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  1. The brain is not so much the President of our Cell Republic as a great central telephone exchange, where messages from all over the body are received, sifted, and transmitted in more or less modified form, to other parts of the body.

  2. It has been manufactured and laid down by little cells inside their own bodies, which make up the grains; so that each particular grain of starch is surrounded by a delicate husk--the wall of the cell that made it.

  3. On the ventral side, where the oesophageal wall is in contact with that of the trachea the epithelium is somewhat thickened by an increase in the number of cell layers.

  4. He was like a captive whose cell has been opened in mistake, and who is too gentle to rave when he sees it shut again.

  5. He might have been sealed up in a cell with his enemy who, incredibly cruel, withheld from him his breath; and Edwin outside the cell trying foolishly to get in.

  6. And every cell of his body was vitiated, poisoned, inefficient, profoundly demoralised.

  7. Then already the moral and the spiritual were somehow present when the first living cell began its wonderful course.

  8. In the physical evolution, the first protoplasmic cell was not man, though it pointed forward to man, and implied man.

  9. The lock here was not so easy as the cell door, and took me more time.

  10. I must have gone to sleep, after all, for the sun was shining into the cell when I stirred, and I could see the chains on my ankles that I had worn all these weary weeks.

  11. When the door of the cell opened who should walk in but Aileen!

  12. A French convict, who liked that sort of thing, gave me the means of undoing the cell door.

  13. The getting out of the cell was easy enough, but there was a lot of danger after you had got out.

  14. Blest if I didn't think I was in the thundering old cell again,' I said.

  15. I did just as I was told by the Frenchman, and I opened the cell door as easy as a wooden latch.

  16. Well, first of all, we had to get the cell door open.

  17. I was glad I didn't get it while I was eating my heart out under the stifling low roof of the cell at Nomah, or when I was bearing my load at Berrima.

  18. The keys were hanging up inside, so we pushed him into the farthest cell and locked both doors.

  19. I think the man that knocked his head against the wall of his cell the day he was sentenced and beat his brains out in this very gaol had the best of it.

  20. The bee only gives the hexagonal form to its cell after many attempts and alterations.

  21. The primordial cell being capable of reproducing itself not only once, but many times over, each of the creatures which it produces must be similarly gifted; hence the geometrical ratio of increase and the existing divergence of type.

  22. Every single epithelial and muscular fibre-cell leads a sort of parasitical existence in relation to the rest of the body.

  23. If the primordial cell had been only capable of reproducing itself once, there would have followed a single line of descendants, the chain of which might at any moment have been broken by casualty.

  24. To look at the matter for a moment in another light, it will be admitted that if the primordial cell had been killed before leaving issue, all its possible descendants would have been killed at one and the same time.

  25. Shut up in his cell of impeccable righteousness, he believed he had dealt justly with her and no more.

  26. And after dinner, while she washed the dishes, Raven sat in the kitchen and smoked a pipe with Jerry and thought intermittently, in the inmost cell of his most secret mind, about the blessed beauties of things.

  27. At last the hunter returned, and went forthwith to the hermit's cell to inquire about the cause of his strange behaviour.

  28. Phra accepted the proffered invitation, and fixed his residence in the midst of a grove little distant from the cell of Kathaba.

  29. They have let me take him into my cell to rest, but I dare not be absent more than a moment, for fear they suspect something.

  30. You can leave your daughter in your cell till you have done attending the Count, if you like.

  31. Est-il possible's and rushing away without more loss of time, he flew to Pauline, whose stay in his cell had been undisturbed by any thing but her own anxious fears.

  32. It is cell adding cells that is transforming the world around us.

  33. But there is one thing within the cell which I cannot show you, and which has never been seen, and yet it accounts for everything, and is the architect of all--life.

  34. When we reach the cell we are at the threshold of this mysterious presence.

  35. And yet the basis of nearly all we see is a microscopic cell endowed with essential powers.

  36. They feared us as we faced them undeterred, And gave us each a coffin of a cell In this steel cave where living corpses dwell-- Hate-throttled here that we might not be heard.

