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Example sentences for "allured"

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allude; alluded; alludes; alluding; allure; allurement; allurements; allures; alluring; alluringly
  1. Gervase mentions one woman in particular who had been allured by observing a wooden dish, or cup, float by her, while she was washing clothes in the river.

  2. Being seized as soon as she reached the depths, she was conducted into one of the subterranean recesses, which she described as very magnificent, and employed as nurse to one of the brood of the hag who had allured her.

  3. Only once it seemed as if I might be allured back to that part of my life alone worth living for--my profession!

  4. His task allured him; frequent practice had made him quick at landscape-drawing, whereas he always preferred to leave the figures to his comrades.

  5. Behold Democracy and Zeal appear; She, that allured my heart away, And he, that after made a prey.

  6. The desire to return to Paris haunted him like a fatality; he saw the danger that awaited him there, but it only allured him the more, as the candle does the moth whose wings it has singed.

  7. No; you have felt remorse; you have been wounded by neglect; and you have been allured by the artificial and the insincere.

  8. It is a mistake to suppose that men are only allured by their senses; there is an intellectual mystery which fascinates them, and which is not so easily exhausted.

  9. As her lover it had allured him with the intense attraction of an impenetrable mystery, this attitude of her mind, this indifference, both sensual and spiritual, before the demands of love.

  10. What I at length learnt of the story of these poor people may be told in a few words; the man was a gardener, who had been allured from his country by the demand in England for Scotchmen of his trade.

  11. The temptation, which in its approach had allured me with the forms of life and joy, had passed by; and to the backward glance, seemed all lifeless and loathsome.

  12. While Charles terrified the pope with these menaces, he also allured him by hopes, which were no less prevalent over his affections.

  13. She laughed as she swung on the stool, with that musical scorn which both allured and maddened.

  14. Several peers of France, allured by the prospect of eighty thousand francs a year and a house magnificently appointed, took their womenkind, even the most fastidious and intractable, to visit her.

  15. Was not such the reiterated promise by which you allured me to the field of Falkirk?

  16. I never allured him to this court; I never beheld him till I saw him at the bishop's banquet; and for his name, I know it not.

  17. Prove it then," cried the king, "by agreeing with this confidant of your minstrel, and at once tell me by what name you addressed him when you allured him to my court?

  18. After this great success Zohak was tempted by the devil, who allured him, under the shape of a venerable old man, to kill his father, that he might become king of Arabia as well as Persia.

  19. The advice was well meant, and I determined to follow it, although the mention of the rare and beautiful plants allured me.

  20. The forest above the Chapel of St. Nikolas allured me.

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