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  1. Father Francesco, wrenching himself away, with such a haggard and insane vehemence as quite to discompose the churchman; and drawing his cowl over his face, he glided swiftly down a side-aisle and out the door.

  2. Agnes tripped round the aisle to a little side-chapel where a light was always kept burning by her before a picture of Saint Agnes, and, kneeling there, waited till her grandmother should be through with her confession.

  3. This pure, blushing, aspiring, orphan girl went up the aisle of her church and stopped opposite her accustomed seat, expecting the occupants to make room for her.

  4. The seats were arranged in semicircles, with a railing to separate them from a narrow lobby or open space next the wall; a broad aisle ran from the main door to the desk of the presiding officer.

  5. He died unmarried, the last direct heir male of the family, and was buried in the St. Clement's aisle of the old Church of Dingwall.

  6. He was buried in the family aisle at Beauly.

  7. Aubrey was down the aisle in a flash, followed by Roger, who had delayed just long enough to close the door.

  8. And he started down the aisle for the door.

  9. Passing down a narrow aisle between the alcoves the visitor noticed that some of the compartments were wholly in darkness; in others where lamps were glowing he could see a table and chairs.

  10. Once more the boat entered a placid aisle over which the magnificent gray-wreathed cypresses bowed, and the west wind waved long ribbons of moss, and wild fowl winged reluctant flight.

  11. They shoved off, and Ken sent one regretful glance up the river, at the shady aisle between the green banks, at the white rapids, and the great colored dome of the mountain.

  12. He moved down the aisle and took a seat opposite Loyce.

  13. A few seats down the aisle a man was watching him.

  14. Then the bunch across the aisle got the flag.

  15. The floor of the building is furnished with a centre aisle of 6 feet wide, and two other aisles, each 11 feet wide, along the side walls, for processional purposes.

  16. They are from 30 to 50 feet long, having an aisle right through the middle from end to end, and on each side of that aisle rows of seats, each of sufficient length to accommodate two persons.

  17. We were left either to stand in the aisle or to take a seat as we pleased.

  18. I heard you describe the spot--three chains in a line east of the east window in the south aisle of the church.

  19. There were only two lines with which I was concerned, and they ran in this order: "The S aisle of St. Helen's Church.

  20. The south aisle of the church pointed towards the house, and through the tracery of a rude window I could see the sky.

  21. Three chains east of the east window in south aisle of St. Helen's Church.

  22. Three chains east by the compass of the east window in the south aisle of the church.

  23. Three chains east by the compass of the eastern window in the south aisle of St. Helen's Church, and four feet deep!

  24. He handed it to me again, and it ran now:-- "The S aisle of S.

  25. Between the north aisle and lower chancel is a large monument raised in the form of an arch open at both sides, about 10 ft.

  26. A semicircle of dark blue stones set in the floor of the north aisle in the Cathedral of Chester marks the apse of an aisle of Earl Hugh's church.

  27. In the north aisle of the choir you may see the point where we pass from the massive Norman masonry to the lighter and more graceful Early English.

  28. The ribbon girls had accompanied the procession at the proper intervals holding the aisle ribbon, and the last two brought up the rear, winding up the ribbon as they came.

  29. Four little girls, dressed in white with yellow sashes and hair fillets, carried a daisy chain to form an aisle for the bride and her attendants, and the ceremony took place under a big bell of field daisies.

  30. There were about a dozen of them in light summer dresses, and the first couple, holding the ends of long white ribbons, preceded the bridal groups, roping off an aisle across the lawn and among the spectators.

  31. Late at night, as I sat half asleep leaning on Sam's glazed satchel, a man entered our car, picked up the satchel, and set it in the aisle and took the seat beside me.

  32. At that moment the man across the aisle twitched his coat sleeve.

  33. The porter, with a deference betokening an unusually large advance tip, ushered him to a seat across the aisle from Clyde's.

  34. He recalled her as she had sat across the aisle in the Pullman, her absolute frigidity to the advances of the would-be Lothario, her haughty stare when she had suspected him of like intent, her perfect composure during the holdup.

  35. The man of the seat across the aisle was not forthcoming.

  36. Paying no attention to her indignant refusal, he walked down the aisle to the smoking compartment.

  37. That night the temple's child knelt down to pray In the shadows of the aisle -- She prayed for you and me.

  38. On the east wall of the north aisle are three monuments which attract attention.

  39. On the south aisle hangs a plain, unpretentious little slab of marble to the memory of Thomas Worlidge, artist and engraver, who died 1766.

  40. In the southern aisle is the organ, with handsomely carved oak case.

  41. At the west end of the north aisle is the ancient font mentioned by Faulkner as standing in the east end of the south aisle.

  42. He forced the muff over her upraised right hand, so that it somewhat concealed her face, and through an aisle respectfully cleared by the onlookers he led her to the open air.

  43. The north transept doorway opens into a groined aisle which occupies the space between the transept and the cloister.

  44. The outer wall of the aisle was occupied alternately by small square chapels opposite the triangular vaulting compartments, and circular chapels opposite the others.

  45. The door of the south aisle is similar in style, but simpler and without sculpture.

  46. The intermediate aisle has in its outer wall a triforium, formed by an arcade of cusped arches; and above this, quite close to the point of the vault, a rose window in each bay.

  47. I should have observed that the passage round the town walls is connected with that round the aisle walls, and that the two levels of battlements in the latter are connected by occasional flights of stone steps.

  48. Those of the intermediate aisle are all destroyed, but many of those in the outer aisle still remain.

  49. The plan of the chevet is very good; it presents the French arrangement of an aisle and chapels round the apse in place of the common Spanish triapsidal plan; but the detail is all completely Catalan.

  50. The aisle is returned across the west end of the nave; and there is a western door and porch, with a descent of some eleven or twelve steps into the church.

  51. He glanced boldly down the aisle to assure himself that his mind was now free from phantoms.

  52. Just then Hinpoha caught Sahwah's eye and motioned her to come back to her seat, and Sahwah went tripping down the aisle to join her friends.

  53. For the illusion of a moment ago was not an illusion at all; she was a flesh and blood girl; she had left her shadowy foothold in the far end of the car and was coming down the aisle toward him.

  54. At the church door we parted and sat with our teachers, but for the first time as I went down the aisle I was not thinking of my linen dress, my patent leather slippers, and my pretty curls.

  55. I have seen her ask from fifteen to twenty in one trip down the aisle on Sunday morning.

  56. Again Leon's eyes crossed the aisle and he looked directly at the man whom everybody in the community called "Stiff-necked Johnny.

  57. But on Sunday morning we forgot all that, when we walked down the aisle with shining curls hanging below our waists.

  58. When she reached Betsy Alton she held her hand and led her down the aisle straight toward Rachel Brown.

  59. The crowd in the aisle saw him now and stared.

  60. The two seats in the front row across the aisle were vacant until just before the musicians climbed from the mysterious region beneath the stage into the orchestra pit down front and the asbestos curtain slid upward and out of sight.

  61. They went out into the audience, and up an aisle to seats in the rear of the hall--Betty first, then Sue and Peter, then Hy.

  62. The playwright stood before his aisle seat, staring with wild eyes up at the half-draped plaster ladies on the proscenium arch.

  63. Then a rather casually dressed young couple came down the aisle and took them.

  64. Coming up the aisle in the other direction now between the bowing crowds was old Koshar.

  65. He glanced up again, but now her emerald train was sweeping down the aisle the people had left open.

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