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Example sentences for "dreaming"

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dreames; dreameth; dreamful; dreamily; dreaminess; dreamings; dreamland; dreamless; dreamlessly; dreamlike
  1. He first razed the central tower, or donjon, and scarce before the departure of his royal guest, was already dreaming of replacing the entire fabric with another which should bear the same name.

  2. Thirty odd years later Louis XIV, when he was dreaming of his Versailles project, made a gift of the property to his nephew, Philippe d'Orleans, Duc de Chartres.

  3. In the course of our ramble upon the banks of the stream, little dreaming of any vestiges of human creation in that region, we came almost upon the roof of a cottage, rudely, but firmly built of stone.

  4. That breaking of the glass set me a-dreaming over our old mill, and your mother, child, that died across the seas.

  5. I think I am not dreaming now, but I was.

  6. Small wonder that his dreaming had seemed real to Charlie.

  7. Bohemia, a part of the old German empire, inhabited chiefly by a Sclavonic race, has been dreaming of Pansclavism.

  8. Wanderers upon the waves, we passed happy days in the shadow of our vessel's sails, anticipating pardon from our friends, and dreaming a bright future.

  9. The evening darkened down, and trimming the wood fire in the old library Frank sat on, dreaming dreams in which a certain lady occupied a great place.

  10. Edie marched up and down while he waited for the German, shouldering his pike-staff, and dreaming that he was back again on the outposts with a dozen hostile riflemen hidden in front of him.

  11. Margaret was still in Germany, but would soon return to France, and he had almost made up his mind to ask her advice, not dreaming that in such a case she could really deem anything he did an unpardonable offence.

  12. It exercised an indefinable, nostalgic power over me; it set me dreaming of another world, of infinite passion and supreme happiness.

  13. It is of her that he is dreaming night and day.

  14. It seemed to him that he awoke from it at occasional long intervals, always to find himself dreaming of rapid motion, as though he were being transported through the air with considerable speed.

  15. In the streets he walked with tight-pursed lips, dreaming no one knew what.

  16. He pictured the love-light in her eyes; for surely she was dreaming of him, as he of her.

  17. Am I dreaming and think I'm awake, or am I awake and still dreaming'?

  18. BOBBY BITES HIS OWN TAIL "Oh tell me, some one, if you will Am I awake or dreaming still?

  19. In his dreaming he quite forgot the girl who still lay half curled up back of the prow.

  20. So, sitting there in her chair, dreaming in the moonlight, she allowed her head to fall forward and was soon fast asleep.

  21. She would never laugh at him again for dreaming over romances, if he could prove that he was able to do an earnest man's part in the world.

  22. He had made up his mind to cease dreaming with his eyes open.

  23. A measure of peace came with the hope, and she was presently gazing into the fire, dreaming more than thinking, and feeling assured that the doctor would stop when he went by on the next morning.

  24. It was deserted all the household being asleep, and never dreaming that she also was not safely in bed.

  25. Now how am I to know whether I was then, Chwangtse dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am Chwang?

  26. He did tremendous things, and all the while was thus dreaming wildly.

  27. By sitting and dreaming away your time in nonsense and folly and in making up silly, idle conversations with idiotic creatures of your own imagination.

  28. Sometimes I wake up in the night and think I am only dreaming a beautiful dream," she said, "and that when I really am awake I shall find myself back in Hampstead in the ugly little dingy room that I shared with two little girls.

  29. In dreaming about imaginary people, and in holding conversations remarkable for their utter inanity with them, about tennis parties and dances and pink chiffon parasols.

  30. The stormy night favoured the attempt; the garrison of La Roqueta not dreaming that on such a night any attack would be made upon the fort.

  31. Now when they had been dreaming strange things for some time, there came a scratching at the door, and a loud bark which woke them suddenly.

  32. So Joyeuse lay down on his bed, and was soon asleep, dreaming sweetly of the morrow.

  33. Who knows but that Prince at home happily guarding Pierre's snow-wet old shoes--who knows but that Prince was dreaming the happiest dream of all?

  34. Kindly he held communion, though so old, With me a dreaming boy, and taught me much That books tell not, and I shall ne'er forget.

  35. They had found at eve the dreaming one By the base of that icy steep, When over his stiffening limbs begun The deadly slumber of frost to creep, And they cherished the pale and breathless form, Till the stagnant blood ran free and warm.

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