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conception; conceptional; conceptions; conceptive; concepts; conceptualism; conceptualist; conceptualization; conceptualize; conceptualized
  1. III In the above discussion, I have unavoidably anticipated the second problem: the relation of conceptual thought to perceptual data.

  2. Frequent[425] are the conceptual logoi of the divine Mind (the seminal logoi) which enter into matter to clothe themselves with it, to produce objects.

  3. Mayeroff's (1971) caring ingredients are useful conceptual tools when one is struggling to know self and others as caring.

  4. The perspective of nursing presented here is notably different from most conceptual models and general theories in the field.

  5. Analysis and evaluation of conceptual models of nursing, 8 Flexner, A.

  6. Analysis and evaluation of conceptual models of nursing.

  7. Carper's (1978) fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing are useful conceptual tools for expanding our view of nursing science as human science here.

  8. With this, our deduction of projective Geometry from the à priori conceptual properties of a form of externality is completed.

  9. This makes clear, what also appears from his manner of proof, that he regards things as imaginable which can be described in conceptual terms.

  10. If we take some other external point, therefore, and join it to the same points of our original straight line, we obtain a figure in which, so long as quantity is excluded, there is no conceptual difference from the former figure.

  11. Points can never be given in intuition, which has no concern with the infinitesimal: they are a purely conceptual construction, arising out of the need of terms between which spatial relations can hold.

  12. I shall therefore follow Grassmann's distinction in constructing an à priori and purely conceptual form of externality.

  13. Is the capacity for such conceptual thought, however, which appears as the final efflorescence of complex neural activity something entirely new?

  14. Lastly, the elements which go to form the component parts of the system may be of a conceptual character.

  15. At a later stage the systems formed may be of the most complex nature, and are composed of conceptual elements.

  16. Such a process, moreover, is a necessary preliminary for the full after-development of the higher association centres of the brain and for the formation by the mind of conceptual systems of knowledge.

  17. Such streams of consciousness and shootings forth of spirit seem to us just as much abstractions and just as much conceptual substitutions for reality as do the old-fashioned metaphysical entities of "being" and "becoming.

  18. No longer conceptual eternity, which is an eternity of death, but an eternity of life.

  19. Were a language ever completely "grammatical," it would be a perfect engine of conceptual expression.

  20. Historical test of the validity of the suggested conceptual classification.

  21. The word sing cannot, as a matter of fact, be freely used to refer to its own conceptual content.

  22. The word is merely a form, a definitely molded entity that takes in as much or as little of the conceptual material of the whole thought as the genius of the language cares to allow.

  23. Is it not as arbitrarily lifted out of the living sentence as is the minimum conceptual element out of the word?

  24. Speech, like all elements of culture, demands conceptual selection, inhibition of the randomness of instinctive behavior.

  25. It is, indeed, in the highest degree likely that language is an instrument originally put to uses lower than the conceptual plane and that thought arises as a refined interpretation of its content.

  26. Each element in the sentence defines a separate concept or conceptual relation or both combined, but the sentence as a whole has no conceptual significance whatever.

  27. Is the element sing-, that we have abstracted from sings, singing, and singer and to which we may justly ascribe a general unmodified conceptual value, actually the same linguistic fact as the word sing?

  28. However, what is gained in clarity by conceptual abstraction is lost from the flavor of the actual experience.

  29. But Truth is always vastly more than "Notions," or conceptual formulation of doctrine.

  30. They everywhere indicate the conceptual limitations {xxxi} under which even those who were the most emancipated from tradition were compelled to do their thinking in that age.

  31. To this reasoning I really can discern no fair reply within the sphere of conceptual logic, if it can be made evident that the term [Greek: homooúsios] is really capable of achieving the end here set forth.

  32. As Stricker[3] expresses it, the form of any conceptual complex whatever, brings out its appropriate word.

  33. There is no significant difference between the two sexes, although in conceptual power we find differences very distinct.

  34. Man's power of conceptual thought and of abstraction has been gradually evolved from the non-conceptual stages of thought and ideation in the nearest related mammals.

  35. Only in man, however, has that articulate conceptual speech developed which has enabled his reason to attain such high achievements.

  36. However, the examples suggest that further intellectual and conceptual effort is a worthwhile investment in dealing with national security options in the future.

