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  1. The Manua Islands really belong to the Samoan Group, and are usually charted as such; but the three small islands, about one mile apart, are nearly one hundred miles from the Samoan group proper.

  2. Had the islands been properly charted we could easily have located our position, but as it was, all was confusion and guess-work.

  3. For several days we dodged in and out of reefs and around small islands, charted as the Ringgold Islands.

  4. As a late comer, China can greatly profit in covering the space by following the direction already charted by western pioneers.

  5. Like the other great founders of the earth's ideals, he charted worlds within the vision but, perhaps, beyond the accomplishment of ordinary men.

  6. One of these -- Emerald Island -- is charted as lying almost directly in the course we had to follow to reach Hobart.

  7. Now the ship proceeded on its charted orbit, slowing to meet Venus.

  8. The course was charted in advance, a pattern laid out that would carry the ship falling toward its objective--falling in a narrow curving orbit.

  9. As to inheritance of various other psychoses we have too few accurately charted pedigrees for most types to make very positive statements about their degree or manner of inheritance.

  10. Several families showing this defect have been charted and it appears to behave as a typical dominant.

  11. Compared to other masses of matter chasing through the charted Universe, it was about as big and important as a louse on the leg of an elephant.

  12. In less than three months after he had set sail upon the hazardous sea of Sales Promotion, he had everything on the premises mapped and charted and indexed and cross-indexed and sub-indexed and super-indexed forty-seven different ways.

  13. Or they might go on, not trying to cross the Libyan desert in the direction of Assouan, as Stanton had hoped to do, but skirting southward by a longer route where the desert was charted and oases existed.

  14. For soon, if they stayed, they would pass beyond the zone of known oases, into the terrible land of mystery, charted by no man, a land where it was said the sun had dried up all the springs of water.

  15. They had not won the reward of twenty thousand pounds; but they had charted a strange coast for a distance of three thousand five hundred miles, and paved the way for the vast commerce that now plies between Occident and Orient.

  16. It is evident, therefore, that this part of the world could not have been charted up to date.

  17. British aviators charted the harbor of Rahbeg, on the coast of Arabia, by the process in 1917.

  18. It has been named 'Carveria,' and the five planets and seven satellites are being charted and named.

  19. This one about the sun had most worried him, but he could read it clearly: "This solar system was first discovered and charted by Tad Carver of Terra, on fourteenth January, 2136.

  20. They had already found, charted and photographed the two small moons that circled the planet.

  21. The senders of One, Two and the sun were working all right, but as we neared Three we heard, instead of our own, signals stating that the system had been charted and claimed by Michael Bogin and his.

  22. The velocity when charted from Overbeck's equations indicate an ascending vertical current from the equator to 35 deg.

  23. It is an evil coast, ill-charted where charted at all; some part of the present-day map is based upon the guess-work of the eighteenth century navigators.

  24. New land was also met with to the south of America and charted as Graham's Land, Biscoe Island and Adelaide Island.

  25. We sailed over the charted position of land east of Wilkes's Cape Carr in clear weather.

  26. It seems probable that he charted as land the limits of the pack-ice in 1840.

  27. All next day the 'Aurora' steamed into the eye of an easterly wind towards a low white island, the higher positions of which had been seen by the German Expedition of 1902, and charted as Drygalski's High Land.

  28. The 'Gauss' in the same waters charted Kaiser Wilhelm II Land well to the south of Termination Land, and the eastward continuation of the former could not have been visible from Wilkes's ship.

  29. Later on, it was charted as Masson Island.

  30. This has been charted on maps, without adequate evidence, as Sabrina Land.

  31. The coast-line of the eastern extremity of the Australian Quadrant, including the outline of the Ross Sea and the coast west-north-west of Cape Adare as far as Cape North, was charted by Ross and has been amplified by seven later expeditions.

  32. Repulsed from his attack on the pack, Captain Davis set out westward towards the charted position of Termination Land, and in following the trend of the ice was forced a long way to the north.

  33. As high land would have been visible at a great distance, it is clear that Totten's High Land either does not exist or is situated a considerable distance from its charted location.

  34. McKinley is another peak, charted on my maps, to which Peary gave the name of the president of the Peary Arctic Trust.

  35. For Maury also charted the ocean floors, and it was his work in this line that caused Cyrus Field to say of the laying of the Atlantic cable: "Maury furnished the brains, England furnished the money, and I did the work.

  36. He plunged into the unknown; he charted the seas and mapped its currents and winds.

  37. Soundings and observations were made, capes, islands and inlets were charted and named.

  38. If primary attitudes of expansion and of contraction are thought of in terms of lateral distance, then attitudes of superiority and inferiority may be charted in the vertical plane as illustrated by the following diagram: [Illustration: FIG.

  39. In Bonneville's maps are charted with general accuracy the great interior basins of the Great Salt, Mud, and Sevier Lakes, the Humboldt and Sevier Rivers.

  40. This map shows that although the main Red was well known, yet the head-waters of the Canadian were believed to be, and were charted as, the northwest extension of the Red to within fifty miles of the place where Pike was later arrested.

  41. As a matter of fact, Ross found no bottom at six hundred fathoms over this charted land, and naturally enough pointed out that he had sailed over a clear ocean where Wilkes had laid down land.

  42. Therefore, when you have charted your salable qualities, select the field of service in which such capability as you possess is needed.

  43. The professional salesman, therefore, has plainly charted the way to certain success in any vocation, for the man who has developed the best that is in him.

  44. Others, much smaller, had never been charted by anyone.

  45. Nor did he sail hither and thither, but kept the course that had been laid out, and charted the coasts he saw in this course.

  46. The Arctic coasts had been charted through his efforts.

  47. In the same year the able Ofzyn charted the coast between the Obi and the Yenesei, but was reduced to the rank of a common sailor, because in Berezov he had sought the company of the exiled Prince Dolgoruki.

  48. The Pacific coast of America had been explored and charted no farther than Cape Blanco, 43 deg.

  49. The wreath of Triumph give to her; She led the conquering captains West; She charted first the trails that led The hosts across yon mountain crest!

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