.

  12. With thin lips, high cheek bones, rigid, yet not strong lines in his face, an immense head of hair, his personal appearance would never have arrested the curiosity of the beholder but for his eye.

  13. Our merchant vessels were arrested on the high seas, and men, on the groundless charge of being deserters, immediately coerced into the British service.

  14. Hitherto he had taken but little part in the debates of the House, and hence his brilliant effort took the members by surprise and arrested their attention.

  15. In the meantime be careful of what you say against me, or I will have you arrested before sundown.

  16. They say father has stolen money from Holland & Mack, and they have just arrested him for a thief!

  17. Don't you think you had better have this Woodward arrested first?

  18. I advise you to have both Holtzmann and Woodward arrested at once.

  19. Chicago is a big city, and unless the officer who arrested you before meets you, it is improbable that he can give an accurate enough description of you for others to identify you.

  20. Our train was delayed, I almost had my handbag stolen, and I've been arrested as a thief.

  21. He ought to tell me what I am accused of," I cried, "Every one who is arrested has a right to know that.

  22. It's the boy who was arrested for that robbery last night," explained the merchant.

  23. That you can telegraph to New York and have the two men arrested as soon as they arrive.

  24. I was arrested for having them, and what's the use of my having the name without the game?

  25. But his father was very harsh, and told him if he ever came back he would have him arrested and put into prison.

  26. Bill was not arrested for his father did not wish the family disgraced, but he was driven from home, with very little money in his pocket, and told never to return again.

  27. But I am ready for you, and you shall be arrested immediately.

  28. This train of thought was arrested by the inward question, "What is it to me whether he marries her or not?

  29. While preparations were being made to effect this change, her proceedings were suddenly arrested by tidings that the house and furniture were to be sold at auction, to satisfy the demands of creditors.

  30. She moved eagerly toward the veranda, but was suddenly arrested by her husband.

  31. Your back was toward me, and I should have passed on, if my attention had not been arrested by her wild outpouring of French and Spanish.

  32. Arrangements were accordingly made for going in a day or two; but they were arrested by three or four lines from Rosa, stating that she was getting well, that she had everything for her comfort, and would write more fully soon.

  33. On seating myself at the Pacific Hotel, with a view to supper, I was called to the door, and notified that the waggons I had seen properly started had all been arrested and were at the corner of Dearborn Street.

  34. We arrested one man who had performed the trick four times.

  35. Lord Scrope being detected with others in a plot against Henry V, was arrested and condemned.

  36. The Earl was arrested but was subsequently pardoned.

  37. One of the defendants had denied all knowledge of the letter after he put it on the desk, and the other, refusing to explain where she had obtained the bill, had been arrested as a party to the crime, or as accessory to it.

  38. The United States deputy marshal arrested Captain Chinks; but he was liberated on bail furnished by Squire Gilfilian.

  39. I wish they hadn't arrested you," added she; but this was evidently not what she had intended to say.

  40. Then it was Mr. Fernald explained the nature of a subpoena, and Seth was decidedly surprised at learning that he could, and probably would, be arrested if he refused to obey.

  41. Don't you know you're liable to be arrested for doing anything of that sort?

  42. That then the alleged detective had gone toward Fulton Market with the avowed intention of meeting a friend, and Teddy was positive Jip had not been arrested until late in the afternoon.

  43. The Catamaran was now at such a distance, that even could she have been suddenly arrested in her course, and brought to an anchor, it was doubtful whether either Snowball or the sailor could have reached her by swimming.

  44. They can all be reduced, arrested and forced to give place to healthy regeneration by the hygienic-dietetic healing system.

  45. For an instant he stood as though long-arrested passions were pounding against the dams that had held them; then his words came like the torrent that makes driftwood of its impediments.

  46. The arrested embryos or eggs are then swallowed and digested by those in the same capsule which have advanced in development.

  47. The introvert is not a simple one with complete range both in eversion and introversion, but is arrested in introversion by the fibrous bands at c, and similarly in eversion by the fibrous bands at b.

  48. G, The acrecbolic snout of a proboscidiferous Gastropod, arrested short of complete eversion by the fibrous band b.

  49. In a territory with a general dip in one direction, a slight change in the angle, though not in the direction of dip, sometimes called an arrested dip, may cause sufficient irregularity to produce the necessary trapping conditions.

