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Example sentences for "credit"

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credible; credibly; credidi; credidimus; credidit; credita; creditable; creditably; credite; credited
  1. Palmerston had the wisdom to accede at once to Granville's proposal, probably foreseeing that nothing would come of Granville's attempt, and that he would have all the credit of his complaisance and obtain the prize after all.

  2. It would be unjust to Davy to put our knowledge in the place of his, or to credit him with data which he could not have possessed.

  3. If it cannot, then the immortal reason, by its mischievous activity in operating upon a broken instrument, must have the credit of committing every imaginable extravagance and crime.

  4. He claims for German men the credit of pursuing with unflagging and self-denying industry, with purely ideal aims, and without any immediate prospect of practical utility, the cultivation of pure science.

  5. When the human mind has achieved greatness and given evidence of extraordinary power in one domain, there is a tendency to credit it with similar power in all other domains.

  6. Sullivan and other prominent men, but the Citizens' Association in an official bulletin gave the larger part of the credit to "the tireless and tactful work of the women's lobby.

  7. The Democrats were claiming the credit and the general election was only two months away.

  8. Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Frank Mulkey of Oklahoma City and Mrs. Robert Ray of Lawton were especially active but the chief credit belongs to Mrs. Frank B.

  9. Too much credit for the final success of woman suffrage in Minnesota can not be given to Mrs. Ueland, president of the association for the last five years of its existence.

  10. The Republican party was claiming credit for the submission and Democratic leaders felt it to be very necessary that the Alabama Legislature should ratify.

  11. Painstaking, fearless, unselfish and able, she labored cheerfully, not caring for praise or credit for the things she accomplished.

  12. Vou, announcing this action in the spirit of the age, in the name of justice and democracy and for the credit of the State.

  13. Thanks and praises were showered upon Representative Fall, who modestly said that two-thirds of the credit for working up the case belonged to his wife, Mrs. Anna Christy Fall.

  14. Much credit for the success belongs to the Franchise League members everywhere, who have won the sentiment of their localities for woman suffrage.

  15. It is to the credit of the work of the Federated Clubs in the State that its members of Congress, with one exception, have needed no lobbying from suffrage forces in Washington.

  16. The Government are now acquiring great credit for doing away with the rotten boroughs; but if they deserve credit for doing them away, let it be borne in mind that the Whigs created them.

  17. The glory was departed from England, in his eyes, if public credit were to hang upon the prosperity of the few, as against the multitude.

  18. Upon that man’s memory lies the credit of having been chiefly instrumental in restoring political purity to the nation.

  19. And now, my countrymen, before I set off, let me caution you against giving the smallest credit to anything that Corruption’s Press may assert of me.

  20. But he forced himself not to credit it, and struck out with all his might.

  21. It was a lovely night, nearly full-moon, and the room looked so light after the candle was out that Vane gave it the credit of keeping him awake.

  22. Let me tell you that we can safely give them credit for all the vices due to our state of civilisation.

  23. Nobody gives us credit for what is underneath.

  24. Yet there are several of our mills, especially in the North, that turn out the finer fabrics with great credit to the country.

  25. An English clergyman by the name of Edmund Cartwright has the credit of inventing the power loom.

  26. They mostly gave the credit of all their doings to the God of Battles.

  27. China deserves the greatest credit for so successfully dealing with a question which affects such a large part of her four hundred millions of people and which presents such unusual difficulties because of its economic importance.

  28. His superiors might sometimes gain credit or incur blame which was primarily due to the adoption of his principles.

  29. But I think that he is scarcely likely to get all the credit that is due to him for certain parts of the work which are especially interesting to me, and which I have often read--I mean those parts which deal with the middle ages.

  30. I will only add that I shall endeavour to observe one condition, which I know would have been scrupulously observed by him--I mean the condition of not attributing to him any credit which would properly belong to others.

  31. They got him some credit from the small circle which they reached, but that was hardly his main object.

  32. Half-drunk he was, and yet with a marvellous steadiness on his legs, and a command of his voice which would have done him credit in the pulpit.

