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Example sentences for "conjecture"

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coniunction; coniunx; coniure; conjectural; conjecturally; conjectured; conjectures; conjecturing; conjoin; conjoined
  1. How deepe this strooke into Mutio's hart, let them imagine that can conjecture what jealousie is; insomuch that the olde doctor askte when should be the time.

  2. This conjecture must be true, else why did she play such a trick?

  3. This portable usage gives support to Bailey's conjecture that the Jamestown oven may have been used indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer.

  4. This led him to conjecture that the oven, having similar ceramic qualities, was also a local product.

  5. Your letters I have mostly received as well as others; from which I conjecture that the man of law is either angry or busy.

  6. We will admit him and set conjecture at rest.

  7. It is quite impossible now to conjecture with certainty what that state of feeling and the general political circumstances at home and abroad may be at that time.

  8. Aśvatarí ought to be the wife of one of the two, but I am not sure that this conjecture is right.

  9. But the poetic form of the section dealing with the court, and the fact that all it describes is expressed in the present tense, prevent us from pressing this conjecture to a definite conclusion.

  10. It is impossible to conjecture what would have been the course of the religious history of the world if Jerusalem had been blotted out for ever at this period of the life of the city.

  11. If it was to be sung antiphonally we may conjecture that at these places a second chorus would break in.

  12. Some have followed Bunsen in his conjecture that Baruch the scribe may have been the author of the poems.

  13. The discovery of a stone with a Venggi inscription has led to the conjecture that the Hindu settlement to which we owe them, originated from the Priangan; other indications point to immigration directly from Southern India.

  14. Heaps of debris round about lead to the conjecture that the whole was encircled by a wall of brick and that the dwellings of the keepers or officiating priests were composed of the same material.

  15. The style of writing justifies the conjecture that the buildings date from about the year 800 and are consequently of one age with the Boro Budoor.

  16. Caribbean Sea, he will perceive, that we are approaching Cape San Antonio, the south end of the island of Cuba; but he can scarcely conjecture what sort of a cruise I had marked out for myself.

  17. As the specific gravity of oil is considerably less than that of water, we can be at no loss to conjecture why the monster has so bountiful a supply, nor why it is that it carries the supply in its head.

  18. That I have not known, though I might conjecture something like it," said Braithwaite.

  19. We have no doubt that Lords and Commons will be blown up on the re-assembling of Parliament; and as an assurance that we do not speak upon conjecture only, we beg to subjoin a portrait of the delinquent.

  20. How far I was right in my conjecture my readers will hereafter have an opportunity of determining.

  21. But it may be urged, in reply to this, that the theoretic conjecture often legitimately comes first.

  22. In this dim twilight of conjecture the searcher welcomes every gleam, and seeks to augment his light by indirect incidences.

  23. They were one-sided in these matters: they omitted the process of induction, and substituted conjecture for observation.

  24. To be sure, conjecture is abundant enough, but conjecture is not history.

  25. Even legend fails us here, and groping conjecture is at fault.

  26. This is an important conclusion, with which our modern geographers are very ready to agree, though conjecture only can say to what extent it may have occurred.

  27. It is also only conjecture when a famous passage of Firmicus Maternus (fourth century after Christ) is applied to the worship of Attis and to this part of it.

  28. Indeed it was a rather mild case of that kind; and the conjecture may be ventured that Paul was often very much more accommodating than the Decree would demand.

  29. From its position, we may conjecture that the forum was originally a place of meeting common to the inhabitants of the Sabine town on the Quirinal, and the Latin town on the Palatine hill.

  30. And, whatever the merit of his conjectures, he was at any rate the first to show what conjecture could do towards restoring a hopelessly corrupt passage.

  31. Whatever may be said as to his taste or his judgment, it seems that he was both careful and scrupulous, and that he only resorted to conjecture when authority failed him.

  32. Antiquarian discoveries in the vicinity of Etaples have led to the conjecture that it occupies the site of the Gallo-Roman port of Quentovicus.

  33. I say "clearly," because one paradoxical conjecture cannot obtain support from others.

  34. Being as ignorant of what hieroglyphs tell as the man who died when Champollion was born, I do not venture a conjecture on the significance or value of the "cartouches" inscribed on the plane surface of the Scarabæus.

  35. But after a while we are aware of some potent influence undermining our self-satisfaction; we begin to conjecture that the great cataract does not exist by virtue of our approval, and to feel that it will not cease when we go away.

  36. When she got off with her chaperone at one of the poorest-looking country landings, she left them in hopeless conjecture about her.

  37. Conde de Valencia to hazard the conjecture that the armourer may have been one of the Petits, who served Louis XIII.

  38. The Conde hazards a conjecture that it was named after a gentleman called Guillen Lobera, who is referred to in the memoirs of Jaime I.

  39. I know, however, far too little of the topography of this glacier to advance such a conjecture with any confidence.

  40. It is impossible to conjecture what would have been the effects on the climate of northern India and central Asia under these conditions.

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