  37. And now you bless the felon food we eat And make each iron cell a sacred shrine; For when your love thrills in the blood like wine, The very stones grow holy to our feet.

  38. Here in my cell I must sit alone, Clothed in grey.

  39. NIGHT IN THE CELL HOUSE Tier over tier they rise to dizzy height-- The cells of men who know the world no more.

  40. You have but made the convict half divine, Crowned Truth with martyrdom, yourselves with shame; Not he, but you are branded deep with guilt; His cell is holier than your highest shrine.

  41. If a self-contained outfit is desired, make the case two-storied: the upper division for the clock, the lower for the cell or cells.

  42. If a single cell fails to work the buzzer strongly through the circuit, another cell must be added.

  43. A hinged fretwork front to the clock chamber, with an opening the size of the face; a door at the back of the cell chamber; and a general neat finish, staining and polishing, are refinements that some readers may like to undertake.

  44. One cell at each end will suffice for short distances, or for considerable distances if large conductors are used.

  45. Contractile or myo-epithelial cells, with the cell prolonged at the base into a contractile muscle-fibre (fig.

  46. The spore cell gives rise to a "spore-larva," which is set free in the coelenteron and grows into a medusa.

  47. In the middle ectoderm cell are seen a nucleus and three nematocysts, with trigger hairs projecting beyond the cuticle.

  48. The cnidoblasts are the mother-cells of the nematocysts, each cell producing one nematocyst in its interior.

  49. The spore-cell multiplies by division, while the enveloping cell is nutrient and protective.

  50. The uppermost is a purely muscular cell from the sub-umbrella; the two lower are epidermo-muscular cells from the base of a tentacle; the upstanding nucleated portion forms part of the epidermal mosaic on the free surface of the body.

  51. Every cell in the mucous lining of the intestine is exactly regulated in its relation to the different nutritive substances, and behaves in quite a different way towards the fats, and towards nitrogenous substances, or peptones.

  52. The determinants differ among themselves, those of a muscle are differently constituted from those of a nerve-cell or a glandular cell, etc.

  53. Important as they must surely be, I have never been persuaded that the rest of the cell counts for nothing.

  54. In the symmetry of the dividing cell the basis of that resemblance we call Heredity is contained.

  55. Only a few feet, and two thin partitions, separated them; and in her cell she must have heard their impassioned voices during that dramatic banquet, the last night of their lives.

  56. The end did not come so swiftly for the queen, who, after being removed from the Temple, spent seventy-two days and nights in the dark cell in that abode of horrors, the Conciergerie.

  57. Hence, in the year 1136, we find a new Lanthony abbey built and consecrated near Gloucester, which, although at first only a cell to our abbey, soon assumed a priority over the parent foundation.

  58. With very few exceptions a calcareous skeleton is present in all Alcyonaria; it usually consists of spicules of carbonate of lime, each spicule being formed within an ectodermic cell (fig.

  59. Hal led the way from the cell and along a long corridor.

  60. However, I shall see that the door to your cell is left open tonight.

  61. Thence, on a broad bastion, outside the cell where S.

  62. The Abbot noted all these things, he saw the women of Perugia running out to meet her, he saw them throw flowers in her path, and then he returned to his cell to brood upon his horrid plans of vengeance.

  63. I am the Princess Bertha, and have been commanded by the fairies in a dream to call at thy cell with my betrothed that we may be joined together in holy matrimony.

  64. Feeling a stone at her foot, she touched it with her wand, and it became a candle, so brilliant as to light up the whole cell perfectly; but what should she do for a fire?

  65. I write with so much difficulty, the cold is so severe, I am so fearful of being detected and consigned to an underground cell and total darkness, that I must abridge this narrative.

  66. At first he was comparatively calm, but as the night advanced became restless, and by and by began to pace his cell again like a caged lion.

  67. I try it with these details, and I see them all, in this my cell in the Bastille, near the close of the tenth year of my captivity, as I saw them all that night.

  68. With infinite sweetness did the thought flow around his heart, that his beloved was indeed to live through some blooming days in the dreamy cell of his first fresh life.

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