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abstinent; abstract; abstracted; abstractedly; abstracting; abstractions; abstractive; abstractly; abstractness; abstracts
  1. An imperfect and inadequate analysis already made is indeed usually the starting point for whatever systematic abstraction the schools direct.

  2. Develop such ideas so far as possible from experiences which will be valuable to the pupil in and of themselves, quite apart from their merit as aids in developing the abstraction or general notion.

  3. Children, especially the less gifted intellectually, need more experiences as a basis for and as applications of an arithmetical abstraction or concept than are usually given them.

  4. It's the reason for the pallour and the abstraction of some days back, for which I put the blame upon some love-affair of his.

  5. There is a stupid feeling comes to people sometimes in the like circumstances, that they are dead, that they have turned the key in the lock of life, as we say, and gone in some abstraction into the territory of shades.

  6. The utter abstraction I was in, led to some awkward contre temps; and as my wife's enthusiasm for her purchases increased, so did my reverie gain ground.

  7. For, the loss of heat being simply the abstraction of molecular motion by the aether, where this medium is absent no cooling could occur.

  8. Determined by it, by a process of abstraction from experience we form physical theories which lie beyond the pale of experience, but which satisfy the desire of the mind to see every natural occurrence resting upon a cause.

  9. At the outset of this Address it was stated that physical theories which lie beyond experience are derived by a process of abstraction from experience.

  10. Only in this one man was now visibly accumulated and concentrated all that for centuries had broadened and expanded under the magnificent abstraction of Rome.

  11. The mighty abstraction called Rome may be easily resolved into two cardinal concrete elements: the Legion and the Law.

  12. Again, the supreme and colourless abstraction of those divine forms, which is the secret of their repose, is also a premonition of the fleshless, consumptive refinements of the pale medieval artists.

  13. That was an abstraction which she had never considered.

  14. After a long period of abstraction he glanced at his watch, then arose and silently arranged her bed.

  15. It discredited the old popular gods, upon loyalty to whom the existence of the State had been supposed to depend, substituting for them some crude fancy like Vortex, or some bald abstraction like Intellect.

  16. There was a hurry and abstraction in his manner utterly unlike his former leisurely sympathy.

  17. There was no artifice about the young man; it was in the dreamiest abstraction that he clasped that fair form round the collar and turned it to the light.

  18. I doubt MacCailein Mor heard little of this uncheery criticism, for he was looking in a seeming blank abstraction out of the end window at the town lights increasing in number as the minutes passed.

  19. Our own government, I should conceive, is too much an abstraction ever to feel any sympathy for its maimed sailors and soldiers, though it will doubtless do then a severe kind of justice, as chilling as the touch of steel.

  20. Consequently there is a greater power of abstraction and reflective thought.

  21. Such being the case, this early concept of the guava has evidently required no abstraction of qualities beyond apprehending them while perceiving the one example of the fruit.

  22. Unconscious abstraction is certainly one of the primary acts of the intelligence, since abstraction follows from the consideration of a part or of some parts of a whole, which are themselves presented as a whole to the perception.

  23. Neither is it a real thing, but rather an ideal reality, not a pure abstraction of the spirit, extracted, so to speak, from the material substance.

  24. She had remained some moments in utter abstraction when Cousin Jennie hastily entered telling her that Mr. Lawson had just left and that her father wished to see her.

  25. This more elevated level of development is extremely fruitful in its last ascent It is essential that the child's attention should not be directed to the objects when the delicate phenomenon of abstraction begins.

  26. It is quite to itself,--a mere abstraction considered by itself; but to the orchestra what red is to the rainbow.

  27. If we consider conduct in a certain abstraction from the practical setting in which it is performed such a conclusion can be drawn.

  28. This is enough to show that there is a principle of individuality as well as of abstraction inseparable from works of art as well as nature.

  29. Sir Joshua himself contends that 'beauty in creatures of the same species is the medium or centre of all its various forms'; and he maintains that grandeur is the same abstraction of the species in the individual.

  30. But a friend reminds one of other things, rips up old grievances, and destroys the abstraction of the scene.

  31. He looked at the two, less and less attentively, and his eyes in gloomy abstraction sought the ground and looked about him in the old way.

  32. A very little consideration shows that he performs at first no abstraction at all; abstraction is foreign to his mental habit.

  33. The argument may be summarized by saying that there is controversy neither as to the ethical character of education, nor as to the abstraction which psychology performs in reducing personality to an object.

  34. The essential nature of the standpoint which calls it into existence, and of the abstraction which it performs, is to put in our possession the method by which values are introduced and effected in life.

  35. He only saw a light slender figure, but when she came back into the sitting-room Mr. Rathbone-Sanders noted the faint flush in her cheek and an unwonted abstraction in her eye.

  36. Lord Breeze in a voice deliberately brutal, and Benham, roused from that abstraction which is partly fatigue, had to jump aside and stumbled against the parapet as the gaunt pacer went pounding by.

  37. Souls purified by sorrow and self-denial, transhumanized to the divine abstraction of pure contemplation.

  38. To become congealed by cold; to be changed from a liquid to a solid state by the abstraction of heat; to be hardened into ice or a like solid body.

  39. Defn: Involution in one's self; hence, abstraction of thought; reverie.

  40. To congeal; to harden into ice; to convert from a fluid to a solid form by cold, or abstraction of heat.

  41. The two faculties that are the prerogative of man -- the powers of abstraction and imagination.

  42. Defn: A species of asceticism among the Hindoos, which consists in a complete abstraction from all worldly objects, by which the votary expects to obtain union with the universal spirit, and to acquire superhuman faculties.

  43. Objection 1: It would seem that our intellect does not understand corporeal and material things by abstraction from the phantasms.

  44. In like manner the words "abstract universal" imply two things, the nature of a thing and its abstraction or universality.

  45. The Philosopher is speaking of our intellect, which apprehends only by a process of abstraction; and by such abstraction from material conditions the thing abstracted becomes a universal.

  46. Whether Our Intellect Understands Corporeal and Material Things by Abstraction from Phantasms?

  47. It is the function of the active intellect to enlighten, not another intellect, but things which are intelligible in potentiality, in so far as by abstraction it makes them to be actually intelligible.

  48. Therefore in no way do we understand by abstraction from phantasms.

  49. But matter is the individualizing principle: whereas the universal comes from the abstraction of the form from the particular matter.

  50. Further, speculative knowledge comes by abstraction from things; which does not belong to the divine knowledge.

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