  50. By pressing firmly upon this artery, the blood is arrested in its flow into the limb, and of course the bleeding from the wound soon ceases.

  51. A large proportion of the dysenteries of hot weather in miasmatic regions, will be arrested in a few hours by these three or four remedies, especially if the patient keeps still, and generally even if he keeps about his business.

  52. An Arlesian had, indeed, been arrested on the square, brought into the Assembly, and they were lowering the lantern to run him up.

  53. The poor fellow was arrested by his pursuers and massacred.

  54. Already on the 31st of August, Tailien, his faithful ally, had told the National Assembly: "We have arrested the priests who make so much trouble.

  55. Thereupon, the obedient municipality sets the arrested rioters free, and lowers the price of bread one-sixth.

  56. The corps of Mandrins which arrested us set us at liberty.

  57. Two of the administrators of the Senlis hospital were arrested by Paris commissaries and conducted "before the pretended Committee of Public Safety in Paris, with all that they possessed in money, jewels, and assignats.

  58. He proposes on the 5th of February a revolutionary tribunal for trying arrested persons in a revolutionary manner.

  59. If the latter (the honest men of the Right), in spite of so many drawbacks, attempt a struggle, they are arrested at the very first step.

  60. Being asked if he had been successful in his search after suspected persons--'Yes my lord, infinitely; our battalion arrested four priests.

  61. Let anybody in any assemblage or club express any opinion not in unison with municipal views, and he is sure to be arrested the following night.

  62. We were arrested because we refused to join them, and on our refusal we were daily threatened with the gallows.

  63. Citizen Robin is arrested on the 2nd of June, "for having manifested opinions contrary to the sovereignty of the people in the National Assembly.

  64. It is said that he was arrested one morning by two bailiffs for a debt of L20, when he saw a bishop, to whom he was related, passing along in his coach.

  65. Bob," on one occasion said Macklin, "I intend to have you arrested for the debt you owe me, but I am considering whether I shall arrest you before or after your benefit.

  66. I accordingly went as soon as I was dressed, and found that his landlady had arrested him for rent, at which he was in a violent passion.

  67. One evening he was arrested for debt while acting on the stage, by a sheriff's officer, who sprang from the pit over the orchestra and footlights to secure his prisoner.

  68. At length in July 1856, while about to play at the Preston Theatre, he was arrested and imprisoned in Lancaster Gaol.

  69. Arrested on a Saturday night, they had to remain in the "lock-up" throughout Sunday.

  70. Montague was arrested and conveyed to Bow Street, where the magistrate closely questioned the culprit.

  71. Whenever I am arrested I can always persuade the sheriff's officer to bail me.

  72. Not the least ingenious of the many instances to be met with, however, is one attributed to a widow, who, in the days of Whitecross Street and the Bench, was arrested for debt.

  73. We are bailiffs, my lord, who yesterday arrested your cousin, Joe Haines, for a debt of L20, and your lordship kindly promised to satisfy us.

  74. A sheriff's officer at length arrested the dying man in his bed, and was about to carry him off in his blankets to a spunging-house, when Dr.

  75. And--" Stransky had started to point to Feller, whose name he did not know, when a forbidding gleam under the hat brim arrested him.

  76. He saw the glance arrested and focussed on the flag of the Grays, which was floating from a staff on the outskirts of the town, and slowly, glowingly, the light rippling on its folds was reflected in her face.

  77. It was arrested and held this time by two groups of far-away points in the sky along the frontier, in the same bright light of that other afternoon when Captain Arthur Lanstron had made his first night over the range.

  78. She started precipitately to the rescue, but a hand on her arm arrested her and she turned to see Hugo Mallin bound past her down the slope.

  79. Coming to the arbor she slowed down for a step or two, arrested by the recollection of her last meeting with Lanstron.

  80. It was he who mercifully arrested the shower of hand-grenades that followed the exit of the enemy.

  81. Do you think they have arrested the Count?

  82. But they themselves introduced errors, which rent the ranks, and finally arrested the march of the Reformation, and which paralyze the Protestant Church to this day.

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