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agreeable; agreeableness; agreeably; agreed; agreeing; agreements; agrees; agreeth; agrement; agri
  1. Your agreement is usually for meals as well as rooms; the European plan is preferably ignored in Europe; and the table d'hote luncheon and dinner are served at small, separate tables; your breakfast is brought to your room.

  2. There can be no very general agreement among readers as to the degree of accent necessary to change a pair of syllables from an "iambus" to a "pyrrhic" or a "spondee.

  3. I will now therefore faithfully insert the grant and agreement extorted from the pope, by a forcible detention of three weeks; and I shall subjoin, in what manner they were soon after made of none effect, by a holier council.

  4. It is in agreement with all the principles of the religion, and during the period of Islamic splendour, was lavished on Mussulman femininity whose culture was superior to that of European women in those days.

  5. The region between Khaibar and the sea was inhabited by the tribe of the Ghatafans, their allies, and they had come to an agreement to block the road and stop all Mussulman caravans leaving Al-Madinah to travel to Syria.

  6. And even in the case of introspection we found that true cognition resolved itself into a consensus or agreement as to certain psychical facts.

  7. Yet once more, according to Mr. Herbert Spencer, the tendency to agreement between our ideas and the environment would be aided by what he calls the direct process of adaptation.

  8. Another thing to be observed with respect to these comprehensive beliefs is that where, as here, so many co-operant conditions are at work, the whole amount of common objective agreement is greatly reduced.

  9. Nothing was said in this agreement which prevented the Transvaal from having friendly dealings with foreign powers.

  10. A fresh agreement has been offered, which both miners and owners have decided to accept.

  11. Against the advice of Admiral Albini, but in agreement with another admiral, Vacca, Persano decided to attack the fortified island of Lissa, on the Dalmatian coast.

  12. Piedmont, counting on the madness of her adversary, risked agreement with this plan.

  13. Those who argued that the spirit, if not the letter, of the agreement had been already evaded, could make out a good case for their position.

  14. Prince Metternich then proposed that the Prince of Carignano should be called upon to enter into an agreement identical with the compact he was brought to sign a couple of years later.

  15. The citadel of Messina therefore remained in the power of the royalists, but on agreement that it should not resume hostilities unless attacked.

  16. They promised faithfully to live and die together, and to make the agreement more secure, it was arranged that the stranger should marry Neil's aunt, a daughter of Torquil Blair.

  17. This was hardly necessary, for the Kintail men had not yet forgotten the breach of faith which had been committed by Macdonald regarding the recent agreement to cease hostilities for a stated time, and other recent sores.

  18. The differences which existed between the trustees finally landed them in Court, the question specially in dispute being whether the agreement of the late Sir Alexander to sell the Ardnagrask and Strathpeffer lands should be carried out?

  19. Accordingly, the form of poetry is by agreement or convention (similar in principle to that which dictates the conditions of sculpture) effectually distinguished from the form of ordinary language.

  20. Again, the test of soundness in Morals is found in the agreement of the human race.

  21. When the ruler of Herat agreed that the Shah had claims, the English Government made the Shah sign an agreement in 1853 that he would give up pressing his claims as regarded Herat.

  22. I have translated 'Flow on, thou shining river' to Moore's own tune, so as to retain Greek accent as well as quantity in exact agreement to the music .

  23. Mr. Cobden, as Newman reminds us, "was entirely convinced that European wars could be stopped by a general agreement to abide by arbitration.

  24. He strongly condemned the agreement made in 1859 between Napoleon III and Piedmont, because he foresaw its inevitable consequences.

  25. Religion is a topic on which eminent persons and foremost nations widely differ: concerning Moral Duty there is more agreement in mankind than perhaps on anything that is beyond the five senses.

  26. Mr. Latona, you said that not all experts are in agreement on this subject.

  27. There is a very close agreement in all details of the signature of Lee H.

  28. There is an agreement in details of the formation of letters which I think are distinctive to this writer.

  29. But apparently the FBI tried to carry out their agreement with you, didn't they?

  30. Yes; there is an agreement in a great many details between this letter, 826, some of which I think are more significant than others.

  31. Are cases of this kind administratively transferred by agreement between two offices, or does that have to go up to Washington?

  32. Are you in agreement with the deposition as given?

  33. I also find a substantial agreement in details of the signature, "Lee H.

  34. Written law follows it closely, and is in more or less harmonious agreement with it.

  35. Morality is a mutual agreement to keep what we possess: land, houses, furniture, women, and our lives.

  36. It is arranged for them by their parents or by the elders of their family, who come to an agreement as to the amount of teravu that should be paid to the bride's family.

