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charlock; charm; charmant; charmante; charme; charmer; charmers; charmes; charmeuse; charming
  1. And the duke was particularly charmed with Mr. Cantacuzene.

  2. Lady Corisande saw the wild-cattle, and many other things, which gratified and charmed her.

  3. He was also sensible of the beautiful, and the surrounding forms of nature and art charmed him.

  4. Reclining on Olivet, Lothair, alone and in charmed abstraction, gazed on the wondrous scene.

  5. He seemed to bear a charmed life: to covet danger; to laugh at death; the Indians felt a holy horror of coming in his way when they looked upon him, and therefore he was not as strongly opposed as a less terrible foe would have been.

  6. He seemed to bear a charmed life, for, although some of the leaden missiles rent his clothing, he still stood there unwounded.

  7. Or, rather, we should have found this happy gathering, for the iron hand of war has broken the charmed ring.

  8. This was the way to gain that mixed voice, the ideal held up to the scholars as being the most impressive and the most exquisite; that which at the same time ravished the ear and charmed the heart.

  9. Spontini, charmed to see his work raised to such proportions.

  10. The quotation is:-- "The audience was charmed and instructed.

  11. He tried to read the young girl's eyes, he wished to see again the sweet expression which so charmed him, but Blanche kept her eyes downcast, she trembled, and feared to meet those of the marquis.

  12. Maitre Gonin, a skilful juggler, had established himself there, and charmed all Paris by his dexterity; while a little farther off Briochee had his marionette show.

  13. At lunch the major was charmed to find his favorite wines and dishes without any need of consulting dictionary or phrase-book beforehand, or losing his temper in vain attempts to make himself understood.

  14. There was a dash and daring, a generosity and integrity, about the little fellow, that charmed her.

  15. That summon me to seek your shrine, I hear the call and wait alone, Until the charmed light shall shine.

  16. And she had mused upon the charmed life Kate would lead.

  17. He had been so charmed with her that he had accepted the invitation, and, rashly he now saw, had engaged himself to her, after having known her in all face to face but a few days.

  18. As David turned to go up the steps and search for Marcia he was confronted by Kate’s beautiful, smiling face, radiant as it used to be when it had first charmed him.

  19. Nothing charmed me more during my stay in town than the pictures I saw.

  20. I scarcely ever felt more charmed with his excellencies, more grateful for his condescension, or more abased at my own unworthiness; but I lament that my heart is so little retentive of those pleasing and profitable impressions.

  21. With this, and much more of the same kind, he cherished the flame that consumed him, so that by degrees he lost his color, his vigor, and the beauty which formerly had so charmed the nymph Echo.

  22. Dido was charmed with his discourse and filled with admiration of his exploits.

  23. All were charmed with her beauty, and each one demanded her for his wife.

  24. Wrap him in thy charmed veil, Secret spun and secret wove, Certain from the deepest wave To lift him to its crests above.

  25. Among the clouds, their eldest brother, But just flown up, tells with a smile of bliss, This prank of Pluto to his charmed mother, Who turns to greet the tidings with a kiss.

  26. Whose charmed cup Whoever tasted lost his upright shape, And downward fell into a grovelling swine.

  27. The King was charmed with her spirit, while the Queen thought she had indeed been daring thus to go against the Fairy's wishes.

  28. It is possible," said the officer coldly, and evidently not much charmed at the recognition.

  29. Thus shielded with caution, he bore his prosperity with surprising temperance; everybody was charmed with his affability and moderation.

  30. If he was charmed with her appearance, he was quite ravished with her discourse, which was sensible, spirited, and gay.

  31. To this lady our young gentleman was introduced as a stranger fresh from England; and he was charmed with her personal accomplishments, as well as with the freedom and gaiety of her conversation.

  32. In his after life, amid all the excitements of journalism, Page could take a brief vacation and spend it with Ulysses by the sea; but actuality and human activity charmed him even more than did the heroes of the ancient world.

  33. Like many scholarly Americans, Page had been charmed by the intellectual brilliancy of Woodrow Wilson.

  34. Mozart was so charmed with her voice that he undertook to give her lessons, and we soon hear of him composing airs for her and meditating a concert tour in Italy in company with her, and her father and sister.

  35. They were more especially charmed when the actor, after having thrown aside the hypocrite and politician, assumed the warrior and the hero.

  36. When he arrived at Florence he was charmed with the appearance of the city; but his whole mind was absorbed in the works of Leonardo da Vinci and of Michael Angelo, the rival artists of the age.

  37. Neglected lies Love's penny-whistle on which they played so prettily and charmed the spheres to hear them.

  38. Charmed to hear it," said Adrian, and began unpinning his parcel on his knees.

  39. They read and admired, being charmed with the wild notes of liberty.

  40. He was charmed with the simple contrivance, and astonished at the rapidity, facility and exactness with which it was put in use by so many busy hands.

  41. Shelley was charmed with the intelligence of the two children of nature, and with their marvellous wildness.

  42. They did not bear the charmed life of his son.

  43. Julio was in daily danger of death, but the old ranchman was buoyed up by his conviction that his son led a charmed life--no harm could touch him.

  44. He took great pleasure in watching him at work and loved to forget himself during the long hours charmed by the wit and innate distinction of his entertainer.

  45. Nature, gentle and friendly to man, which he saw with a simplicity and a clearness approached by no other painter, attracted and charmed him above all else, in contrast to his contemporary and friend, J.

  46. Like the fascination of Venice, I do not know what veiled and sighing poetry in low tones holds here the charmed spirit.

  47. A heart at ease would have been charmed with my sentiments and reasonings; but as to myself, I was like Judas Iscariot preaching the Gospel.

  48. He walked with me in spring, early in the morning, to the Braid Hills, when he charmed me still more by his private conversation than he had ever done in company.

  49. Not even in those volumes which afterwards charmed his country from end to end, did Gilbert see his brother in so interesting a light as in these conversations in the bog, with only two or three noteless peasants for an audience.

  50. By their beauty and their agreeableness they charmed Burns, and did much to make his visit delightful.

  51. Outside the charmed conclave he was looked upon as a most engaging chap.

  52. I know of some extremely rare pieces to be had in New York, however, and, while I cannot procure them for you myself, I should be charmed to give you a letter to the dealer who has them.

  53. What loving eyes would be charmed by her splendour?

  54. Who could have avoided being charmed by that pure and innocent affection, which was as freely given by the girl of eighteen as it had been by the child, and was unchanged in character by the lapse of years?

  55. Some whose tatters were the most conspicuous feature of their costume, I am sure would have charmed me if I had been a painter; as a mere word-painter I find myself wishing I could give the color of their wretchedness to my page.

  56. In the case of one who stood with her little figure slanted and her little head tilted, looking up into the charmed eyes of a tall rubio, the tourist could not help rejoicing with the young man too.

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