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Example sentences for "bunches"

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bumpy; bums; bunch; bunched; buncher; bunching; bunchy; buncoed; bund; bunda
  1. In many houses there are, above these, small windows of coloured glass, representing bunches of flowers, &c.

  2. There were loaves of stale bread, bunches of onions and strings of sausages behind the small window-panes.

  3. He approached her silently, his hatchet stuck in his iron belt, a thick cudgel in his hand; there were leaves and bits of twig in his tangled hair, in his matted beard; bunches of rags he had wound round the links fluttered from his waist.

  4. Then these bunches were thrown away, and the fish was sprinkled with pepper at the moment of serving.

  5. The trees were all hung with rags, shirts, straw hats, bunches of fruit, and so forth.

  6. It was very amusing, during the first few weeks, to witness the glee and pride with which he would bring to me the bunches of fruit he had gathered from almost inaccessible trees.

  7. The rest of the men in the procession carried bows and arrows, bunches of javelins, clubs, and paddles.

  8. Bunches of sterile or seedless fruits sometimes occur in both districts.

  9. The cinctures of the arms and legs are also then ornamented with bunches of feathers.

  10. Another cultivated fruit is the Puruma (Puruma cecropiaefolia, Martius), a round juicy berry, growing in large bunches and resembling grapes in taste.

  11. Sweet blooming lavender, Six bunches for a penny to-day!

  12. My profit's small, for I put many In bunches sold at three a penny Mutton Pies!

  13. This stall is green and white with bunches of turnips--that red with apples, the next yellow with onions, and another purple with pickling cabbages.

  14. The dogs took the hint and ceased their nosing about the roots of trees for squirrels, and in beds of leaves and bunches of grass for hares.

  15. While speaking, they shook bunches of tea and moss roses, then handed them to Svirski, and began to run about and look at the studio.

  16. After breakfast we began an ascent through groves of oak and pine trees adorned with blossoming orchids and great bunches of green and orange-coloured mistletoe.

  17. But they stole sheep by night, nevertheless--rounded up great bunches of them, which they drove away to some convenient spot, and then hobbled them by breaking their hind legs.

  18. Chop three bunches of celery, and mix with one can of asparagus tips.

  19. He informs us, that, whenever they are to dance, a place is prepared for them, hung round with bunches of grapes and ribbons.

  20. And though she was back in an elder day, she glowed young as she talked, whether recalling official solemnities or a once-cherished gown of embroidered tulle, caught up with bunches of grapes.

  21. As the proprietor goes along he removes sundry bunches that are in perfection, and leaves them on the spot, so that they may be collected with the rest for to-morrow's market.

  22. Frequently the mushrooms grow in bunches or "rocks," as they are called, and in such cases those that compose the little mass are lifted all together.

  23. In an angle a china statuette of the Virgin is placed on a bracket, between two bunches of artificial flowers.

  24. Madge, Eleanor and Lillian gathered great bunches of the red and blue flowers.

  25. Her hair was parted in the middle and she wore little bunches of corkscrew curls over each ear, in the fashion of half a century ago.

  26. The two girls were out under the big grape arbor filling a basket with great bunches of red and purple grapes.

  27. The skirt was caught up with bunches of the little buds and green leaves, and I thought it the prettiest dress I ever saw.

  28. The material was a pale green silk with tiny bunches of flowers upon it.

  29. With bunches of fennel, and nosegays before 'em".

  30. They fix bunches of palm leaves to their heads, shoulders, and knees, and wear square bucklers, which they ornament with considerable taste.

  31. Before it had grown dark in the world, Kmita had ordered them to cut bunches of willows, dry reeds, and rushes, and tie them to the sides of the horses.

  32. In our large city markets bunches of sweet herbs are still sold; and within a year I have seen men passing my city home selling great bunches of Catnip and Mint, in the spring, and dried Sage, Marjoram, and other herbs in the autumn.

  33. In the garret of every old house, such as that of the Ward Homestead, shown on page 116, with the wreckage of house furniture, were hung bunches of herbs and simples, waiting for winter use.

  34. The author tells that "quite unlikely sorts of men used to pick bunches of the flowers, and we would come up the towpath with our spoils.

  35. I gathered tight bunches without foliage into a glowing mass of color unequalled in richness of tint by anything in nature.

  36. Light two bunches of tow dipped in sulphur.

  37. Order the provost to come here, four men to remain on the gun-deck near the forward signal light, and tell the cannoneer to prepare bunches of tow dipped in sulphur.

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