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Example sentences for "allurement"

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alluded; alludes; alluding; allure; allured; allurements; allures; alluring; alluringly; allus
  1. And there was an allurement about it which was as the allurement of sin.

  2. The abounding beauty with all its allurement lacks the solace that the masters have led us to seek in the heart of a symphony.

  3. A purely scientific basis must be shunned in any direct approach of the art whether critical or creative,--alone for the fatal allurement of a separate research.

  4. Through the mystic reverence which he sought to cultivate towards his lady flashed the allurement of the senses, and an occasional pang of reproach for his own cowardly surrender.

  5. So indirect are their hinted communications, so alien are their movements to anything in the Occidental way of thinking, that they unite with the girl’s over-the-shoulder smile in an allurement no less than devilish.

  6. The scope of moods from beginning to end of Sevillanas gives play to the lyric and the epic; allurement and threat; coquetry and triumph.

  7. They were looked upon as a prank, a lark, and the allurement of contraband risk.

  8. Here is a special passion, CHIC, the allurement of the forbidden.

  9. Cynthia, too, was extremely quiet; she was always much quieter with men than with women; it was part of the charm of her soft allurement that she was so passive.

  10. The idea of a residence in a new, strange country, among new, strange people, was not without allurement to Cynthia.

  11. There seems to have been a positive allurement about an inn or tavern for Dickens which he could not resist.

  12. Being then over two centuries old, it had allurement calculated to make the lover of things old happy and contented.

  13. Not by any bribe you can think of or any allurement you can offer.

  14. She stood there gazing over the lake, oblivious to all things save the entrancing allurement of a perfect spring night beside undulant water.

  15. This is the allurement of war, its persistent illusion, perhaps.

  16. The aesthetic forms in which courage is represented help to sustain it, and are an important element in morale, and they also serve a purpose in creating or adding to the allurement of the service and the fascination of war.

  17. Beneath all judgments about the evils of war, there is the allurement of these aesthetic motives which must be reckoned with in any psychology of war, or in any practical plan for eliminating war from the future experience of the race.

  18. If Rose had been skilled in the art of allurement she could not have done better than let him see how she loved all things that had life.

  19. Did you indeed believe that eternal misery is before you at the end of this way, and would you be so cruel to yourselves as to walk in it for any allurement that is in it?

  20. She gets the charm and the allurement of the growing bud on life's tree.

  21. This balancing regard for the known and allurement of the novel has also worked to give manifold forms of family association, since those customs were superseded.

  22. So keen an observer and philosophic thinker as Doctor Ward, however, could not long accept the first allurement of this idea.

  23. Every new hour finds a new charm, every new day calls for the louder praise, every added visit only fastens the chains of allurement deeper.

  24. Her mouth smiled, and her accompanying look of abstract benevolence arrested the tentative allurement to conversation.

  25. We believe perforce in their temptingness; and should allurement fail, we fall back to the belief in our eloquence.

  26. An allurement more dazzling than he had thought life held was suddenly shown him.

  27. And a confidential word on business matters with a pretty and pleasant little woman was not without allurement even under the Waggon-roof itself.

  28. But so far as the black snake is concerned, it seems to be nothing more than an enticement or allurement with which the snake is endowed to procure his fowl.

  29. If I know myself, I think I may say that that has no allurement for me.

  30. For Catholics and Protestants, does not polygamy possess the allurement of forbidden fruit?

  31. They were greatly moved as they called to mind the mysterious charm of his personality and the irresistible allurement of his speech.

  32. And this soporous allurement is intensified by a dead hush.

  33. Yes, she was beginning to feel the allurement of Italy.

  34. Whenever her youth yielded to the allurement of natural joys, there followed misery of penitence.

  35. Now it was a gentle jest; now a murmured phrase whose flattery was too subtle to startle his honest Teuton heart; and always accompanying the words would be a look whose faint suggestion of allurement ever gave way to shy confusion.

  36. There was allurement in every line of her softly moulded features, in the rich bloom of her olive cheeks, and in the silky meshes of her gold-brown hair.

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