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iddin; iddina; ide; idea; ideaed; idealisation; idealise; idealised; idealising; idealism
  1. For I think that Thought is all; Truth's a minion of the mind; Love's ideal comes at call; As ye seek so shall ye find.

  2. But that a man should regard all old women exactly as he regards his mother is not only an unattainable ideal, but an ideal which ought not to be attained.

  3. I passed on to the next necessity of any ideal of progress.

  4. If the change-worshipper wishes to estimate his own progress, he must be sternly loyal to the ideal of change; he must not begin to flirt gaily with the ideal of monotony.

  5. This fixed and familiar ideal is necessary to any sort of revolution.

  6. Every kitchen tool becomes ideal because Crusoe might have dropped it in the sea.

  7. Something seemed to be saying, "My ideal at least is fixed; for it was fixed before the foundations of the world.

  8. This, therefore, is our first requirement about the ideal towards which progress is directed; it must be fixed.

  9. Obviously, it will not do to take our ideal from the principle in nature; for the simple reason that (except for some human or divine theory), there is no principle in nature.

  10. Thus we may say that a permanent ideal is as necessary to the innovator as to the conservative; it is necessary whether we wish the king's orders to be promptly executed or whether we only wish the king to be promptly executed.

  11. No ideal will remain long enough to be realized, or even partly realized.

  12. So with the ideal of human morality and its relation to the humanitarians and the anti-humanitarians.

  13. In modern ideal conceptions of society there are some desires that are possibly not attainable: but there are some desires that are not desirable.

  14. This, then, is our second requirement for the ideal of progress.

  15. He had curried no favors at the hand of the Empire, whose absolutism conflicted with his political principles; his ideal government had always been a constitutional King, subordinated to an oligarchy of bourgeois.

  16. They will not comprehend that the ideal government is a bourgeois, constitutional monarchy, amenable to the courts, disarmed, and subordinated to an assembly of representatives of the Third Estate.

  17. At first Fritz had indulged in ideal schemes of educating his wife, but they all came to grief.

  18. Oh, Malzin was such an unpractical man, he looked at everything from an ideal point of view," replied Pistasch.

  19. It was an ideal spot in which to lie--to quietly hide in during the hours of daylight, probably never approached but by stray fishermen.

  20. We must have seen Simla at the most ideal time in the year, or people must become blasé and blinded to its intoxicating beauty, thanks to tennis tournaments and Government House receptions and the whole stupid Social mill.

  21. Clearly these were not ideal conditions for receiving automatic messages!

  22. The ideal critic must have lived neither too near nor too far--mentally as well as physically; also he must have intuition.

  23. I believe it's the ideal life to dwell in the tents.

  24. Rosamund, those maidens are my ideal of womanhood shown in marble," he said.

  25. You are the ideal woman to be in Greece with.

  26. Again he thought of Robin and of his old ideal of a father's relation to his son; he thought of his preparation to be worthy of fatherhood, worthy to guide a boy's steps in the path towards a noble manhood.

  27. Had any one been there to listen he would probably have thought, "This man has got the ideal wife.

  28. Ah, she had been a cruel, a terribly cruel, wife, but she had been an ideal mother!

  29. Even lust had not suffocated the purity of it, even satiety of the flesh had not lessened the yearning of it, or availed to deprive it of its ardent simplicity, of its ideal character.

  30. When I was here alone, I conceived for the first time an ideal of woman.

  31. But they never discussed his mother, and always assumed that she was ideal both as mother-in-law and grandmother.

  32. Can the ideal mother, Dion asked himself, be wholly without it?

  33. Indeed, the ideal story is that of two people who go into love step for step, with a fluttered consciousness, like a pair of children venturing together into a dark room.

  34. And the reason is that the ideal of each is different.

  35. In fact, in Yama there is the ideal side of ancestor-worship.

  36. In the savage and old-world conception of morality it is the ideal virtue that is represented by the code.

  37. The worship that substituted idols for ideal forms we have traced back to the end of the Vedic period.

  38. But to-day, while these factors remain to formulate the code, they no longer represent ideal virtue.

  39. Religion is a life and the college should be a society where this life may be lived in its fullest extent, encouraging practical altruism and giving the protection which an ideal society affords against demoralization.

  40. It seems that there has been a special mania, in our South Land especially, for setting up a laudable ideal in the classification of educational institutions, and then working up to it during subsequent ages.

  41. Fowler, The Contents of an Ideal Curriculum of Religious Education for Colleges, Rel.

  42. It is the ideal of the Central Associations to have the classes sustained each year with an increased efficiency, but all of the institutions testify to the fluctuation caused by the human element in the problem.

