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Example sentences for "embroidered"

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embrasured; embrasures; embrocation; embrodered; embroider; embroiderer; embroiderers; embroideress; embroideries; embroidering
  1. There was a beautifully embroidered shirt-bosom in front of that window through which we have just looked, that intercepted all sight of what was going on within.

  2. The gold-embroidered cloths--Delhi is famous for them--made me think of those embroidered in stone which we had just seen in the Dewani Khas.

  3. A large fauteuil, covered with heavy crimson silk embroidered with raised laurel-leaves, was standing near.

  4. Within the larger chapel was a seat of honor covered with bright red velvet, and thereon a cushion of the same, embroidered with gold; and on the cushion a coffer, adorned with red velvet and gold, and locked.

  5. At the door of the said church stood a large gelding, well housed with a cloth of embroidered red velvet.

  6. Did you say that the gown was to be embroidered with pearls and silver, father, or with pearls and gold?

  7. His white hands were splendid with jewelled rings, and he wore at his belt a large wallet-purse embroidered in Constantinople before the coming of the Turks and adorned with three enamelled images of saints.

  8. There she sat, in a sort of state, a circlet of gold set upon her loosened hair, her dress all of embroidered white silk, her shoulders covered with a wide mantle of green and gold brocade that fell in heavy folds to the floor.

  9. As long as it will take to make a wedding gown embroidered with gold and pearls.

  10. She wore an embroidered gown of olive green, a little open at her dazzling throat, and a silk mantle of a darker tone hung from her shoulders, to protect her from the sun rather than from the air.

  11. Aristarchi leaned back in his seat, chewing pistachio nuts, which he carried in an embroidered leathern bag at his belt.

  12. The Greek put on the rich dress of a merchant captain of his own people, the black coat, thickly embroidered with gold, the breeches of dark blue cloth, the almost transparent linen shirt, open at the throat.

  13. Do you think the master has ordered a wedding gown embroidered with gold and pearls for himself?

  14. Is it true that you have ordered the gown to be embroidered with pearls?

  15. Going back he opened the embroidered wallet he wore at his belt and swept the heap of heavy yellow coins into it.

  16. After that the pieces that were to be embroidered would be very carefully weighed, the silk and the satin, and the weights of the pieces would be written down.

  17. The sleeveless jerkin was of the same dark color, trellised with roses embroidered in silk, and loose from breast to broad lace collar so that the waistcoat of dull gold silk beneath it might show.

  18. On the wall above the wainscot the faded hangings wavered in the draught, crusted thickly with strange embroidered flowers.

  19. She had on the wine-colored street-dress bordered with black fox; over its white satin waistcoat embroidered with gold hung in a splendid loop her pink corals.

  20. The prefect, in his embroidered dress, awaited them on the threshold of his reception-room.

  21. The walls were hung from end to end with bright-colored satin, wonderfully embroidered with birds, flowers, dragons and strange Chinese characters.

  22. I reached out softly with my right hand--I had not been bound--and touched a wall, hung with heavy embroidered satin.

  23. When she appeared in the hallway at the time of the murder she wore a long embroidered Chinese dressing gown.

  24. There are white silk cushions, embroidered with the initials V.

  25. Upwards of thirty additional servants were engaged, all of whom were dressed in our state livery, white, with silver epaulettes, and the Norcott crest embroidered on the arm.

  26. The cardinals walked in procession, two and two, and one bore the host, while eight bearers held over him a rich canopy of silver tissue embroidered with gold.

  27. He drew down to his shoulder the face so full of sweet disturbance, he folded her close, close to the wide breast beneath the white-embroidered wings.

  28. Here a row of family portraits, in plush and gold frames, all looking stiff and uninteresting--on inspecting them at close quarters, they were seen to be not painted but embroidered in colored silks.

  29. The lady wore a Spanish costume with a mantilla, the gentleman a gorgeously embroidered general's uniform, with a quantity of stars and orders, and the ribbon of the Grand Cross.

  30. Complicated lace-work, or embroidered pictures, filled him with amazement, even if applique had no effect on him.

  31. In front of Prince Chram and Bishop Cautin the count had ordered to be spread in the shape of a table cloth a bit of purple cloth embroidered in gold and silver and similar to that which covered their seats.

  32. About a score of young wretchedly clad female slaves sat around Godegisele upon the leaves that the floor was strewn with, while the count's wife occupied an armed stool over which a silver embroidered carpet was thrown.

  33. He wore a long blood-colored dalmatica embroidered in gold; over the costly vestment he had a hooded fur jacket, with the hood half drawn over his forehead.

  34. In order to do further honor to the King's son the count had donned over his greasy skin jacket and his leather hose an antique dalmatica of silver cloth with gold bees embroidered upon it, a present made to his father by King Clovis.

  35. Above all cut to pieces that she-devil wife of mine, that brazen woman with the orange dress with the blue sash and silver embroidered stockings.

  36. Behold yonder the woman who was my wife, with her orange skirt and gold embroidered red stockings--behold her on the arm of that bandit with the black hair.

  37. Above the bedroom door is a low divan with richly embroidered cushions.

  38. You have been preparing the picador costume," observed Donna Maria, glancing down at the embroidered jacket and scarlet scarf which lay beside her, faintly visible in the starlight.

  39. The work was that of decorating some garment of the gayest description,--of bright green richly embroidered with silver, into which Inez was fastening spangles of the same brilliant metal.

  40. His embroidered vestments were to him as the san-benito worn by the doomed; the horrible ordeal from which nature shrank was before him, and he had no enthusiasm of zeal, no joy of hope, to bear him through it.

  41. The coverlet over the bed was delicately white, and had been embroidered with small bunches of flowers in coloured silks by Inez.

  42. For a second dollar I obtained his embroidered belt, and was now quite set up again.

  43. The corners had been draped with cloths of gold and cloths embroidered with pearls, some of which were now falling to pieces of their own weight.

  44. When spoken to by him, the proudest of his officials dropped their eyes to his embroidered slippers; when required to speak to him, they fell to their knees, and kept the posture till he was pleased to bid them rise.

  45. The tales I told were of a kind to be spared a Greek, even one who may not cover his instep with the embroidered buskin of an Emperor.

  46. He was puzzled at the frightened way she was staring at his coat-collar; he could hardly have guessed that to wet eyes the embroidered letters had at first seemed to be liar.

  47. She had embroidered a white "Welcome" upon a blue ground, with an anchor in red upon each side, and a border of laurel leaves; and this was to hang upon the two lilac bushes which flanked the cottage door.

  48. The housekeeper, stiff with embroidered silk, swam majestically into the lounge, bowed with a certain frigid and deferential surprise to the early guest, and proceeded to an inquiry into dust.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "embroidered" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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