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Example sentences for "credited"

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credit; credita; creditable; creditably; credite; crediting; creditor; creditors; credits; creditt
  1. Besides greatly hampering the British mine-laying program they were also credited with supplying the Germans with invaluable information for both their surface raids and submarine attacks on the Norwegian convoys.

  2. The Admiralty, which had some information about this latter flight, had credited Von Butlar with having been in the air 104 hours, but he assured several members of the Commission that the actual time was little short of six days.

  3. There were two or three things the popular mind had credited the modern Zeppelin with embodying which we did not find in these latest examples of German airship development.

  4. I do not mean," he says, "that the condition of the lowest class has nowhere nor in anything been improved, but that there is nowhere any improvement which can be credited to increased productive power.

  5. So high a place in his esteem as that she was credited with, it may fairly be asserted was never hers.

  6. But Burton is a Romany name, and as Richard Burton had certain gipsy characteristics, some persons have credited him with gipsy lineage.

  7. But by that time it would be credited to her name, and Viv would be free.

  8. Then, if he takes one along, I can return this and have it credited to him.

  9. Perhaps some of the progress of the last half century may be credited to a wholesome rivalry between these various schools of Lutheranism.

  10. One ought not to have undeceived her, perhaps, but one is naturally honest, and cannot bear to be credited with what is not his own.

  11. But within ten or a dozen years I have seen this very same comparison going the round of the papers, and credited to a Welsh poet, David Ap Gwyllym, or something like that, by name.

  12. The modern cantiscorbutic regimen is credited to Captain Cook.

  13. Some excellent remarks were made on immortality, but mainly borrowed from and credited to Plato.

  14. The victor in the spectacular fight was Captain Ball, the youthful English pilot who has only two notches less on the frame of his fighting machine than had the Falcon, who was credited with fifty-one “downs.

  15. In March of this year he was officially credited with bringing down his seventh German aircraft.

  16. The cut on page 28, attributed to Rembrandt Peale, should be credited to John T.

  17. Miss Bridges must be credited with developing a charming and original branch of art, of which thus far she seems to enjoy a monopoly.

  18. Percy, follows very exactly the story of Arthur’s last days as given in the romances except that it ascribes to Sir Lucan the acts usually credited to Sir Bedivere.

  19. It has been said and generally credited in England and in France, that the enormous development of the fat livers is obtained by a system of torture inflicted by the Strasburghers upon the unfortunate goose, the protecting bird of the Capitol.

  20. The gazelle is credited with being a very artful animal, the cunning being located especially in the liver.

  21. Obligation is acknowledged to a number of writers on Africa and others, quotations from whose books are credited in the body of this work.

  22. Also I gathered that the Mixer at her own cattle-farm had been watching her calves marked with her monogram, though I would never have credited her with so much sentiment.

  23. If we were to take account here of all the evil deeds he is credited with, we should be suspected of wantonly blackening the character of this melodramatic figure.

  24. Judge Davis had long been credited with aspirations and with some elements of political strength.

  25. The elections of 1865, held amid the shouts of triumph over a restored union, went by default in favor of the Republicans, who were justly credited with the National victory so far as any one political party was entitled to such honor.

  26. In respect of the Pike rental fund and credited on the books of the company to that fund.

  27. Just as he was credited with sincerity at matriculation, when he subscribed the Articles, it was assumed that he attended chapel as a sincere member of the Church of England.

  28. There are other reasons for questioning whether Shelley should be credited with nobility of conduct, in forbearing to do what he would not have been permitted to do.

  29. Among other deeds credited to the murderer and his offspring was the mutilation and boiling of a cat--the particular pet of the young heir, who was compelled to witness the whole revolting process.

  30. The ancients without exception credited these birds with psychic properties.

  31. You ought long ago to have credited me with as much strength as was needed for that.

  32. But the fact is, he was less tipsy at the time than was imagined; and he could have answered to more malice and cynicism than was credited to him.

  33. He had ever been credited with having a philosophical turn of mind; and this was accompanied by a certain strain of impulsiveness or daring.

  34. He was bitter against his people; he credited them with more interference than was actual.

  35. To the New York Herald is generally credited the departure from old-time methods that resulted in the creation of newspapers devoted entirely to the publication of news, the reporting of the happenings of the world day by day.

  36. Mr. Selous engaged actively in the campaign, in which he is credited with having fought with great gallantry by the side of the colonists, and was wounded while protecting some negroes who had been surprised by the enemy.

  37. Taoist priests are credited with a knowledge of alchemy and the black art in general.

  38. Taoist priests are generally credited with the power of cutting out human, animal, or other figures, of infusing vitality into them on the spot, and of employing them for purposes of good or evil.

  39. Toward the evident close of the struggle an English nobleman came to Washington, credited to the embassy.

  40. The story was originally credited to a Chinese cooper, to whom modern caskmaking was a mystery.

  41. A backhanded compliment of the acutest nature is credited to Lincoln as a lawyer and gentleman.

  42. This invention was credited even by the ancients to prehistoric times.

  43. As such, it has brilliantly fulfilled the mission of bringing a cultural religion to barbarian or semi-barbarian peoples, but it cannot be credited with being an original religious creation.

  44. No small measure of this influence, however, must be credited to those whose labours have made possible the appearance of Wundt's writings in other tongues.

  45. Predominant among these is the maerchen-myth, a narrative which resembles the fairy-tale and which, as a rule, continues during this period to be of the nature of a credited myth.

  46. The totemic age possesses only fabulous narratives; these are credited myths dealing, not infrequently, with animal ancestors who have introduced fire, taught the preparation of food, etc.

  47. These beliefs, which influenced all phases of the activity of primitive man, also caused the magical maerchen to be credited either in their entirety or at least in great part.

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