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appartiennent; appartient; apparuit; appeach; appeached; appealable; appeale; appealed; appealing; appealingly
  1. Conversely, Praxeas in his appeal to Eleutherus (c.

  2. In Cyprian's time, however, the classification and dignity of the clergy were everywhere upheld by an appeal to Old Testament commandments, though reservations still continued to be made here and there.

  3. But with him the one canonical court of appeal is the Scriptures of the Old Testament, that is, the writings of the Prophets (bearers of the Spirit).

  4. Clement does not yet appeal to a hierarchical tradition through the bishops, but adheres to the natural one through the teachers, though he indeed admits an esoteric tradition alongside of it.

  5. The former aspect appears in the appeal made to the foundation of Churches by Apostles, and in the argument that each series of successors were faithful disciples of those before them and therefore ultimately of the Apostles themselves.

  6. Carthage for a few years--was justified by Cyprian through an appeal to veritas in contrast to consuetudo sine veritate.

  7. For this, however, Irenæus was not able to appeal to Scripture texts, but only to statements of a presbyter.

  8. Church, could only appeal to the practice of Phrygia and Lycaonia, that is, to the habit of outlying provinces where, besides, Montanism had its original seat.

  9. He does not consider even the Pauline Epistles to be a court of appeal of equal value with the Gospels, though he occasionally describes them as [Greek: graphai].

  10. A subtle move of this kind, with the object of depriving drink of its present popularity, is said to be making a strong appeal to the Prohibitionists.

  11. It was the Mexican nation, ever responsive to the appeal of manhood and liberty, that made his liver as blanched as that of the chicken," returned the gentleman who had retreated from Jack.

  12. At all events he has given the law plenty to do: three courts at work for him, and an appeal to the Pope besides.

  13. So simply honest an appeal must touch his heart.

  14. The significant question, "Whether and when a husband may kill his unfaithful wife," was in the present case not thought to be finally answered, till an appeal had been made from the ecclesiastical tribunal to the Pope himself.

  15. The answer to this appeal rests with the head of the Church.

  16. But this time Satan sits at the head of the bed, and not even such an appeal to his pride and greed will induce him to grant the patient even a temporary reprieve.

  17. He now turns to Berthold with what seems an appeal to his generosity.

  18. As its first pleasant consequence, Gomez, who had intended to appeal from the absurd decision of the Court, declines to ask the lawyers for farther help.

  19. Dufresny's play was hopelessly damned, and no appeal ever taken from the first sentence.

  20. It is not the teacher's fault; he but fulfils the parent's requisition, which dooms his child without appeal to a certain course, simply because others have gone through it.

  21. It was possible, moreover, that there might be some appeal to the boy's jealousies, when he found the favors which he had spurned were lavished upon Adele.

  22. Years before, William Hall, Governor of the Northwestern Territory, made the same declaration to our Government, and the capture of Detroit by the British in 1812 was due to their failure to respond to his appeal for a naval force.

  23. Gardiner, then secretary to Henry, that the proper way to settle the difficulty about the divorce was, to appeal to learned men, who would settle the matter on the sole authority of the Bible, without reference to the pope.

  24. Her appeal to her Hungarian subjects, and the enthusiasm they manifested in her cause, have also been described.

  25. Mr. Pitt opposed the fatal policy of Grenville with singular eloquence; by arguments which went beyond acts of parliament; by an appeal to the natural reason; and by recognition of the great, inalienable principles of liberty.

  26. He would not make the concessions, and the contest soon ended in an appeal to arms.

  27. Like an artful politician, he had only to appeal to a dominant passion or prejudice, and he was sure of making his fortune.

  28. Nor was there any appeal from this excessive taxation, which ground down the middle and lower classes, while the clergy and the nobles were entirely exempted themselves.

  29. How can truth prevail where the noblest appeal is not considered the religious appeal?

  30. I always took pains to appeal to him for his traveller's stories when they came in appropriately to the geography lesson, or could illustrate in any way what was read.

  31. As to the first of those, we may appeal to familiar facts within the personal knowledge of every man acquainted with the operations of sylvan nature.

  32. Look at him, barking now at the cows, now with eloquent appeal at me, and then, having caught my eye, turning sportively to worry the hated rope.

  33. And it is proof of a more important thing, it is proof that Ragtime possesses the vital spark, the power to appeal universally, without which any artistic production, no matter how approved its form may be, is dead.

  34. He has the emotional endowment, the originality and artistic conception, and, what is more important, the power of creating that which has universal appeal and influence.

  35. His eyes bulge wildly out, Searching around in vain appeal for help!

  36. One would therefore suppose that she, on her part, would at this crisis have attempted to combat the magic power of the blood by an appeal to the intellectual forces which have for so long united her with Edwin.

  37. Her answer to his appeal is that she has but just learned and comprehended wherefore it is that in her whole life she has never been able to gain happiness.

  38. All this surely sounds like an irresistible appeal to good sense.

  39. Frederick, in this knowledge, made an appeal to the loyalty of his generals; and, declaring that he had no alternative but victory or death, offered to give his dismission to any officer who was unwilling to follow him farther.