  43. Wood, The Contents of an Ideal Curriculum of Religious Instruction for Colleges, Rel.

  44. Peritz, The Contents of an Ideal Curriculum of Religious Instruction, Rel.

  45. And in every instance it seems to be more or less a characterization of an ideal type of education and a method of realizing that type.

  46. And the two bathrooms, one on each floor, give a final touch to an ideal plan.

  47. The upstairs arrangement of this home is as ideal as that of the lower floor--every room a corner room.

  48. Rooms and Bath] Here's a masterpiece in designing--both for beauty of exterior and for ideal arrangement.

  49. You can easily see that our ideal location for the securing of our raw materials means large savings to you.

  50. Note the coat closet--the hall affording privacy to the bath--the ideal location of the kitchen cupboard for simplified serving.

  51. The dining room is complete with a triple-window bay, insuring a wealth of light and an ideal place for house-plants and flowers.

  52. Rooms, Bath, Alcove] The Ideal might well be termed "A big little home.

  53. An ideal floor plan affords three well-lighted bedrooms, a spacious living room, well-arranged kitchen and bath conveniently located to all rooms, and made desirably private by a small hall.

  54. No trouble is too great, no detail too small, if by personal consideration and supervision we can provide you with your ideal home.

  55. A wide opening leads to an ideal dining room.

  56. The living room, bright with light from three broad windows, and another corner room (dining room) furnish an ideal layout.

  57. He does not paint ideal excellence, and his characters are not as men ought to be, but as they are, especially in corrupt states of society.

  58. But they maintained the dignity of reason, and the ideal in nature, the actualization of which we should strive after, though without the hope of reaching it.

  59. He did not aim at ideal majesty so much as ideal gracefulness, and his works were imitated from the most beautiful living models, and hence expressed only the ideal of sensual charms.

  60. They are favored sons of inspiration, urged to their work by ideal conceptions of the beautiful and the true.

  61. The skill of execution did not decline for several centuries; but the lofty ideal was lost sight of, and gross appeals to human passions were made by those who sought to please corrupt leaders of society in an effeminate age.

  62. He gave ideal beauty to his figures, but it was in form rather than in expression.

  63. His greatness lay in statuesque painting, which he brought nearly to perfection by the ideal expression, the accurate drawing, and improved coloring.

  64. But we see no ideal grandeur among any of the remains of Egyptian sculpture.

  65. He exactly imitated natural objects, which are incapable of ideal representation.

  66. The ideal commander unites culture with a warlike temper; the profession of arms requires a combination of hardness and tenderness.

  67. If the ideal army is to form a single organic whole, then it follows that the resolution and spirit of its component parts must be of the same quality, or at any rate must not fall below a certain standard.

  68. To German scholars, who were at the head of the new movement, Maximilian seemed to be an ideal ruler.

  69. Indeed, it is likely that with all his scorn against the monks, Erasmus, in his heart, believed that a devout Capuchin or Franciscan monk lived the ideal Christian life.

  70. In almost everything ideal he stood for German nationality and unity.

  71. It is a commonplace of history to say that the main reason for this was the presence within these two lands of the Pope and the Emperor, the twin powers of the earlier mediaeval ideal of a dual government, at once civil and ecclesiastical.

  72. To the casual observer it might have seemed a scene of ideal comradeship; yet in the minds of the comrades there lurked an uneasiness, an uncertainty not lightly to be placed--not easily to be clothed in words.

  73. The ideal was predominant; zeal and youth, the white-hot gifts, were lavished at Blake's feet.

  74. Your ideal Gothic castle shrinks into a miniature.

  75. It was a shock to every thing of the ideal great and poetical in the young and sensitive mind, attuned to the harmonies of a thousand great lays of the by-gone times, that was never to be forgotten.

  76. But they who ought to look the world around, Spy out a single spot in fairy ground, Where all in turns ideal forms behold, And plots are laid, and histories are told.

  77. An ideal view of the circulation in the lungs and system.

  78. An ideal view of the pulmonary circulation.

  79. A correct outline of the Venus de Medici, the beau ideal of female symmetry.

  80. An ideal view of a portion of the systemic circulation.

  81. An ideal view of the organs of digestion, opened nearly the whole length.

  82. An ideal View of the Relations of the Bronchia, Air-cells, Pulmonary Arteries, and Veins.

  83. An ideal View of the Pulmonary Circulation.

  84. An ideal View of a lateral and vertical Section of the Larynx.

  85. An ideal view of a portion of the pulmonic circulation.

  86. An ideal View of the Heart, Arteries, and Veins.

  87. Their very natures made it impossible that they should {103} comprehend the Anglo-Saxon ideal of civil liberty.

  88. This man's ideal was to build up in England just such a despotism as Richelieu was building in France.

  89. This defection must have caused Las Casas great disappointment, for he had assembled these men with great care in Spain, choosing only such as he thought from their good character to be adapted for his ideal colony.

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