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Example sentences for "attributed"

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attractor; attracts; attribuer; attributable; attribute; attributes; attributing; attribution; attributions; attributive
  1. In the Rosary Chapel is a Renaissance altar-screen (1541), attributed to the Rheims sculptor Pierre Jacques.

  2. The Promenades, greatly damaged by the war, have sometimes been wrongly attributed to Le Notre.

  3. It was told and wondered at, with reason, in Manila and in other places; and all who heard of it attributed it to nothing less than a prodigy never seen.

  4. They all attributed it to the most holy cross now set up, and to the voice of the gospel.

  5. They attributed good or evil events to fortune and to the star of each one.

  6. That has resulted in causing among the Indians so great resentment that the insurrection of the Indians that occurred may be attributed to that.

  7. Some incidents happened on that voyage which were afterward regarded as miracles, and all attributed them to the good company of so notable religious whom they carried.

  8. And elsewhere he says: "One cannot help being amazed at the long ignorance that has attributed this custom to the Salic law, which is quite the contrary of it.

  9. This descent is very far from the modern story invented and attributed without grounds to the family of Medici, according to that lying book which I have mentioned on the life of the said queen.

  10. The cuts to this translation have been variously attributed to Jean Goujon and Jean Cousin, but a moment's glance at the book will show that they are not all by the same hand.

  11. Its erection was attributed to a miracle in the Greek church.

  12. When Richard Cœur de Lion laid siege to Acre, the saint appeared to him in a vision, and the Crusaders attributed their victories to his interference and aid.

  13. This chain of mountains excited the admiration of the ancients, who attributed to it an elevation greater than any mountain in the then known world.

  14. Other saints, of the same name, had various similar acts attributed to them, and were frequently confounded together.

  15. Now no tendency should be attributed to the Good.

  16. But if liberty is attributed to the soul which does good, and which, in everything acts by herself, we are near the truth.

  17. They who attributed thought to the First Principle have at least not attributed to Him the thought of things that are inferior to Him, or which proceed from Him.

  18. Movement is attributed to infinity only to explain that the infinite has no permanency.

  19. What greatness shall be attributed to the Principle who can do all things?

  20. This appears in the following outline of The Robin's Christmas Song, an English tale which is the same as the Scotch Robin's Yule-Song, which has been attributed to Robert Burns.

  21. MAX MÜLLER Stories originally told about the characters of savage tales, were finally attracted into the legends of the gods of ancient mythology, or were attributed to demi-gods and heroes.

  22. This is the same as the famous Persian version, The Book of Calila and Dimna, attributed to Bidpai, of India.

  23. To speak in homely fashion, she was always "a bad second," and none save herself attributed to her the normal status of privileges of an elder sister.

  24. But my lack of knowledge led me into an error; I attributed what wearied me in no degree to the Baron himself, but altogether to his condition.

  25. Since he attributed to me no sacro-sanctity, he was not officious or persistent in his attendance while he was on duty; in fact he left me very much to my own devices.

  26. His quick imagination attributed all to the effect of Lord Alphingham's tender words.

  27. Lord St. Eval had left England with the impression that Alphingham was his favoured rival, and his imagination instantly attributed Caroline's emotion at his entrance into a preference for the Viscount.

  28. Experience ought to have taught her better; but then experience rarely does that amount of practical good which is generally attributed to it in the world.

  29. Neither dancing, nor any foolish lectures could do much for miss Lesley, she remained wanting in gracefulness of carriage; but all that is usually attributed to dancing, music effected.

  30. The Tales were attributed to Charles Lamb, presumably against his wish, as we see from a sentence in the letter to Wordsworth quoted above, and the other two books had no name attached to them at all.

  31. In 1775 certain papers and legal instruments were published, attributed to Shakspere, Queen Elizabeth, and Southampton.

  32. The abbe denied that he had made the statements attributed to him, and was allowed to prepare a paper which he termed his defence.

  33. At length the Indians boldly declared war against the British, an action which Philipps attributed to the scandalous conduct of the agent Bannfield.

  34. He did not take up any of the topics that had been introduced to prejudice the case against me; for instance, he did not take this accusation of an intention to assassinate, attributed to my fellow-prisoners and myself.

  35. The contribution which the notorious Haynau levied upon the Jewish congregations was but a consequence of the loyalty to the man of the New Era, attributed to the Jews.

  36. There is a letter to the British officers at Boston attributed to General Prescott (Sabin, x.

  37. There was a second issue of the first edition with the imprint "Norwich", and the authorship attributed to "A Citizen of Connecticut.