  40. Christophe understood the appeal in the eyes of his friend, who clung to him with touching confidence, imploring him,--and dictating his answer.

  41. Having cleared its own skirts of slavery, the members of the Society became divided into two classes--the one anxious that the Quaker conscience should make its appeal to the general conscience for the entire abolition of the "great iniquity.

  42. And nothing can make them afraid that man can do unto them; as saith the prophet in his appeal to Jehovah: 'Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.

  43. Still he had no definite plan apart from the appeal to conscience for settling the problem.

  44. Drummer's appeal to the fleet commanders cut into the talk and laughter rolling down the corridor.

  45. I was going to tell you at the first opportunity after you made your appeal to the ships' Commanders.

  46. His timing was to be here when Camari broadcast his appeal for his convocation with INOR Heads of State.

  47. The appeal came before the President during the last month of his official term, and he {216} discreetly and courteously resolved not to embarrass the new Administration by committing the Government to any position in the question.

  48. I have come, madame, to appeal to your great kindness of heart.

  49. Throughout all this eloquent appeal addressed by Athens to her citizen Sokrates, the points insisted on are those common to him with other citizens: the marked specialties of his character being left unnoticed.

  50. Side-note: Answer of Sokrates to the appeal made by Kriton.

  51. Throughout all this, there is a constant appeal to the free, self-determining judgment of the respondent's own mind, combined with a stimulus exciting the intellectual productiveness of that mind to the uttermost.

  52. Side-note: The Kriton makes powerful appeal to the emotions, but overlooks the ratiocinative difficulties, or supposes them to be solved.

  53. Appeal to authority is suppressed 368 In the modern world the search for truth is put out of sight.

  54. Difference between Rhetoric and Dialectic 433 The Kriton makes powerful appeal to the emotions, but overlooks the ratiocinative difficulties, or supposes them to be solved ib.

  55. Now in the rhetorical appeal embodied in the Kriton, the important question, What is the Just and the Unjust (i.

  56. Farther, they proved the existence of a vacuum by appeal to direct physical observation, which showed that bodies were porous, compressible, and capable of receiving into themselves new matter in the way of nutrition.

  57. He did not deny the fact of sense: to appeal to that fact in reply, would have been to concede his point.

  58. He would have said "I appeal to Hippokrates, Akumenus, &c.

  59. Answer of Sokrates to the appeal made by Kriton 426 He declares that the judgment of the general public is not worthy of trust: he appeals to the judgment of the one Expert, who is wise on the matter in debate ib.

  60. I hope I shall not seem to assume the dignity of an authority which no personal taste can claim, if I beg a hearing for the following elements of manner and voice, which appeal to me as essential.

  61. For the conception of English expression which I am talking of can find no mode of instruction adequate to its meaning, save in constant appeal to the ear, at an age so early that unconscious habit is formed.

  62. I think you others are not tolerant enough of anything that does not appeal to your taste.

  63. My own definition of imagination is evidently not that of the writer, and I am not able to agree that this appeal to the moral instinct develops anything other than an intellectual understanding; but that point is unimportant here.

  64. They either lack the insight and delight in the pieces which are essential if the pupils are to be kindled, or are deficient in power so to present their own appreciation and enjoyment that these appeal to the children.

  65. If a child is set to treat literature just as he has treated history or mathematics, the process will appeal to him as logical and easily to be mastered.

  66. As well as I can, however, I shall set down an actual talk, in the hope that it may afford some hint of the way in which even difficult pieces of literature may be made to appeal to a child.

  67. The means by which an author establishes or communicates his mood do not always appeal to the young.

  68. Children are led to care for good reading only by being made acquainted with books that appeal to them; and they are protected against poor or injurious reading only by being given a taste for what is better.

  69. The substitute is a poor one, but it has at least some degree of the universal human responsiveness to rhythm to appeal to.

  70. To this end is the appeal made to the pupil's experience, and to this end is he allowed to make his own estimates, to formulate his own likes and dislikes.

  71. If a crisis arises in school-life it is to the emotions that the matter is inevitably referred, whether the instructor likes this or not, and whether the appeal is made openly or is indirect and tacit.

  72. Such direct and general appeal is sure to seem to them part of the teacher's professional routine work, and not to alter their inclinations or to make any especial difference with their practice.

  73. Indeed, beyond a certain limited extent they appeal to most adults only after careful cultivation in the understanding of art-language.

  74. The curious derivation of the term from rauntree or rantry, the old form of rowan, or mountain-ash, is sure to appeal to children who have seen the rowan ripening its red berries.

  75. They must first of all have that strong appeal to general human emotion which will insure a ready response from youth not well developed A|sthetically and rendered less sensitive by being massed with other students in a class.

  76. It will appeal to all who like a good historical romance.

  77. And, finally, the idea of my returning to Affika does not seem to appeal to me in no way nor at no time whatsomever.

  78. FN#26] In the original Quichua, Ollantay makes his appeal to the Inca in quatrains of octosyllabic verses, the first line rhyming with the last, and the second with the third.

  79. To whom can I turn to free thee, To whom can I appeal for right?

  80. Demipho, I appeal to you; for I am too disgusted to speak to him again.

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