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  1. I cautioned 'em special not ter use no rifle-guns--jest pistols, accidental like.

  2. A momentary diminuendo of the racket was followed by the sharp, repeated bark of a rifle, which brought the intriguer violently to his feet.

  3. The activities of their young kinsman were no longer a matter of theory but a condition, and their clan attitude toward him must be determined.

  4. To-night he had flung his challenge to the vested rights of tradition and forfeited clan sponsorship.

  5. Clan obedience and individual lust for reprisal shook him in profound dilemma, but finally, with a strong effort, he nodded his head--though grudgingly.

  6. To clan loyalty as an abstract principle he must have added such obedience as comes only from fear--and men must know that to thwart him was dangerous.

  7. With a clan easily inflamed and gathering to his call, Brother Fulkerson realized the danger of that mood.

  8. The chief of the Towers clan turned insolently on his heel and walked away and the crowd fell back to let him pass.

  9. No man had proof that a Towers rifle had killed Turner--the man to whom his clan had looked for leadership.

  10. Even the most prominent of the clan historians who have so stoutly maintained the Fitzgerald theory felt bound to admit that, "it cannot be disputed that the Earl of Ross was the Lord paramount under Alexander II.

  11. It must now be most interesting to every member of the Clan Mackenzie to know who these O'Beolan Earls of Ross were and all that can be ascertained regarding themselves and their family alliances.

  12. I had not the pleasure of communicating with you since your marriage, upon which event I beg leave to congratulate you, and hope I shall soon have the pleasure of learning of your adding a member to the Clan Kenneth.

  13. Clan after clan marched past, with waving plaids and brandished weapons; the wild music of the pipes sounded as full of menace as of triumph.

  14. This Boisdale was brother of the old Clanranald, chief of the loyal clan Macdonald of Clanranald.

  15. The next day four of the chief men of the clan waited on Charles, Clanranald, Kinloch Moidart, Glenaladale, and another who has left us a lively picture of the meeting.

  16. Macpherson of Cluny was one of the most distinguished chiefs in the Highlands, ruling his clan with a firm hand, and repressing all thieving amongst them.

  17. So another young life as innocent as the first was sacrificed to clan jealousy.

  18. A more serious loss was the defection of the clan Glengarry.

  19. With wild yells they came on, their march quickening to a run, each clan charging in a close compact body headed by its own chief.

  20. These gallant Macdonalds were now willing to run all risks in receiving the Prince even before a single other clan had declared for him.

  21. Every tribe and every clan has its own protecting god, and every individual has his my god.

  22. He was of the clan of the Addik, or American reindeer.

  23. He points out that the clan of the Sâkyas is never mentioned by early Hindu writers, and he lays much stress on the fact that most of the proper names of the persons connected with Buddha suggest an allegorical signification.

  24. His father, the king of Kapilavastu, was of the family of the Sâkyas, and belonged to the clan of the Gautamas.

  25. You of the shut-in clan are not skilled meteorologists, but time is too precious to be wasted in idle weather chat.

  26. You of the cassock clan enjoy privileges denied to us, the ungirdled sons of Belial.

  27. The traditional customs of the clan had been formulated into positive commands by Jonadab, the son of Rechab, i.

  28. All three names are compounded of the Divine name Iah, Jehovah, and serve to emphasise the devotion of the clan to the God of Israel.

  29. The marauding bands of Chaldeans and their allies had driven the country people in crowds into Jerusalem, and among them the nomad clan of the Rechabites.

  30. The Rechabite faith in the higher moral value of their primitive habits had survived their alliance with Israel, and Jonadab did his best to protect his clan from the taint of city life and settled civilisation.

  31. The land custom assumes that an Israelite will only part with his land in case of absolute necessity, and it was evidently supposed that some member of the clan would feel bound to purchase.

  32. Possibly too Rechab, which means "rider," is not a personal name, but a designation of the clan as horsemen of the desert.

  33. In this fusion of their tribe with Judah, the Rechabite clan would be included.

  34. In somewhat legal fashion he tells us how he took "Jaazaniah ben Jeremiah, ben Habaziniah, and his brethren, and all his sons, and all the clan of the Rechabites.

  35. It has been suggested that the Rechabites were hereby promoted to the status of the true Israel, "a kingdom of priests"; but this phrase may merely mean that their clan should continue in existence.

  36. As for a Siwanois Mohican, this Sagamore of the Magic Clan was the first of his tribe and ensign that I had ever beheld.

  37. An ensign of the Magic Clan bears witness under Tharon.

  38. But a Siwanois of the Magic Clan makes nothing of darkness.

  39. Boyd, with a triumphant glance at me, said eagerly: "Is not this hour the hour for the great Siwanois clan of the Lenni-Lenape to bid defiance to the Iroquois?

  40. No Delaware wore it unless belonging to the Wolf Clan of the Lenni-Lenape, or unless he was a Siwanois Mohican and a Sagamore.

  41. Every nation of the Confederacy possessed a clan that wore the bear.

  42. The Mohican, as was customary among all Indians when painted for war, had also repainted his clan ensign, although it was tatooed on his breast; and the great Ghost Bear rearing on its hind quarters was now brilliantly outlined in scarlet.

