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Example sentences for "haze"

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hazarde; hazarded; hazarding; hazardous; hazards; hazed; hazel; hazelnut; hazelnuts; hazels
  1. It had been reported that Diamond had declared that the sophomores would not dare to haze him, as his father would make it hot for them if they did.

  2. No," panted Frank, who could dimly see his opponent through a thick haze which seemed to hang before his eyes.

  3. He always manages to turn the tables in some way, and hazes the parties who try to haze him.

  4. Then they made out through the haze two large destroyers steering on the same course as the flying-boat, and running at a speed of about twenty knots.

  5. Through this haze we saw the flying-boat travelling at a tremendous pace.

  6. The night was still, not a breath of air was stirring, and a light haze hung over the oily-smooth surface of the harbour.

  7. O the haze is on the hilltops, and the haze is on the lake!

  8. The harvest moon in yellow haze Is steeping all the sea and land, Is kindling paths and shining ways Around the hills, across the sand.

  9. There is positive grotesqueness in the idea, seen in this obliterating haze of fatigue that so maliciously dwarfs and slurs.

  10. They drove for five miles with the early spring moonlight shining silverly through the last rosy haze of the sunset, the air sweet with the scent of green grass and dewy blossomings.

  11. He knew that his name would lead the newspapers to haze him, as the rustic neighbors deride a rural couple with a noisy "chivaree.

  12. His figure seemed to grow larger in the mist, and the grey haze gave his hair a frosty coating, so that age and youth seemed strangely mingled in him.

  13. Then there suddenly emerged from the haze on their left, ahead of them, a long canoe with tall figures in bow and stern, using paddles.

  14. As the refrain of this was sung by the last boat it seemed to come out of the great haze behind.

  15. I saw from the southeast a haze come, in colour like the purple part of the rainbow, but not so compressed or thick.

  16. The meteor or purple haze which I saw was indeed past, but the light air that still blew was of a heat to threaten suffocation.

  17. So thick a haze o'erspread the sky, They could not see the sun on high; The wind had blown a gale all day; At evening it hath died away.

  18. Then some one replied, and the words passed through an outer web of darkness and an inner haze of dreams.

  19. There the Napoleonic cult had early taken root, thanks to his overthrow of the kings and his easy sale of Louisiana; the glorifying haze of distance fostered its growth; and now the martyrdom of St. Helena brought it to full maturity.

  20. But it is time to turn from the haze of conjecture to the sharp outlines of Wellington's campaign.

  21. The eastern skies still gleamed through a faery haze with the soft iridescence of a young ormer shell, the tender pinks and greens and golds of the new day's birth-chamber mellowing upwards into the glorious blue of a day of days.

  22. Such a quaint medley of gray weathered walls and mellowed red roofs, from which the thin blue smoke of early fires crept lazily up to mingle with the haze above!

  23. His thoughts of Margaret, with their after-glow of tender memory, were like the soft sad haze which falls on Guernsey when the sun has sunk and left behind it, in the upper sky, its slowly dying fires of dull red amber and gold.

  24. It was now almost sunset, and the haze and mist of early twilight began to creep over the tossing waves.

  25. Suddenly, before the sun had risen and while the haze still hung upon the ground like a curtain, a gun was heard from the left of the batteries--the one in which Eph Clark had charge of the guns.

  26. Rain had fallen the night before and had left the atmosphere clear and brilliant, with none of that dim haze which is the camerist's Nemesis so often.

  27. As the clothes slipped from her still shapely figure, she stood before the glass, thinking in a haze of those first lover-days that had departed so soon.

  28. These September days the harvests were rich and heavy, covered with a golden haze of heat,--the sweat of earth's accomplishment.

  29. When they reached the river, the two men paused involuntarily in the shade and looked back up the slope to the Farm, lying in the warm haze on the brow of the hill.

  30. It was a hot June morning and through the haze the great buildings towered loftily.

  31. Among the trees the golden haze deepened, and the birds sang.

  32. The three talked and the birds chattered; the haze of the gentle brooding day deepened.

  33. Up there on Dog Mountain which swam in the haze of the June afternoon they had walked on snowshoes one cold January night, over the new snow by moonlight, talking marvellously of all that life was to be.

  34. So we leaned against the railings in the warm twilight haze while the battalion, silently as a shadow, formed up behind us ready to be taken over.

  35. As far as the eye could range through the mellow English haze the ground inside the railings was dotted with boys in and out of uniform, armed and unarmed.

  36. As Kenelm said this he looked up, and the sun broke out from the gloomy haze of the morning.

  37. Ay, could I have done so before I should have been saved from many errors, and been many years nearer to the goal which dazzled my sight through the haze of my boyish dreams.

  38. The lightest haze that ever floated in a summer sky would do more to screen the stars from our view than would one hundred thousand miles of such cometary material as was here interposed.

  39. The faintest haze or the merest trace of a cloud would have sufficed to hide all the stars.

  40. The padded gloves and boots protected him--but there was a new and different type of crackle and haze from the metal points now.

  41. Then the silver disc was outlined in light, and swiftly, inevitably crumbling into dust so fine only a blue haze appeared.

  42. And you, Kid, can help haze the cut up the Flat--the boys'll show you what to do.

  43. From behind a low hill still farther to the right, where the road forked again, a bluish haze of smoke indicated that there was a town of some sort, perhaps.

  44. The ground here sank beneath the foot, a vague haze hung above the marsh and the ponds.

  45. Vast spaces of low-lying land broken by river and bayou, flooded by the light of the new risen sun and touched by a vague mist from the sea, soft as a haze of summer, warm with light and everywhere hinting at the blue deep sky beyond.

  46. Far away in the haze stood Fort Sumter,--a fragment of history, a sea warrior of the past, voiceless and guarding forever the viewless.

  47. Each of Freya's confidences evoked a new predecessor from the haze of her past.

  48. And he pointed out on the horizon the place where the red haze of distant promontories and mountains outlined the Grecian land.

  49. Only a slight haze flitted across her pupils now, like the vapor from a recently extinguished fire.

  50. Through the haze they could see all the road as far as the wood, with dark ditches at the sides and tiny bushes which grew in the ditches and caught the straying wisps of mist.

  51. So, between sips of Benedictine, and through the haze of a good cigar, Mr. Ladd essayed the task.

  52. What a race it had been in the heyday of its wildness and youth, the torment of women, the terror of men, alluring even now through the haze of by-gone pistol-smoke!

  53. This effect of progressive size was enhanced by a thin haze of faintly phosphorescent blue incense that thickened as one advanced, and robbed even the nearer figures of clearness.

  54. He turned me about and pointed to the brow of the eastward cliff, looming above the haze about us, scarce lighter than the darkness of the sky.

  55. It is a beautiful summer morning, though there is a pale haze lying along the Essex woods.

  56. At all events as he returned to his room and sat down by himself to think over all the things that might accrue from this step of his, he only got farther and farther into a haze of nervous indecision.

  57. And is it all a haze of heat over the sea; or can you make out the quivering phantom of the lighthouse--the small gray thing out at the edge of the world?

  58. The whole world seemed to be enveloped in a clear brown haze of smoke.

  59. The cool north wind had given way to the warm southern air that sometimes came up with haze and moisture across the Baltic, bringing with it the relaxing sensations that produced enervation and listlessness.

  60. No air stirred, the leaves of the plane trees stood motionless, the near details were defined with the sharpness of day against dark shadows, and in the distance the fields and woods melted away into haze and shimmering mistiness.

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