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  1. There is a picture extant of the king presenting the charter to the four kneeling wardens in livery dresses of red and blue, furred at the edges, descending to the knees, and fastened at the waist with a girdle garnished with white metal.

  2. He was a learned man, and collected a large library of old authors, which his widow presented to the Charter House.

  3. In 1662 a charter of incorporation was granted, under the name of "The President (always the Lord Mayor) and Governors of the Poor of the City of London.

  4. The charter is a magnificent specimen of penmanship, and beautifully illuminated.

  5. A charter was granted to "the sisters Minoresses, without Aldgate," quitting them of tallage of their land in the City, dated 9 Edward II.

  6. The Masters and Governors and Commonalty of the Mystery of Cooks in London," and their charter was confirmed by Elizabeth and James I.

  7. Eadgar's charter of incorporation was confirmed by Eadward the Confessor, William I.

  8. The new charter provided for a mayor elected for four years with the power of appointing certain heads of departments; others, however, were to be elected directly by the people.

  9. Partizan rule followed, encouraged by the tinkering of the legislature, which imposed on the charter layer upon layer of amendments, dictated by partizan craft, not by local needs.

  10. The charter of the United States Bank was about to expire, and its friends sought a renewal.

  11. It was only a step from the mediocrity enthroned by the first election under the new charter to the gross inefficiency and corruption of a new ring, under a new boss.

  12. Tweed now had a new charter passed which virtually put New York City into his pocket by placing the finances of the metropolis entirely in the hands of a Board of Apportionment which he dominated.

  13. The charter of Minneapolis gave the mayor considerable appointing power.

  14. The repeated attempts made by citizens of San Francisco to get a new charter finally succeeded, and in 1900 the city hopefully entered a new epoch under a charter of its own making which contained several radical changes.

  15. His attempt to defeat the home rule charter in 1876 had given him wider prominence, and he soon became the boss of the Democratic machine.

  16. The committee dissolved after having secured certain charter amendments for the city and seeing its roster of officers inaugurated.

  17. If the section on the censorship so foolishly introduced into the new charter had been omitted, journalism also would have had its Saint-Merri.

  18. That great orator worked for seven years to get into power; he began in 1814 by protesting against the Charter when he was the same age that you are now.

  19. It was to this room King John came, soon after his barons had compelled him to sign the Great Charter of Liberties.

  20. The Directors were sensible that they had no choice, and reluctantly consented to accept the new Charter on terms substantially the same with those which the House of Commons had sanctioned.

  21. Every thing was lost if the Charter were not renewed before the meeting of Parliament.

  22. No voice was louder in accusation than that of Papillon, who had, some years before, been more zealous for the charter than any man in London.

  23. The Privy Council, over which Caermarthen presided, after hearing the matter fully argued by counsel on both sides, decided in favour of the Old Company, and ordered the Charter to be sealed.

  24. The Commons, irritated by Child's obstinacy, presented an address requesting the King to dissolve the Old Company, and to grant a charter to a new Company on such terms as to His Majesty's wisdom might seem fit.

  25. Somers gladly put the Great Seal to a charter framed in conformity with the terms prescribed by Parliament; and the Bank of England commenced its operations in the house of the Company of Grocers.

  26. The effect of these bribes was that the Attorney General received orders to draw up a charter regranting the old privileges to the old Company.

  27. Soon after the Parliament met, the attention of the Commons was again called to the state of the trade with India; and the charter which had just been granted to the Old Company was laid before them.

  28. He saw Public Credit on her throne in Grocers' Hall, the Great Charter over her head, the Act of Settlement full in her view.

  29. James ordered his seal to be put to a new charter which confirmed and extended all the privileges bestowed on the Company by his predecessors.

  30. Chief Justice Marshall only restated and amplified Webster's argument, when he rendered the opinion of the court and declared that New Hampshire might not by law impair the charter of Dartmouth College.

  31. The charter of the bank fixed the capital stock at ten million dollars, of which the Government was to subscribe one fifth; the rest was open to public subscription.

  32. Far-reaching in its implication, also, was the second instance, when the Supreme Court held unconstitutional and void the acts of the New Hampshire legislature which amended the charter granted by the Crown to Dartmouth College in 1769.

  33. Two features of Jefferson's report do not appear in the Ordinance of 1784; the fantastic names which Jefferson had selected and the fifth of the fundamental conditions which were to be a charter of compact between the old States and the new.

