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allspice; allt; allthough; allude; alluded; alluding; allure; allured; allurement; allurements
  1. This propensity for running is so great that the name of the tribe alludes to it.

  2. In a letter to Mrs. Bronson Browning alludes to the purchase of the new house in DeVere Gardens: ".

  3. Autographs had value in those days, and in a note to Mr. Bray Miss Barrett alludes to one of Shakespeare's that had been sold for a hundred pounds and asks if he feels sure of the authenticity of his own Shakespearean autograph.

  4. The ballad must have had a wide popularity, for Shakespeare alludes to it twice.

  5. This name signifies "extended rope," and alludes to the attenuated nature of the archipelago.

  6. Luke alludes to other Gospel-records which preceded his own.

  7. The charter of William the Conqueror, the reader will have remarked, alludes in a very general manner to the liberties and privileges enjoyed by the City.

  8. Rye Church, in Sussex, alludes in its bells to the marriage chimes induced by the liberality of the bridegroom-- In wedlock bands, all ye who join With hands your hearts unite.

  9. It is true he had already been spoken of as a possible candidate for the Presidency, and that despatch was probably written to be referred to afterwards as part of the "record" to which he alludes in his recent letter.

  10. It apparently alludes to some enemy in the court of Modena.

  11. Spinosa dwells much on the preference due to a social above a solitary life, to cheerfulness above austerity, and alludes frequently to the current theological ethics with censure.

  12. Each brother alludes to the work of the other, which must be owing to the alterations made by Phineas in his Purple Island, written probably the first, but not published, I believe, till 1633.

  13. He alludes to their long periods and the exaggerated phrases of invective which they poured forth in controversy.

  14. Milton, in 'Paradise Lost,' alludes to 'the dreaded name of Demogorgon.

  15. It has been remarked that in this 'Compendious Rehearsal' he alludes neither to his magic crystal, with its spiritualistic properties, nor to the wonderful powder or elixir of transmutation.

  16. Bateman concurs with him) that the authors to whom he alludes had mistaken for lice some other species of insects, which are not unfrequently found in putrefactive sores.

  17. The beetle Mr. Knight alludes to is probably the Polydrosus oblongus, which answers his description, and is common on pear-trees.

  18. Southey, in his Commonplace Book, pityingly alludes to this passage, saying, "He believes in dragons and griffins as having heretofore existed.

  19. Thus Virgil alludes to snakes with strident wings in the line Illa autem attolit stridentis anguibus alis.

  20. Martial speaks of the robber Laureolis being exposed on the cross to the fangs of the Caledonian bear; and Claudian alludes to British bears.

  21. He here alludes to the loss of his only daughter.

  22. The proverb ‘worth a Jew’s eye’ alludes to the barbarities practiced on the Jews, whose money was commonly extorted from them by drawing their teeth, or putting out their eyes.

  23. Footnote 39: This alludes to the king's allowing liberty to the tall soldiers his father forced into his service.

  24. Footnote 38: This alludes to the new order instituted by his Prussian Majesty, the badge of which is a gold medal with this inscription, For Merit.

  25. Brenton merely alludes to it as follows (vol.

  26. Secretary Paul Hamilton in one of his letters incidentally alludes to them as of 1,444 tons.

  27. Strabo here alludes to Ireland, which he placed north of England, and believed to be the most northerly region fitted for the habitation of man.

  28. The French translators are of opinion that he alludes to the chart of Agrippa.

  29. Thus he praises their prosperity and skill in the arts, and alludes to the hospitality the citizens had shown to Helen and Alexander.

  30. Strabo here alludes to the crime which was perpetrated in the reign of Teleclus, about 811 years before the Christian era.

  31. Posidonius believes that where Homer describes the rocks as at one time covered with the waves, and at another left bare, and when he compares the ocean to a river, he alludes to the flow of the ocean.

  32. It seems more probable that Strabo used the expression of Cæsar in its wider sense of Emperor, and alludes to Augustus, of whom he speaks immediately after.

  33. Here he alludes to the stormy zephyr, which very frequently scatters the feathery clouds brought up by the Leuconotus, or, as it is called by way of epithet, the clearing south.

  34. Strabo alludes rather to the banks surrounding Salmydessus than to the town itself.

  35. Lamb alludes to the mutilation of this monument by the fracture of a nose, but as a matter of fact the whole head of Washington had to be renewed more than once.

  36. He alludes to the habit of drinking as one which he has now contracted; and he is clearly entering on the period of his greatest excesses, perhaps also of his most strenuous exertions in the cause of knowledge.

  37. He alludes here to the prevailing custom of several dramatic writers competing for a prize.

  38. Aristophanes here alludes to the prevailing custom of concluding every group of three tragedies with a play in which the chorus consisted of Satyrs: a custom which Euripides broke through.

  39. Mr. Browning alludes to him as "wronged," because others were credited with some of his best work.

  40. Footnote 139: The wealth to which he alludes was justly imputed to him, as the real Fust was a goldsmith's son.

  41. He alludes to the words in the Iliad, which Homer puts in the mouth of Diomedes.

  42. He alludes to the statue of the Goddess Diana, which, with her worship, Orestes was said to have brought from the Tauric Chersonesus, and to have established at Aricia, in Latium.

  43. He alludes to the divine vengeance which punished Ajax Oïleus, who had ravished Cassandra in the temple of Minerva.

  44. He alludes to the joint crime of Peleus the uncle, and Telamon, the father of Ajax, who were banished for the murder of their brother Phocus.

  45. He alludes to the fresh strength which the giant Antæus gained each time he touched the earth.

  46. Horace alludes to his temple which was in the Vicus Tuscus, or Etrurian Street, which led to the Circus Maximus.

  47. He alludes to the ‘formido;’ which was made of coloured feathers, and was used to scare the deer into the toils.

  48. He alludes to his being invulnerable, from having been wrapped in the lion’s skin of Hercules.

  49. He perhaps alludes to the fights of the Gladiators, on the occasion of the funerals of the Roman patricians.

  50. This alludes to the Theban war, carried on between Eteocles and Polynices, the sons of Œdipus and Jocasta.

  51. He alludes to the fate of Elpenor, who afterwards, in a fit of intoxication, fell down stairs, and broke his neck.

  52. Judge Wade alludes to a remark about the sword of Gideon, made by Secretary Stanton, and says that was done to maintain the policy of secrecy as to the origin of the plan.

  53. I have seen the draft of a letter, written by Miss Carroll at this time, to General Grant in which she alludes to the advice he had given her to push her claim before Congress.

  54. He alludes to the doubts that existed as to the epistle to the Hebrews, but regards it as Pauline; and to the number of the catholic epistles (seven or three).

  55. The writer often alludes to words of Jesus, found in Matthew’s gospel, so that he may have been acquainted with it.

  56. Clement of Alexandria is the first who alludes to them.

  57. In a letter written in 1788 to the Creek Chief McGillivray, Robertson alludes to the Holston men and the Georgians in precisely the language he might have used in speaking of foreign nations.

  58. In one letter he alludes to a Delaware chief as "a manly old fellow, and much more of a gentleman than the generality of these frontier people.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "alludes" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.