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Example sentences for "credibly"

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credentials; credere; crederet; credibility; credible; credidi; credidimus; credidit; credit; credita
  1. Last week a club of Lynchers, amounting to four or five individuals, as we have been credibly informed, broke into the house of Mr. Scott of Wilkinson co.

  2. At my birth, as I am credibly informed, I was enormous—a freak of nature that was clearly intended for twins.

  3. There were in that fleete, and that came from the shore to rescue them, fifteene hundred: we slew of them fiue hundred and fourtie, as we were credibly informed by a note that came to Mexico.

  4. And it is credibly reported some of them dropped very valuable things in the hurry, which were picked up by others of the family.

  5. Nay, it is credibly reported that they were so far from succouring their poor friend in this his dismal circumstance, that Ptschirnsooker and several of his companions went in and pulled him by the legs, and thumped him on the breast.

  6. It is credibly reported that the butcher's and baker's bill of a Lord Strutt that lived two hundred years ago are not yet paid.

  7. Nay it is reported very credibly that if they see only a shade of any animal at all on the water, they will flourish their tails to bring in the man or beast whose shade they see and are oftentimes too successful in it.

  8. Thus much I have been credibly informed of Iceland and extreme Thyle, but I pass over what is fabulous.

  9. I am credibly informed that shipments of the American Tobacco Company from Louisville, Kentucky, to Japan used commonly to go via Boston.

  10. Together with a short account of some of the extraordinary things credibly said to have formerly disturbed the house, both before and since Mr. Smagge came into it.

  11. I am credibly informed that some years after his book was written, and after a more familiar acquaintance with the S.

  12. I was credibly informed afterward, that these backwoods cherubs did not succeed in "Meeting 'em on the June rise.

  13. I am credibly informed that no sooner had Gardiner made his proposition than I seconded it with acclamation.

  14. I am credibly informed that since your candidature there has been more drunkenness in Copstone than has ever been known before in the annals of the parish.

  15. It is likewise credibly reported, that the people of China see their king very seldom, or not at all, and may not even look up to the place where he sits.

  16. If that any man should make question of the truth of this, it will be very credibly approved by divers of good credit that be now in the city of London.

  17. As she is a Vessell of Value, hope You'l do Your Endeavours to Recover Our Just dues and Apply to the Owners who are, as we are Credibly Informed, Messrs.

  18. We are credibly informed that America has formed an alliance with France, for the space of twenty-one years; but whether it is any thing more than an alliance for trade, we have not yet learned.

  19. At Highworth, at the signe of the Bull, at one Hartwells, I have been credibly enformed is to be seen a scull of-a vast bignesse, scilicet half as big again as an ordinary one.

  20. The Observer announced that it had been "credibly informed that this poor pauper," Daft Jamie, had really disappeared in a mysterious manner, and that circumstances of a suspicious nature had transpired.

  21. I am credibly informed, however, that all the carpenters and masons who worked on the lower story of this building have disappeared.

  22. I am credibly informed, that in the space of seven years, eleven thousand new houses have been built in one quarter of Westminster, exclusive of what is daily added to other parts of this unwieldy metropolis.

  23. I am credibly informed that the duke of Argyle can assemble five thousand men in arms, of his own clan and surname, which is Campbell; and there is besides a tribe of the same appellation, whose chief' is the Earl of Breadalbine.

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