  37. Rapid Dominance is a first conceptual step to deal with this possibility.

  38. The variety of conceptual efforts underway in the Pentagon to deal with this uncertainty exemplifies this reality.

  39. I have the feeling that bringing these conceptual capabilities to realities within a system of systems is neither cheap nor easy.

  40. The doctrine of "decisive or overwhelming force" is the conceptual and operational underpinning for winning the next war based largely on this force-on-force and attrition model, and winning the information war is vital to this end.

  41. In conceptual terms, the following is suggestive of a future force configuration and the design of a mission capability package (MCP) based on Rapid Dominance.

  42. We cannot describe it by any positive content which is always limited by conceptual thought.

  43. No attempts at reconciliation are made for the sake of the consistency of conceptual utterance, as S'a.nkara the great professor of Vedânta does by explaining away the dualistic texts.

  44. In so far as it is without conceptual determinations and does not distinguish between the real and the unreal, what has really happened and what has been dreamed, it must be declared inferior to History.

  45. Mere conceptual analysis is of no use in realizing whether an event in our lives were real or imaginary.

  46. If the absolute nature of the imagination were denied, we should be obliged to deny also that of intellectual or conceptual truth, and, implicitly, of morality.

  47. The greater portion of these objections is dominated by the prejudice that in refusing to history the character of conceptual science, something of its value and dignity has been taken from it.

  48. We have shown that intellect has detached itself from a vastly wider reality, but that there has never been a clean cut between the two; all around conceptual thought there remains an indistinct fringe which recalls its origin.

  49. Here the use of conceptual frames is no longer natural.

  50. But between physical existence, which is spread out in space, and non-temporal existence, which can only be a conceptual and logical existence like that of which metaphysical dogmatism speaks, is there not room for consciousness and for life?

  51. We then compared the mechanism of conceptual thought to that of the cinematograph.

  52. And, as a reality of the conceptual order occupies no more of extension than it does of duration, the Forms must be stationed outside space as well as above time.

  53. Boldly it proceeds, with the powers of conceptual thought alone, to the ideal reconstruction of all things, even of life.

  54. Kant), or to conceptual processes; but no agreement has been reached.

  55. On these foundations in varied experience conceptual intelligence is developed.

  56. However, the restriction of the term to conceptual process is by no means so fixed and definite as to justify us in including it in the definition.

  57. To an evolutionist the assertion that conceptual intelligence could not conceivably have had a natural genesis from perceptual experience, appears to be made on grounds other than scientific.

  58. Few would dream of contending that the chick a few days old is capable of conceptual thought.

  59. It must suffice if enough has been said to show the nature of the distinction between perceptual and conceptual process.

  60. Opinions differ as to how far, if at all, animals show what we are bound to interpret as the rudiments of conceptual thinking.

  61. With respect to the word intellection again: "There is a tendency to restrict the term to conceptual thinking.

  62. Mark Baldwin say: "There is a tendency to apply the term intellect more especially to the capacity for conceptual thinking.

  63. If we institute inquiries with a view to ascertaining how the conceptual factor originates, it appears to be the result of analysis and abstraction, and to be reached by a process of comparison which becomes intentional and deliberate.

  64. Thus there is but one nature, namely apparent nature, and atoms and ether are merely names for logical terms in conceptual formulae of calculation.

  65. Do away with this elaborate machinery of a conceptual nature which consists of assertions about things which don't exist in order to convey truths about things which do exist.

  66. It tends to build up, by gradual accretions, a conceptual view of reality which may serve as a relatively stable basis for conduct and calculation.

  67. It defines the limits and aims of conceptual systems; it marks out the limits, aims, and tests of reflective thought in general.

  68. Those were onsets of involuntary contemplation; sudden partings of the conceptual veil.

  69. It would mean the exchanging of the neat conceptual world our thoughts build up, fenced in by the solid ramparts of the possible, for the inconceivable richness of that unwalled world from which we have subtracted it.

  70. But he may undertake without hindrance from mere tradition the task of trying afresh to reduce what happens to conceptual unity.

  71. If certain general theories are mere conceptual constructions, which to-day are, and to-morrow are cast into the oven, why dignify them by the name of philosophy?

  72. Moreover, the dynamic spiritual process cannot be comprehended by conceptual thought, by the categories of a rationalistic science and philosophy, but only by itself, by the living experience of a free agent.

  73. We cannot have conceptual knowledge of God, for conceptual thought is concerned with differences and opposites, whereas God is without such differences and oppositions: he is the absolute union or identity of thought and being.

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