  43. I never heard of the Hawk Clan at Guy Park," said I.

  44. O Sagamore of a warrior clan that makes a history of brave deeds done, can you read in the records of your most ancient wampum a braver history than this?

  45. They spread their principles, and soon the clan combined against their chief, and formed a plan of seizing Ballinahinch Castle, and driving him and all the Protestant gentry out of the country.

  46. If any Hebrew clan did stay there, its name is unknown, and the Egyptologists would not recognise it, even if they understood more of Hebraic antiquity.

  47. This, too, was in the first instance the name of a clan and of the eponymous hero from whom it claimed descent.

  48. The name of this divinity was probably in old times the name of the clan that worshipped him.

  49. The ethnological origin of Lot, on the contrary, can be maintained with the more assurance since we meet with the adjective “Lotan,” derived from Lot as the name of an Edomite clan in Genesis xxxvi.

  50. At the time of the death of Saul, he was not only lord of Ziklag, but had become by marriage chief of a powerful clan settled in the neighbourhood of the southern Carmel, i.

  51. We do know, however, that Naamah is a clan name of southern Palestine and northern Arabia, and there being in 2 Kings xv.

  52. In this connection may be cited the fact that a single Kenite clan was nomadic in the north, and that Ephraim was, according to Judges v.

  53. Israelites by a Jerahmeelite king called Cushan (properly a race name), which was closed by the intervention of a friendly clan of Kenizzite origin called Othniel (Ethan?

  54. If the clan which bore the name of Israel was Arab by origin, it must have been merged in a Hebrew majority.

  55. Its geographical position and natural strength, and the circumstance that it was unconnected with any Israelite clan or tribe, made it admirably suited for the capital of an extensive Palestinian kingdom.

  56. A dour, sour, up-setting clan of no parentage.

  57. At Skipton they had given an importance to the Metcalf clan that he had not understood till now.

  58. It was then, for the first time, that Lady Ingilby, running from her chamber with a loose wrap thrown about her disarray, understood the full meaning of clan discipline.

  59. The Metcalfs, a clan lessened since they joined in evensong an hour ago, would not admit it.

  60. They were a clan of the old, tough Border sort, welded together by a loyalty inbred through many generations; and the law that each man's horse must be of the true Metcalf white was not of yesterday.

  61. The clan was one man or six-score, just as need asked, and the Squire was quick to realise the service they could render.

  62. There was an arresting humour about the man, a streak of the mother-wit that made the Metcalf clan at home in camp or city.

  63. One of your clan always comes when I'm most in need of you.

  64. I wish your clan would hurry to the muster, sir, if they're all as firm as you are for the King.

  65. I begin to see how strong you are, you clan of Metcalfs.

  66. The Squire of Nappa was thinking of his wife, and youngsters of the Metcalf clan were thinking of maids who had lately glamoured them in country lanes.

  67. Two of the clan were here, and one of them had told a soldier's tale in a soldier's way, not boasting of the thirty men of Fairfax's they had left for dead at Otley Bridge.

  68. Her mother, under the advice of the chief of the clan Brentwood, has been making a lot of bad investments for herself and her two daughters: in other words, she has been making ducks and drakes of the Brentwood fortune.

  69. Its suzerains are the president and board of directors; its clan chiefs are the men who have built it and fought for its footing in the sharply contested field of competition.

  70. The clan of Angiras are performing Yajna.

  71. Visvamitra adopted as his son Sunahsepha, son of Ajigarta of the clan of Bhrigu after he had been offered up to the Devas and the Rishi asked his sons to accept him as their eldest brother.

  72. In the clan of Gadhi, he was known as Devarata.

  73. In the clan of Bhrigu, he was called Sunahsepha.

  74. When the Rishi left Kansa, he took all the members of the Yadu clan for Devas and every child of Devaki for Vishnu that was to kill him.

  75. Go, take your births, as parts of yourselves, in the clan of the Yadus.

  76. His clan was at the time very much subdivided, and he felt himself quite unable to cope with Glengarry in arms.

  77. True children of the mist were they, strong, fearless, living principally on plunder, at feud with the adjacent Campbells to which clan Breadalbane belonged, and often had the blood of the race of Dermid smoked on their swords.

  78. This sum was committed to John, Earl of Breadalbane, the head of a powerful branch of the great Clan Campbell.

  79. The Macnamaras and the Casheldergs were the deadliest of enemies, and hardly a day passed for years--maybe centuries--without some one of the clan getting the better of the other.

  80. With half-a-dozen of the clan he lay in wait for the young Prince in the cave, and they stabbed him in twelve places with their daggers.

  81. He tells a Roman Catholic of the Macdonnel clan to read his Bible and 'trust in Christ, not in the Virgin Mary and graven images.

  82. Near the top of the valley in sight of the Craig of Badenoch on the left hand side of the way, I saw an immense cairn, probably the memorial of some bloody clan battle.

  83. I ought, perhaps, to have had him up before a magistrate provided I could have found one, but I was in a wild place and he had a clan about him, and if I had had him up I have no doubt I should have been outsworn.

  84. With all due form, without hurry or jostling, the whole tribe camped in a wide ellipse, each clan in its place, each family having a fixed position in the circle.

  85. They, too, were painted to signify their clan and their ancestry, and the "medicine" they affected was on their breasts.

  86. The Jardines were a clan of hardy West-Border men.

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