  38. This order-book has been attributed by some to George C.

  39. There are some verses on the burning of Charlestown, attributed to Barlow.

  40. The writs to which he attributed so much importance require explanation.

  41. First of all I should place an anonymous journal which has been attributed to Rochambeau.

  42. In Sabin this journal is attributed to D'Estaing.

  43. Nevertheless, in his lifetime it was attributed to St. Bernard and Gerson.

  44. We must leave Thomas à Kempis in possession of what is attributed to him, without deciding positively in his favour.

  45. Italy, where it is attributed to one Gerson or Gessen, to whom is given the title of abbot.

  46. The portrait might be attributed to Raphael, but for the date.

  47. It was after the success of the ballet with which a run of success began for the Gaudissart Company that the management presented Pons with a piece of plate--a group of figures attributed to Benvenuto Cellini.

  48. Here and there an amateur among the audience admired the new pieces of music which served as accompaniment to two or three great successes, but they attributed the improvement vaguely to "progress.

  49. Pons attributed the success to the excellent constitution of the patient, who resumed her ministrations seven days later to the great satisfaction of her two gentlemen.

  50. These, for the most part, attributed their recovery to Nature, as an excuse for paying for the services of a medical man, who came on foot, at the rate of two francs per visit.

  51. But during this first quarter of the sixteenth century, possibly more influence on the maintaining of equilibrium is to be attributed to the largely increased home production of silver.

  52. In the proclamation the change was attributed to "the enhancement of the prices of these metals beyond the sea, as well in Flanders as in France, which would have drawn all the coins out of the realm if a remedy had not been applied.

  53. The ceasing of the disorders in the French money is attributed to the expulsion of the English invaders, but there can be little doubt that much more simple and natural laws were at work.

  54. It is to this difference that must be attributed the discrepancy in the statement of the ratio by the French Mint authorities in 1640 (see text, infra.

  55. The evil, as it was thought to be, of the advance of the monies was attributed to the caprice and unscrupulousness of "the people," and the King called several councils of experts to discuss the matter.

  56. That the enactment was not permanently regarded and kept can only be attributed to the strength of commercial custom, and to a true perception in the mercantile community at large of the essential difficulty of the problem and its remedy.

  57. The flow of coinage which these proposals were intended to meet was not now to the Netherlands but to France, and it must be attributed to the course of the French currency already indicated.

  58. The straits of the poorer classes in those years of hardship were due to the existing bimetallic system, and to it must, therefore, be attributed the aggravation rather than alleviation of the bank restriction.

  59. No amount of alcohol ever appeared to hurt him, and to those who suffered from excess of indulgence he attributed it entirely to over-eating in their early days, before the constitution was fairly and properly formed.

  60. James looked at him with surprise; but attributed his agitation to the strange tidings he had communicated regarding the supposed supernatural visitation.

  61. If it really have the legal effect attributed to it, and which I suspect it really to have, we may as well shut up our briefs.

  62. The least hideous of these productions are those you have stolen (and spoiled) from the French, and if there is any improvement in your patterns of late years, it is entirely to be attributed to your piracy of French designs.

  63. The result has been damages to the amount of above L7,000, incurred by the Company at the Northern Circuit Assizes for loss of life attributed to that state of things.

  64. Jackson himself attributed his success in this desirable object as much to negotiation as to the force he would be able to apply.

  65. Dobbs attributed the escape of the "Porcupine" to the cables of the two others being cut, in consequence of which they with the victorious assailants on board drifted beyond possibility of return.

  66. Had Decatur appreciated at the moment that his speedy surrender to the "Pomone" would be attributed to the subjection to which the "Endymion" was supposed to have reduced his ship, he very probably would have made a second fight of it.

  67. This was the immediate offensive of which he had spoken; his ability to undertake which he attributed to naval aid.

  68. The national brigs which put to sea were all captured, save one; and she was so notoriously dull of sailing that her escape was attributed to mere good luck, experienced on several critical occasions.

  69. The paucity of result is doubtless to be attributed to the prey being sought chiefly on the high seas, too far away from the points of arrival and departure.

  70. Dearborn, who had already reported to the Department that he personally was "so reduced in strength as to be incapable of any command," attributed his embarrassments "to the temporary loss of command of the lake.

  71. The limited success of the frigates in their attempts against British trade has been noted, and attributed to the general fact that their cruises were confined to the more open sea, upon the highways of commerce.

  72. The Admiralty, taxed with neglect, attributed blame to the merchant captains, and announced additional severity to those who should part convoy.

  73. The advantages which he attributed to the enemy, an aggregate of guns, slightly superior in total weight, divided between two smaller ships, the author has never been able to recognize.

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