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Example sentences for "aperture"

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aperta; aperte; apertly; aperto; apertum; apertures; apes; apetalous; apex; apexes
  1. Aperture (in a vessel for receiving or discharging any thing).

  2. The second class are lenses of equal diameter and aperture with those just described; but with about double their focal length, and therefore less rapid, but with more field and wider illumination; of this class are the A series.

  3. When the shutter is in a locked position ready for an exposure, the right-hand leaf of fly covers the aperture of lens.

  4. The first are lenses of large diameter and aperture compared with their short focal length.

  5. As it admits of the use of a larger aperture it is well adapted for interiors, where there is space for its use, and for almost every purpose of out-door photography, requiring short exposure and no greater angle.

  6. Music is made on such an instrument by holding it so that that part of the gourd where the aperture is, is pressed against the naked breast, and then twanging on the string with a small stick.

  7. This bag was simply the skin of a kid, the head of which had been cut off, and the body drawn out through the aperture at the neck thus made.

  8. This garment appears to have been round or oval in shape, with an aperture at one side, so that when it was put on it hung much further down the back than in front.

  9. Sometimes it was worn in the old way, being put on by passing the head through an aperture made for that purpose; but more often it was worn opening down the front and fastened at the throat by an embroidered collar clasped by a brooch.

  10. Infuriate warriors in appalling silence beleaguered the narrow aperture of each matted wigwam.

  11. Beside this trigger there was a small square aperture through the wood.

  12. It was thus possible to feed them through an aperture in the top, but any tampering with their wings was quite out of the question.

  13. They were essentially like Eskimo kayaks, full-decked, save for an aperture in the middle for a man to sit in.

  14. As soon as all were in their places in the tent, the aperture was closed, and preparations made for passing the night.

  15. This aperture was encircled by a wooden ring, after the Eskimo fashion, over which the lower part of the seal-skin jacket could be adjusted so that the junction between boat and jacket was water-tight.

  16. Besides this aperture in the middle, there were small trap-doors fore and aft in the deck, for the convenience of stowing provisions.

  17. A small aperture is left open at the bottom, through which those seeking shelter may just squeeze their bodies, and this being barricaded inside, the defence is complete.

  18. Through the aperture now rises a strong pungent smoke.

  19. Ere many hours, however, a breach had been made in the walls, but Bourbon hesitated to order an immediate assault, deeming the aperture not wide enough.

  20. In women it forms the lower portion of the birth-canal, enclosing the aperture through which the child enters the world.

  21. Into this little aperture the opium, in a semi-liquid state, after being well melted in a lamp flame, is thrust by means of a fine wire or needle.

  22. Until recently, there was a promiscuous living together of large families in the numerous apartments of a single house, to which access could be only obtained through a small aperture in the roof.

  23. Through this gate a second court was reached, separated again from a third court by a new opening; lastly, the wall at the bottom of this third court had again an aperture which gave access to the town.

  24. He stuffed it into his pocket; and, almost more eagerly than before, reached into the aperture again, and took out the handbag.

  25. At all events, the square-headed aperture in Smith's view agrees so well with that in the view at p.

  26. He found that he received from his window, or rather aperture covered with glass, for it was no more than an inch and a half in diameter, sufficient light to enable him to count the minutes on his watch.

  27. The apparatus for lighting the building enters the room through a circular aperture in the ceiling, and hence the most extreme cleanliness becomes necessary, which could alone be obtained by the aid of perfectly polished surfaces.

  28. It consists of some ruined walls, so massive that, judging from the aperture of the loopholes, they must be at least eleven feet thick.

  29. He looked through one of the great chinks, for it was much smaller in places than the aperture it pretended to close, and saw his little oil wick burning just where he had left it.

  30. He came down from the pulpit and stepped through an aperture in the south wall onto the grass, and went up to the sexton.

  31. There was no light in their rude sleeping-place, except the dim one that came through the aperture from the other room.

  32. The aperture is frequently colored pink, purple or yellowish.

  33. The aperture is as long as the shell and the outer lip is thin and sharp.

  34. Old Pappy Tantrum knew that just as soon as they were able to affect an aperture they would pour in and the fight would be over.

  35. He caught at the edge of the aperture and swung back and forth, for a moment, shifting his hold; finally doubled up and disappeared into the darkness above.

  36. It was at this point that he noticed that a green baize door near him was open about two inches, and that through the aperture a pair of eyes were watching him intently.

  37. Then other slabs were laid a-top them, and then on one another, each slab overlapping by eight or ten inches the one below, until a last great stone closed the central aperture and the roof was done.

  38. Amateur photographers in Ireland will do well to remember that they must use an aperture twice as large or an exposure twice as long as is necessary anywhere else.

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