  34. The authorship of this "charter of the west," after long controversy, is still in dispute.

  35. Arguing as counsel for the college, of which he was an honored graduate, Daniel Webster held that the charter of a private corporation was a contract which might not be impaired by an act of a state legislature.

  36. On its side the Government agreed not to charter any other bank except in the District of Columbia.

  37. The copie of the second charter touching the possession of the land, in French.

  38. The charter of Dartmouth was free from any kind of religious discrimination.

  39. It was no longer regarded as an experiment from which the contracting parties had a right to withdraw, but as the charter of a national government.

  40. He then read one of his great opinions, in which he held that the college charter was a contract within the meaning of the Constitution, and that the acts of the New Hampshire Legislature impaired this contract, and were therefore void.

  41. The amendment was defeated, and the bill for the continuance of the charter passed both Houses by large majorities.

  42. It is now perfectly apparent, and is generally understood, that the fatal Bank Charter Act was the main cause of the ruinous railway mania which has since spread distress and ruin so widely through the country.

  43. The facts in reference to the passage of the charter of the Manhattan Company through the Senate will now be given.

  44. I am vexed you were not of my party here--that we did not charter a sloop.

  45. It has been said that the charter was obtained by trick and management; and that, if suspicion bad been entertained by any of the federal members, Colonel Burr could not have got the bill through the legislature.

  46. The King's Bench decided against the City, and the king then offered to restore the charter on certain conditions, of which the principal was, that he was to have a veto on the election of its principal officers.

  47. Henry gave him Berkshire lands at Sutton, still known as Sutton Courtenay, by a charter to which the date of 1161 can be assigned.

  48. The town is now wholly dependent on agriculture, and has good markets and cattle fairs, that on the 4th of May being a charter fair.

  49. Its charter was renewed in 1881 for a period of ninety-nine years.

  50. The town was a borough by prescription until 1682, when it received a charter of incorporation from Charles II.

  51. It was constituted a royal burgh by a charter of Robert Bruce in 1306, and had its privileges confirmed by Robert II.

  52. This is now the code or charter of the county courts.

  53. Ranulf, earl of Chester, granted the earliest extant charter to the town in 1153, by which his burgesses were to hold of him in free burgage as they held of his father, and to have their portmote.

  54. This catechism has been called the charter of the German Reformed Church.

  55. This bold and wise pronouncement of British policy was of great and far-reaching importance, and is regarded by Jewry throughout the world as their Charter of Liberty.

  56. But this question raised the further one whether the United States had in the first place the right to charter the Bank and to authorize it to establish branches within the States.

  57. But even granting that Congress did have the right to charter the Bank, still that fact would not exempt the institution from taxation by any State within which it held property.

  58. The second Bank of the United States, whose branch Maryland was now trying to tax, received its charter in 1816 from President Madison.

  59. Hospital charter to the City; and on the long line of wall facing the windows is another great picture--'Charles II.

  60. Delware, at whose intercession James granted a charter of incorporation.

  61. That more was a charter from the king, by which the public and individual liberty should be acknowledged and guarantied by the future states-general.

  62. That act gave a charter to the institution limited to twenty years, and for that period Congress renounced the power of establishing any other bank.

  63. The Tahitians, long before the arrival of the French, had a code or charter of their own.

  64. An Italian operatic company proved a failure owing to want of subscribers, even the highest talent barely succeeding in gaining sufficient to charter a ship to carry the troupe back to Europe.

  65. Difference between a charter and a constitution.

  66. Sir John Pleydell was a member of that Parliament which had treated the Charter with contempt.

  67. Yet, to-day, a moiety of the People's Charter has been granted.

  68. Some few Constitutional Spaniards who had found their way thither after the fall of Cadiz were allowed to charter a vessel and sail for London.

  69. Kingsley said "his only quarrel with the Charter was that it did not go far enough.

  70. One hundred thousand armed men were to meet on Kennington Common and thence to march on Westminster, and there to compel, by physical force, if necessary, the acceptance of the People's Charter by the Houses of Parliament.

  71. The Chartists, who became the hired agents of Tory hostility, did more to delay and discredit the Charter and to create distrust of the cause of Labour than all outside enemies put together.

  72. This appears in the passage in which he said, "The Charter disappointed me bitterly when I read it.

  73. A tragic story of James Lynch, the second mayor after the charter of the city was granted by Richard III.

  74. It is difficult to account for the origin of charter and corporation towns, unless we suppose them to have arisen out of, or been connected with, some species of garrison service.

  75. It is a perversion of terms to say that a charter gives rights.

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