  37. In the Franco-British agreement the main feature was that while France withdrew her opposition to the British position in Egypt, Britain on her side recognised the paramount political interest of France in Morocco.

  38. The agreement turned mainly upon the removal of causes of friction in the Middle East--in Persia and the Persian Gulf, and in Tibet.

  39. But this agreement was not to affect existing alliances or the duties arising under them.

  40. There was no fixed agreement between them as to military co-operation.

  41. On the agreement between Russia and Britain in 1907 it is unnecessary to dwell with such fulness.

  42. But Germany announced that she was willing to be bought off by large concessions of French territory elsewhere--provided that Britain was not allowed to have anything to say: provided, that is, that the agreement of 1904 was scrapped.

  43. But in the end the dispute was settled by the Anglo-French agreement of 1898, which may be said to mark the conclusion of the process of partition.

  44. The Triple Entente, therefore, was not an alliance; it was only an agreement for common diplomatic action in the hope of averting a terrible menace.

  45. Yet, in spite of this agreement on principles, this heartfelt desire for union, and the feeble distance which remained for him to traverse to become a Catholic, Leibnitz never in his life traversed it.

  46. On all these, agreement being easy, it should be immediately effected and proclaimed.

  47. As to establishing the intercommunion between the two churches without having come to an agreement on questions of faith, it is a dream which the archpriest Wassilief must have dispelled once and for ever.

  48. The measure of our agreement stood rather in the drift of our desires and the scope of our approval, than in any parity of tastes or resemblance of disposition.

  49. The contracts were confirmed at a general meeting of witches and ghosts, over which the devil himself presided; and the persons generally signed the articles of agreement with their own blood.

  50. These dates are in close or substantial agreement with Bruce's chronology, but not at all with Salt's or any chronology throwing the reigns further back.

  51. It is clear from the agreement of Rashiduddin with Marco Polo that Sundara Pandi's power was shared in some way with his brothers, but it seems certain also from the inscription that there was a sense in which he alone was king.

  52. Hence it was necessary to discriminate different Indias, but there is very little agreement among different authors as to this discrimination.

  53. As it is, I strongly suspect (for I know nothing) that the agreement on the Neapolitan question between France and ourselves is by no means cordial and complete.

  54. Palmerston and John Russell have now made up all their differences, and have come to a complete understanding and agreement on all points, so that the schism may be considered at an end.

  55. Lewis expressed his surprise, and asked what had happened to set aside the unanimous agreement come to in the Cabinet.

  56. This, too, he did entirely off his own bat, and without any consultation or agreement with his colleagues.

  57. Figures smaller than one hundred indicate that the agreement was closer than average, and figures larger than one hundred indicate that here the judges disagreed by more than the average amount.

  58. The definiteness or agreement of these impressions seems also to vary with the trait in question; it is high for intelligence and perseverance, low for humor and deceitfulness, and intermediate for kindliness, conceit, and courage.

  59. Different judges show quite striking agreement in their estimates of the characteristics suggested by a given photograph.

  60. We can therefore answer our second question thus: There is little or no agreement among those best qualified to speak, as to what constitutes the scientific method of measuring comparative variability.

  61. Lord's Supper, no agreement was found practicable; and the private conversations on the 4th of October, which formed the sequel of the debate, carried matters no farther.

  62. Promises to marry are not within the meaning of "agreement made in consideration of marriage" in the statute of frauds, which requires such agreements to be in writing.

  63. Here again we have agreement with north-western India.

  64. Accordingly he entered into an agreement with the editor to begin to write the articles immediately upon his retirement from office.

  65. One day a rumor became current on the Street that an agreement had been reached by the Western Union Company and its bitter rival, the American Union Telegraph Company, whereby the former was to absorb the latter.

  66. And, much to his manager's astonishment, two days afterwards Bok refused to sign an agreement for another tour later in the year.

  67. One of the terms was that the copartnership should continue from the date of the agreement "under the name and firm of Leonard Andrus.

  68. If an agreement between the National Cabinet and the National Council is not reached, the National Cabinet may nevertheless introduce the bill, but must state the dissent of the National Council.

  69. Seek an agreement with the government, he said in effect.

  70. A semi-official statement was issued the same day in an attempt to make it appear that the Dual Monarchy had not been recreant to its treaty agreement not to conclude a separate peace.

  71. He added: "I claim for myself the honor of having devoted all my powers to the success of the German revolution through my activities, which were carried on in agreement with the Independent Socialist ministers Haase and Barth and with others.

  72. In the administration, development, or construction of such waterways the requirements of agriculture and water-supply shall be protected in agreement with the States.

  73. If an agreement between the National Assembly and the National Council is not reached, the National President may within three months refer the subject of the dispute to the People.

  74. I have half a dozen, some under the agreement of the present year.

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