  33. He grew more like his old self, his father said to Miss Jean, giving the new partnership, and the increased interest and responsibility which it implied the credit for it.

  34. Could there have been any thing besides the good sense for which her aunt gave her credit to account for her indifference?

  35. But I am afraid Tam would not long be a credit to the town if the whiskey were to flow as freely as it usually does at sailors' weddings.

  36. That excellent institution, therefore, cannot claim the credit of his selection.

  37. A long time it took Pasha to learn this, but Mr. Dave told him over and over again, by word and sign, until at last the son of the great Selim could strike a pose such as would have done credit to a Mecca pilgrim.

  38. But, without giving entire credit to all the assertions of Dr.

  39. Scotch emigrants reflected credit upon the country and religious body to which they belonged.

  40. Or will he not rather give the curious inquisitor joy of his mighty discoveries, and the credit of them for his reward?

  41. The rejoinder was so unexpected, the words themselves were so brusque, while the utterance was so gentle and melodious, that Lynde refused to credit his ears.

  42. He could hardly credit his senses when this occurred.

  43. He appeared on the platform wearing a flannel shirt, square-cut neck, disclosing a hirsute covering that would have done credit to a grizzly bear; the rest of his attire all right.

  44. I know two men in this town who make as good figures as any in it, that manage their credit so well as to be thought atheists, and yet say their prayers morning and evening.

  45. Lady Wouldbe's face that could procure credit to such a falsehood?

  46. Being now of great credit and antiquity, I was rather looked upon as a medal than an ordinary coin; for which reason a gamester laid hold of me, and converted me to a counter, having got together some dozens of us for that use.

  47. Will, of great credit among the Lombards, ii.

  48. The credit of the business, and the state, Are things that in a youngster's sense sound great.

  49. The prisoner brought several persons of good credit to witness to her reputation, and proved by undeniable evidences, that she was never at the place where the words were said to have been uttered.

  50. If this were so, they must have merely pretended to brave a danger which they secretly feared to face, and intended to avoid; and the credit of rescuing the country would belong to the duke of Wellington and the peers who seceded with him.

  51. Now, if you have any money to throw away upon me I will try to do you credit with it.

  52. All the boat wanted was a policeman to keep them in something more like order, for a small joke received too much credit with them, and they laughed too easily.

  53. Nina could be a credit to her in any social gathering, and this made it all the more strange.

  54. There was more solid monetary credit in his threadbare carpet than in all the plate glass and gilt of any other establishment in the city.

  55. Let us do credit to Lady Franks' will-power, and admit that the talk was quite empty and distracted--none of the depths and skirmishes of the previous occasions.

  56. Her home proved that she had grown up a credit to her training.

  57. Refusing to credit the statement that the English came as friends and protectors and not as enemies, the Governor openly expressed his distrust, and in doing so simply voiced the feelings of the people.

  58. It is, therefore, to the credit of Bekir Pacha and Ibrahim Bey that, waiving the mutual want of sympathy that separated them on ordinary matters, they in this instantly joined in protesting against the suggested massacre.

  59. This sudden and unlooked-for proof of the reality of the danger they had refused to credit produced the utmost consternation.

  60. To the present day the fellaheen indeed are indisposed to credit the fact that a majority of the Moslems of to-day are not only not subjects of the Turkish Sultan but do not speak either the Arabic or Turkish language.

  61. Men of the latter type are much too numerous in Egypt, and may claim the credit of placing endless difficulties and obstacles in the way of Lord Cromer and English interests.

  62. Yet, in my opinion, he should have the credit of this as well, since it was he who gave you that admirable training concerning which I shall presently speak, but not till I have described your mother and brothers.

  63. And yet here he was, if one could credit one's senses, about to take part in a fancy-dress ball, a form of entertainment notoriously a testing experience for the toughest.

  64. It has been well said of Bertram Wooster that, while no one views his flesh and blood with a keener and more remorselessly critical eye, he is nevertheless a man who delights in giving credit where credit is due.

  65. There are others who, for all that they excite adverse comment by being fat and uncouth, find themselves on the credit side of the ledger owing to their wit and sparkling humour.

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