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Example sentences for "bunching"

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bums; bunch; bunched; buncher; bunches; bunchy; buncoed; bund; bunda; bundle
  1. Many persons who are engaged in other lines of work follow the practice of growing a small area of bunching onions as a side issue.

  2. The varieties known as multipliers and top onions are generally employed for this purpose; however, bunching onions are sometimes grown from ordinary sets, from inferior and damaged large onions, and from seed.

  3. Another phase of onion culture that is of considerable importance in certain localities is the production of young bunching onions for the early spring trade.

  4. For growing bunching onions the bulbs or sets are planted during the autumn either in beds or in rows 12 or 14 inches apart with the bulbs quite close in the rows.

  5. The fat boy's mount, itself half asleep, suddenly humped its back, and with bunching feet leaped clear of the ground.

  6. Changing the reins to his right hand and bunching them there, he grasped the pommel of the saddle, driving his own pony straight at the kicking, floundering Chunky.

  7. She looks like a big polar bear," said Alexia, in a whisper to Clare, to whom she had flown up again, and was now bunching rapidly.

  8. When competition is not strong careful bunching is not a matter of great importance, but in many markets it is essential that the bunches be put up in such a manner that they will not fall apart.

  9. Market gardeners usually sort their asparagus shoots at bunching time; always for size, and sometimes for color, especially when supplying a fancy trade.

  10. The bunching and topping may be done in the field, and the bunches afterward washed in a tub of water, by means of a scrubbing brush.

  11. It is in this way that shoots for bunching are obtained early in the spring.

  12. Then down the slopes he raced, and out across the levels, the great bunching muscles of his flanks and shoulders working tirelessly.

  13. The dog drew back from the edge of the stream and bunching himself, shot up and over the muddy water, nor did the jump break his stride as he leaped to overtake the rider, who had spurred out of his way.

  14. The bunching habit of big game during periods of extreme cold or deep snow probably confers many benefits.

  15. The lieutenant turned and gazed at the herd, which, from bunching through the gateway, had spread out fanwise.

  16. We don't want no bunching in corps and squads.

  17. Marcus Gard stiffened, and his jaw protruded with a peculiar bunching of the cheek muscles, characteristic of him in his moments of irritation.

  18. He amazed himself and them by abruptly rising from his seat, bunching the muscles of his jaw in evident antagonism and hurling at them his ultimatum in a voice of defiance.

  19. Her heart was out on the sloping hills, where the cattle were bunching and crowding with tossing heads and rattling horns, and it was in a voice very bitter and impatient that she cried: "Oh, I am sick of all this!

  20. Miss Burnside is discovered, sun-bonnet on head, rake in hand, pretending to accomplish the bunching up of one hay-cock before the sun goes down.

  21. The men were rising, one after another, and bunching together.

  22. There was much work, too, in teaching him to turn in the cow-pony fashion, dropping his head almost to the ground and bunching his feet altogether.

  23. Distribute unrelated modifiers, instead of bunching them: I found a heap of snow on my bed in the morning which had drifted in through the window.

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