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Example sentences for "dissolved"

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dissolute; dissoluteness; dissolution; dissolutions; dissolve; dissolvent; dissolves; dissolving; dissonance; dissonances
  1. Marriages are dissolved by the making good the amount mentioned in the kethuba or marriage document.

  2. This is purchased in the bazar in packets, and is dissolved in water, to which a little oxalic acid has been added.

  3. At the entrance, the maternal uncle of the bride stands holding in his crossed hands two vessels, one of which contains water, and the other water with jaggery (crude sugar) dissolved in it.

  4. He was not yet prepared to admit the doctrine that the Confederacy, could be dissolved by partial infractions of it.

  5. He meant that they would not consider the federal compact as dissolved untill it should be so by the Acts of the large States.

  6. It had been alledged (by M^r Patterson), that the Confederation having been formed by unanimous consent, could be dissolved by unanimous Consent only.

  7. The Executive there has dissolved two Houses as the only cure for such disputes.

  8. He could not but consider the federal system as in effect dissolved by the appointment of this Convention to devise a better one.

  9. The Company was dissolved and the tobacco trade enfranchised in 1662.

  10. Under the title of bay-salt are ranked all kinds of common salt, extracted from the water, wherever it is dissolved by means of the sun’s heat and the operation of the air.

  11. In addition, it established the principle of minority representation and of secrecy of the ballot, permitted the Congress to extend the right of suffrage to women, and dissolved the union between Church and State.

  12. Since the Congress refused to pass the appropriation bills, he declared that body dissolved and proceeded to levy the taxes by decree.

  13. Pedro thereupon dissolved that body and in 1826 promulgated a constitution of his own.

  14. In January, 1917, the joint commission was dissolved and the American soldiers were withdrawn.

  15. Now that the bond of unity once supplied by Spain had been broken, the entire region which had been its continental domain in America dissolved awhile into its elements.

  16. Cross-examination had hardly shaken the plaintiff's witnesses: it literally dissolved the defendant's.

  17. One out of every eight or nine marriages in the United States is dissolved by divorce.

  18. The union was dissolved by the Bloodless Revolution of 1688, but the arbitrary rule of Andros was long cited by the Americans as proof of the despotic character of any government beyond that of the individual states.

  19. Sour jellies dissolved in water make a pleasant drink for fever patients.

  20. Ice dissolved in the mouth, often cures vomiting when all remedies fail.

  21. A teaspoonful of honey, either eaten at breakfast or dissolved in a cup of tea, will frequently, comfortably and effectually, open the bowels, and will supersede the necessity of taking laxative medicine.

  22. Or, to put it into other words, and avail oneself of an illustration, we know the old story of the queen who, for the love of an unworthy human heart, dissolved pearls in the cup and gave them to him to drink.

  23. Dissolved in tears of tenderness, relieving, nay delightful, she immediately sent him word that she accepted his kind office, and should feel eternal gratitude if he would acquaint her friends with her situation.

  24. Jewellers' or Armenian cement consists of isinglass with mastic and gum ammoniac dissolved in spirit.

  25. The process goes on until a relatively small quantity of water has by instalments dissolved and hydrated the 2CaSO4.

  26. For small articles, shellac dissolved in spirits of wine is a very convenient cement.

  27. Having accomplished this much, parliament was dissolved (8 May).

  28. Rather than take its advice she dissolved parliament.

  29. Many insects have aquatic larvae, some of which take in atmospheric air at intervals, while others breathe dissolved air by means of tracheal gills.

  30. Other aquatic larvae have the tracheal system entirely closed, and are able to breathe dissolved air by means of tubular or leaf-like gills.

  31. Young resembling parents, but aquatic in habit, breathing dissolved air by thoracic tracheal gills.

  32. Alfred, duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was dissolved in 1901.

  33. When the worn-out cells are broken down, the urates are carried dissolved in the blood to the Malpighian tubes for excretion.

  34. The French Chambers are dissolved as a coup de théâtre on the sailing of the expedition, and they are to meet on August 3, by which time they expect to hear of its success.

  35. And paradise dissolved into a pot of burnt syrup.

  36. Had they been Howe's whole army, however, they could not have proved more effective, for instantly the two brigades broke and dissolved once more into squads of flying men.

  37. As a consequence this morning the king's governor dissolved us, and the writs will shortly be out for a new election.

  38. He was successful enough in converting the fabric of the dissolved Nunnery into college buildings.

  39. God uttered his voice, the earth melted, [flowed, dissolved to atoms.

  40. Is it said that the heavens and the earth shall be dissolved by fire?

  41. At that time the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will be dissolved by fervent heat, and every thing upon the earth will be burnt up.

  42. The charter-party is dissolved by a complete embargo, though not by the temporary stopping of a port.

  43. Although Edward had commanded the transfer of the company of actors from Warwick Inn to Blackfriars, that dissolved monastery was not legally converted into a theatre till the year 1576, when Elizabeth was on the throne.

  44. Time has dissolved much of the worthy Prior's noble structure, like so much sugar.

  45. To the roll of a drum, and in a terrific flash of lightning, they dissolved into dust.

  46. All the old scheme of human life had dissolved and passed away, the narrow competitiveness, the greed and base aggression, the jealous aloofness of soul from soul.

  47. But now it was as if the very moment of the awakening those barriers and defences had vanished, as if the green vapors had washed through their minds and dissolved and swept away a hundred once rigid boundaries and obstacles.

  48. Unlike the particles which act upon the nerves of taste, they are not necessarily soluble in water, and though often spread through and carried by liquids, are in fact rarely dissolved in water.

  49. The dissolved particles which act upon the nerves of taste can be distinguished by man into four groups--sweet, sour, bitter, and saline.

  50. The spermaceti is found dissolved in the more ordinary oil (or fat), which occupies a huge region above the bones of the upper jaw and gives the sperm whale its barrel-shaped head.

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