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Example sentences for "bunched"

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bumps; bumptious; bumpy; bums; bunch; buncher; bunches; bunching; bunchy; buncoed
  1. Other dogs bunched around him, sniffed, and joined in.

  2. Bunched the way we are, all up and down seventeen stories, with every cubic foot accounted for, we don't cut much of a figure except on the checkbooks.

  3. Inside of four minutes him and Hermy and Snick was bunched around the libr'y table, chewin' over the terms of the contract, and next season you'll read the name of a new soloist in letters four foot high.

  4. A crowd of them bunched on the commissary porch.

  5. Army men bunched and tackled, but Dave struggled on.

  6. Yet, with two men squarely in the path of Darrin it seemed incredible that he could get by, for the Rustlers had bunched their interference skillfully at this point.

  7. You'd think so if you could see 'em bunched once; for Elisha P.

  8. And there we was, holdin' the pose; me with my right all bunched for action, and Swifty with his face to the mat.

  9. XXVI The Dipsomaniac In a day when bunched money, however arrogant it may be, has been taught to go sort of softly, the Hatch people were careful not to make any public announcement of the things they were doing or going to do.

  10. Sitting all bunched up in the grab-bucket and waiting for my chance to climb out and make a get-away, the common sense reaction came and saw what I had done.

  11. We organized, bunched our cattle, and stayed with 'em.

  12. But, on a sudden he stopped, stood a moment with his head thrust forward and down, and then turned cautiously around, his four feet bunched together on the narrow footing.

  13. It is at this time that damage may be done to the train; therefore, if the slack be kept bunched or stretched, as the case may be, the possibility of train damage will be greatly reduced.

  14. Generally speaking, the slack should be bunched before the brakes are applied, and this may best be done by gradually closing the throttle and allow the train to drift some little distance.

  15. He heard its bark and stumbling forward, found the flock bunched together in a hollow.

  16. The dogs bunched together and began to swim up stream; Gerald and one or two more plunged into the water, and for a few moments the otter showed itself again.

  17. Suddenly, I understood his action, for I saw how warily he was watching the hands, the port watch squareheads, particularly, who were bunched about the foredeck.

  18. The trouble was in the port foc'sle; I could see the crowd bunched on the deck before the door, and Mister Fitzgibbon's voice had risen to a shrill, obscene scream as he poured blistering curses upon some luckless head.

  19. A group was bunched together in the lee of the cabin, Captain Swope, and Lynch and the tradesmen.

  20. When I came in sight of that turn I saw two wagons there bunched together--one of them full of people.

  21. That is, the cowboys, of whom Nort and Dick now counted themselves two, took turns in slowly riding around the bunched cattle during the night hours.

  22. Anybody who finds it can brand it and claim it as his, though; in some places all the mavericks are bunched together and divided.

  23. By now the enemy were within three hundred yards of the wagon, and, looking out, Jack saw that they were riding slowly, while a number were bunched close together, and were carrying on a heated conversation.

  24. We was bunched together behind our barricades, and, as I said right away at the beginnin' of the yarn, we give them proper pepper.

  25. If the grounds are bunched together it signifies that all will be well with the fortune-seeker, but if they are scattered it means much the reverse.

  26. Dust-like grounds bunched together at the bottom or side are a sum of money.

  27. In spite of their efforts to retard their speed, they had gained tremendous momentum before reaching the ledge and landed with all four feet bunched beneath them.

  28. They left off feeding, and bunched together, the wary old rams on the far side of the flock.

  29. At last they bunched together beside a jutting rock and made such a beautiful picture, I could no longer control my desire to photograph them.

  30. He scrambled to a little jutting point not much larger than a hand's breadth, and took refuge there with all four feet bunched together.

  31. Bunched together and firing by platoon, they were doing better.

  32. They reappeared, toiling slowly up the farther bank, bunched for a moment, then vanished between the palms.

  33. The two prisoners on horseback, one of them wounded so badly his life did not seem worth a minute's reprieve, were pulled down; all were bunched with Morgan in the middle of the mob.

  34. In the morning, when the sun was striking long shadows of shrub and bunched bluestem over the prairie levels; in the morning, when the wind was as weak as a young fawn.

  35. They bunched in front of him to bar his passage, one laying hold of his arm.

  36. He tested this bulb and that, and carefully inspected the curious oscillating platform, over which was suspended a thickly bunched group of gray-green wire, which was seemingly an antenna.

  37. His long white hand waved toward the bunched apparatus, but to her to the room seemed all glittering metal coils of snakelike wire, ruddy copper, dull lead, and tubes of all shapes.

  38. Then nimbly they sprang into a circle, hind quarters bunched together, levelled antlers all pointing outward.

  39. In a well-hidden hole, as in a nursery window, were bunched the smooth heads of four young squirrels, interested beyond measure in the strange animal plodding so heavily below them.

  40. A lot of them didn't stay bunched this time, if you noticed.

  41. There were only six of them; they were bunched together, feeding.

  42. He lowered the wiry dome over my head; I bunched in my skirts; and with the twist of a few hooks I was secure.

  43. It usually stands alone as a single perpendicular column, but is also found bunched in groups.

  44. When this is done there may be no fewer cattle than there are now but they will be bunched in smaller herds and better cared for.

  45. Presently an ox moaned, there was a sound of horns clashing as the oxen bunched together, then the ground trembled to the roar of a lion, followed by the wild rush and crashing of branches.

  46. The oxen bunched together, and Miss Anstrade knocked against the tent, while Hume called out from his lair beneath the waggon.

  47. As I took it, the Padre bunched you all together for as fair a figure as I could ask.

  48. Johnnie was, as usual, bunched up in the hedge opposite.

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