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  1. Because the flannel, being a non-conductor, prevents the external heat from dissolving the ice.

  2. They have curious rootlike fibres which absorb food by dissolving the rock, and this dissolved rock, hardening, holds them on.

  3. The fibres of lichens that grow on granite actually sink into it by dissolving the mica and forcing their way between the other kinds of particles in the rock that they can't eat.

  4. Only one method of defense remained to the Czar and his Ministers: On July 9th, like a thunderbolt from the sky, came a new Manifesto from the Czar, dissolving the Duma.

  5. The English are well aware, that they cannot reach slavery in this country, except by dissolving our Union and involving us in civil war; in which war, of course, they expect to take an active part.

  6. Would they by dissolving the Union emancipate a solitary slave in the South?

  7. That is, slavery can only be reached, by destroying our present form of government, and dissolving our Union.

  8. Should they succeed in dissolving the Union, what would they accomplish thereby?

  9. By our Constitution nominally the Queen, but really the Prime Minister, has the power of dissolving the Assembly.

  10. The regulator, as I venture to call it, of our single sovereignty is the power of dissolving the otherwise sovereign chamber confided to the chief executive.

  11. The chief committee of the legislature has the power of dissolving the predominant part of that legislature--that which at a crisis is the supreme legislature.

  12. In the arts, strong alcohol is employed by the perfumers and makers of essences for dissolving essential oils, soaps, etc.

  13. A good mixture for effecting the same result may be made by dissolving verdigris in vinegar.

  14. Saltpetre is a very useful flux in dissolving impurities, but in some alloys its presence is injurious.

  15. The parliamentary struggle which ensued was bitter beyond precedent; threats of dissolving the Union were frequent, and apprehension of an impending calamity was felt throughout the country.

  16. Some mutterings I did hear of a design of dissolving the Parliament; but I think there is no ground for it yet, though Oliver would have dissolved them for half the trouble and contempt these have put upon the King and his councils.

  17. But he tells me that the Keeper is wrought upon, as they say, to give his opinion for the dissolving of the Parliament, which, he thinks, will undo him in the eyes of the people.

  18. As the day was bright and warm and the water not especially cold, I decided to make way while the sun shone--to push on as far toward Livingston as time and tide and my dissolving craft would permit.

  19. If it is at all bulky, it remains in the upper part of the cavity, the gland-cells pouring out a digestive fluid upon it and so dissolving out soluble substances.

  20. Tipper has suggested to me that possibly the alkali contained in the soap-suds may assist the sponge in dissolving out the silica contained in the mud at the bottom of the ponds.

  21. We hear almost daily threats of dissolving the Union, and from whence do they come?

  22. State, engaged in heated debates, must end with open conflicts, when there is no high court of appeal to arrange them; if it had sufficiently armed the Directory with the right of dissolving the Chamber!

  23. The Councils could not legally override the Directory; neither could the Directory veto the decrees of the Councils, nor, by dissolving them, compel an appeal to the country.

  24. It is good to ask him to place his old knees under your hospitable board, and to fill him with wholesome wine, while he decants the mellow stories of an Anglo-India that is speedily dissolving from view.

  25. A cloud crosses His Honour's face, a summer cloud dissolving into sunshine.

  26. The revolver slipped from his fingers; he felt his bones dissolving into water; a horror ten times greater than he had previously suffered fell upon him.

  27. It would seem probable from Pliny’s account, though it is confused and inaccurate, that the ancients were in the habit of dissolving cerussa in vinegar, and thus making an impure acetate of lead.

  28. This story, supposing it true, shows that Cleopatra was aware that vinegar has the property of dissolving pearls.

  29. He knew the method of dissolving the metals by means of these acids, and actually prepared nitrate of silver and corrosive sublimate.

  30. He was in the habit also of dissolving sal ammoniac in this nitric acid, and employing the solution, which was the aqua regia of the old chemists, to dissolve gold.

  31. He shows that a solution of hepar sulphuris (sulphuret of potassium), has the property of dissolving gold, and he draws as a conclusion from his experiments that this was the artifice employed by Moses.

  32. An enormous quantity of phlogiston with which some calces, as calx of manganese, are capable of combining, destroys the metallic appearance of the body, and renders it incapable of dissolving in acids.

  33. He was in the habit of dissolving salts in water and acetic acid, and even the metals in different menstrua.

  34. He could form aqua regia by adding sal ammoniac or common salt to nitric acid, and he was aware of the property which it had of dissolving gold.

  35. Nitric acid was known to him by the name of dissolving water.

  36. Potash was obtained by burning cream of tartar in a crucible, dissolving the residue in water, filtering the solution, and evaporating to dryness.

  37. Mr. Cavendish formed the salt by dissolving pearlashes in water, and passing a current of carbonic acid gas through the solution till it deposited crystals.

  38. The description, indeed, of Geber’s process for dissolving gold is left on purpose in a defective state; but an attentive reader will find no great difficulty in supplying the defects, and thus understanding the whole of the process.

  39. He makes known the method of dissolving most of the metals in muriatic acid, and the resulting chlorides, which he denominates oils of the respective metals, constitute in his opinion valuable medicines.

  40. In the second section he treats de subjectis, under the several heads of dissolving aggregates, of triturations and solutions, and of calcinations and combustions.

  41. The fixed air (carbonic acid gas) on which Mr. Cavendish made his experiments was obtained by dissolving marble in muriatic acid.

  42. He knew the method of dissolving sulphur in caustic potash, and again precipitating it by the addition of an acid.

  43. The Whigs objected that it might possibly contain a mandate dissolving the Convention.

  44. And now appeared a proclamation dissolving the Parliament.

  45. He even talked of dissolving the parliament.

  46. Whilst the riots brought a respite to Parliament from the importunity of associations, their suppression brought temporary support to the king, who embraced the opportunity of dissolving Parliament before the court party lost ground.

  47. As soon as the minister perceived the attack of the Opposition wearing itself out, and the balance of parties becoming more equal, he seized the opportunity of dissolving Parliament and appealing to the country.

  48. There so much as remained of the dissolving host lay in security, when, on October 14, like a bolt from the blue, the royal army of Scotland was upon them!

  49. A band of knights hewed their way through the dissolving mass, cut down the faithful few round Harold, tore down the Dragon and the Warrior, and literally hacked the dying King to pieces at the foot of his banners.

  50. David was left among his dissolving host with only his few hundred horsemen.

  51. There are no optical illusions more extraordinary than those shown in the exhibition of Dissolving Views.

  52. But Dissolving Views set nature at defiance, and exhibit metamorphoses as great as can be conceived by the wildest fancy.

  53. It will be observed that the principle, on which the metamorphoses of Dissolving Views depend, is similar to that which produces the variations in the diorama.

  54. It requires no expensive apparatus to show the effect of Dissolving Views on a small scale.

  55. This earth is thrown into clay vessels with water, which after dissolving the soda, is allowed to evaporate, when the remainder is collected, and found to contain so much silica, as to be capable of being fused into glass.

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