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Example sentences for "allude"

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allso; allsoe; allspice; allt; allthough; alluded; alludes; alluding; allure; allured
  1. Of these we need only allude to the Leges Semproniæ, or laws proposed B.

  2. It has been well to allude to this, because in dealing with these orations it is necessary to point out that every word cannot be accepted as having been spoken as we find it printed.

  3. But we must remark that at its close--in its very final words--he does allude with sad melancholy to the state of affairs, and that then it breaks off abruptly.

  4. In his life of Antony he does not allude to these orations at all, but in that of Cicero he tells us how Antony had ordered that right hand to be brought to him with which Cicero had written his Philippics.

  5. I allude to the former state of England; for at present the accumulation of national wealth only increases the cares of the poor, and hardens the hearts of the rich, in spite of the highly extolled rage for almsgiving.

  6. And I allude to it not only as a trait of the ignorance of the people, but to censure the Government for not preventing scenes that throw an odium on the human race.

  7. Certainly; the lady I allude to is my sister.

  8. I resolved at the earliest opportunity I had of a private interview with him, to allude to what I had overheard on the Alameda.

  9. The poem to which you allude was written by Julia A.

  10. Beethoven had none of that soul of a servitor which Haydn had acquired through his long career; so it was not without reason that the teacher used to allude to the hot-headed pupil as "the Grand Mogul".

  11. The peon carried a lanthorn; the man to whom I allude reproached him for his imprudence, smashed the lanthorn under his heel, and then threw the cloak over his shoulders.

  12. Who knows whether the Spaniard to whom you allude did not educate this Indian for the purpose of accomplishing a vengeance, and with a prevision of what is taking place today?

  13. Still, the traveller to whom we allude appeared to trouble himself very little about the risks he ran, and continued his venturesome ride at the same quiet and gentle rate.

  14. Did you not allude to the dexterity of your fingers?

  15. Mozart does not allude to North Germany, since it lay out of Wolfgang's projected path.

  16. Mozart was wise enough not to allude directly to his attachment to Aloysia Weber, although he must have been well aware of its existence.

  17. A rank knave; a rank coward: perhaps the latter may allude to an ill savour caused by fear.

  18. I allude to your correspondence with the Swedish Minister.

  19. Hommonai received him very heartily, and did not once allude to the old theme of dispute; nay, he even allowed the old coxcomb to dance attendance upon his wife and whisper all sorts of tender compliments in her ear.

  20. The latter words allude to the exclamation which his victims used when he was murdering them.

  21. But, if my suspicion is verified to-day, you must never allude to this subject again before me.

  22. The family I allude to are retired Birmingham tradespeople, not particularly refined, I fear, in their habits or surroundings.

  23. I mean no unkindness; but is not the heart you allude to an alarmingly searching one?

  24. The little imperceptible change you allude to, is nothing.

  25. You allude to what he would never consent to.

  26. I allude to Mr. Somerville, the pastor of the parish, and who might truly be called a man of God.

  27. Seldom indeed do I allude to my own individuality.

  28. If she talked politics, Fenwick's face darkened at the opinions she expressed, and he told her in so many words that he did not wish her to allude to professional duties, or even to think about them any more.

  29. You allude to these discussions about the sacrifice of the mass now going on so continually amongst us?

  30. Thus, only in a few hurried words, spoken with 'bated breath, did Dona Inez venture to allude to the darkest and saddest of the horrible tragedies in that time of horrors.

  31. It will readily be conjectured that I allude to the fraudulent laws which have been passed in too many of the States.

  32. There are rights of great moment to the trade of America which are rights of the Union--I allude to the fisheries, to the navigation of the Western lakes, and to that of the Mississippi.

  33. I--I can allude to it in a joky sort of way when I come down!

  34. We did happen to encounter each other in one of the galleries, my lady, just for a minute; though I shouldn't have expected him to allude to it!

  35. Footnote 342: To so great an extent is this true that, having described in this place the parties of the Empire, it will not be necessary subsequently to allude at length to those of Prussia.

  36. The refusal of their imperious request had a result we are fortunately not obliged to depict; nor, without a shudder, can we barely allude to it.

  37. When I mention Health, you will all admit that I allude to the greatest of sublunary blessings.

  38. The information you allude to is, of course, the first assistance you are to give.

  39. We allude to the late Sir Samuel Romilly and Sir James Mackintosh, both of whom were blessed in their married state, and have left behind them memorials of the most touching kind in memory of their wives.

  40. We allude to the pretense of holding intercourse with departed spirits through mesmerized mediums, or what are usually called spiritual rappings.

  41. This same genus I consider in both these characters to allude to some analogy with one or more Acrogenous divisions.

  42. I allude only to those within the stockade; out of this, and close to Bamoo are two or three small villages.

  43. Why does no one ever even allude to the two attributed portraits of Chatterton--one belonging to Sir H.

  44. It seems necessary to allude to this painful matter, because it involved serious issues; but an effort alike after brevity and impartiality of comment shall be observed in what is said of it.

  45. Having alluded to my lessons in singing, it may not be out of place to mention the circumstances under which I became Monsieur Bonnefoy's pupil, and to allude to the change in my life that followed in due course of time.

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