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  1. At present I am unable to make investigations because I cannot find any plan of the abbey, the cloister court, and adjacent buildings.

  2. The cloister looked poor to have such rich notes in each corner, but one glance without the arches into the rich and teeming court, and we were reconciled to their placing.

  3. Based on another style of architecture the finials of the cloister of the Court of Ages serve a correspondingly related purpose, and the crouching figures on columns in this court are excellent examples of decorative crestings.

  4. The Flower Girl" appears in outer niches of the attic cloister of the court bearing her name, the Court of Flowers.

  5. From about the middle of the cloister under the arches one turns to the right or left and is greeted with a pleasant surprise of color.

  6. The visions of the cloister must depart with its superstitious peace--the quick, apprehensive symbolism of early Faith must yield to the abstract teaching of disciplined Reason.

  7. You know the trials the abbey of Vezelay has experienced: it is our intention to shelter the cloister of Saint Julien from these insults; and there is no surer means of protecting your abbey than putting the castle in a state of defence.

  8. Fire, kindled by the defenders or the Burgundians, soon reached the cloister and the roof of the church.

  9. At the entry of the cloister of St. Vanne at Verdun, is hung a picture in which the emperor Saint Henry is represented laying down his sceptre and crown, and asking the monastic habit of the holy abbot Richard.

  10. And as a pathway parts the ice towers of Grindelwald, aspiring to the sky, from its little sunny braes, so here is but a page between "the Cloister and the Hearth.

  11. But now the excitements of that wonderful day were over; the hour of the evening meal had come; the inmates of the cloister were assembled in the refectory.

  12. The cloister was the common living-room of the monks, where they read and studied, and carried out most of their daily duties.

  13. The carrell was placed so that it was closed at one end by one of the cloister windows and remained open at the other.

  14. Sick people were carried to spots near the cloister church at Wimmelberg, where they could best hear the sound of the cloister bells, which were believed to have a healing virtue.

  15. Just as the band of monks had stood silent round his first picture in the cloister of the Carmine, so these dark Moors stood still in wonder and amazement gazing upon the bold black figure sketched upon the smooth white wall.

  16. Meanwhile there was plenty of work for the young artist, and when he set up his own studio with another young painter, he was at once invited to fresco the walls of the cloister of the Scalzo, or bare-footed friars.

  17. Go into the cloister where the walls have been but newly whitewashed, and let us see what kind of pictures thou canst paint.

  18. One by one the heavenly pictures were painted upon the walls of the cells and cloister of the new home.

  19. Early in 1629 his brother Diego was stabbed by an actor who took sanctuary in the convent of the Trinitarian nuns; Calderón and his friends broke into the cloister and attempted to seize the offender.

  20. Its cruciform design is almost hidden by the fifteen chapels added at all angles to the aisles and transepts, by the beautiful 14th-century cloister on the north-west and the archiepiscopal palace on the south-west.

  21. It occupies two of the galleries of the cloister of the ancient convent of Saint-Mary.

  22. For an abbess the cloister rule was relaxed.

  23. The life of the cloister must be one of a sweet and infinite calm.

  24. Night had fallen before the great wooden clappers, used to arouse the monks to go to prayers at two o'clock in the morning, resounded through the cloister as a reminder that I, a stranger, must take my departure.

  25. The "bonnie, westlin weaver lad" is said to have been one of the rivals of the poet in the affection of a west landlady.

  26. In the last place, I come to proffer my warmest wishes to the great fountain of honour, the Monarch of the universe, for your welfare and happiness.

  27. There are also the remains of a fine cloister, and in the cloister garth is the eighteenth century rotunda, built over the old well of St. Jean.

  28. This beautiful cloister is one of the most satisfying things in all ecclesiastical Provence, and would make a visit to Arles memorable if there were nothing else there to see.

  29. And the boy, with his talents, his beauty, and his goodness, was gone; and nothing of him remained but what was mouldering under the cloister gravestone.

  30. The grave was made close to the cloister entrance to the cathedral, in the spot where had stood Mr. St. John and Georgina Beauclerc; where had once stood Georgina and Henry Arkell, the day that wretched Lewis had wished him buried there.

  31. I timed myself one day, and ran from this to the cloister entrance in two minutes and a half.

  32. The soilure, now upon you, being washed off, you shall take the eternal vows and shall bury in the shadow of the cloister the criminal life you have led in the past.

  33. We were passing by the cloister of St. Germain-L'Auxerois, where several houses were in the course of construction, when we caught sight of Coligny returning on foot and followed by two of his serving men.

  34. A procession that issued from the interior of the Dominican cloister entered the church and marched around the aisles.

  35. We crossed the cloister and several long passages.

  36. He pointed out the cloister where the studies took place in all weathers, showed them the hall, the chapel, and the chambers, and expatiated on the chances of attaining to New College.

  37. He had been one of those who had lifted the broken-hearted Wolsey from his mule in the cloister of Leicester Abbey, he had carried him to his bed, watched over him, and supported him, as the Abbot of Leicester gave him the last Sacraments.

  38. It was a good offer, and one that Ambrose would fain have accepted, but Stephen had no mind for the cloister or for learning.

  39. Wherewith Stephen and Ambrose found themselves walked out of the cloister of St. Grimbald, and the gates shut behind them.

  40. Luther was ordained a priest, and was called from the cloister to a professorship in the University of Wittenberg.

  41. By the influence of the friars many were induced to enter a cloister and devote themselves to a monastic life, and this not only without the consent of their parents, but even without their knowledge, and contrary to their commands.

  42. True, Raymond had seen him a year before, but he had not then been in battle; he had not had much to tell save of the cloister life he had been sharing; and of Gaston's fortunes he had himself known nothing.

  43. Is it only those who yield themselves up to the life of the cloister who may choose aright and see with open eyes?

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