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Example sentences for "bums"

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bumpkin; bumpkins; bumps; bumptious; bumpy; bunch; bunched; buncher; bunches; bunching
  1. These bums are no good--I could take 'em out tonight and lead 'em to my mine and they'd never be able to go back.

  2. When Wunpost came to town there was sure to be something doing, something big that called for the drinks; and all the pocket-miners and saloon bums were there, lined up to see him come in.

  3. I took down one mule-load that was worth ten thousand dollars, and when I was shipping it you should have seen them Blackwater bums looking on with tears in their eyes.

  4. Wait till I show this in Blackwater and watch them saloon-bums come through here.

  5. Myself, not being like these bums that is too proud to work, I have often helped the fireman shovel coal and paid fur my ride that-a-way.

  6. Anywheres south of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River trainmen is grouchier to them they thinks is bums than north of it, anyhow.

  7. Just made it up: Glittering summery meadowy noise Of beetles and bums and respectable boys.

  8. Trouble is, I've got a sneaky hunch that the bums figure that something may be in the wind, and are doing something about it, by throwing out so many patrols.

  9. In fact, pal, you and I are going to a spot where those shouting bums over yonder wouldn't even think of looking for us, see?

  10. So the fat prior sent a new catchpole, at the head of a brace of bums for his garde du corps, to summon my lord.

  11. Basche was at dinner with his lady and the gentlemen; so he sent for the catchpole, made him sit by him, and the bums by the women, and made them eat till their bellies cracked with their breeches unbuttoned.

  12. But Oudart cursed and damned the wedding to the pit of hell, complaining that one of the bums had utterly disincornifistibulated his nether shoulder-blade.

  13. The catchpole slapdash was ready, took out his inkhorn, got paper immediately, and his bums by him.

  14. But from that time to this it was held for a certain truth that Basche's money was more pestilential, mortal, and pernicious to the catchpoles and bums than were formerly the aurum Tholosanum and the Sejan horse to those that possessed them.

  15. The fruit being served, the catchpole arose from table, and before the bums cited Basche.

  16. To the catchpole and his bums he ordered four ducats for civility money.

  17. It had all happened so quickly that she would have thought she was dreaming but for the cold night air and the dingy waste of the Bowery with the streetwalkers and drunken bums strolling along under the elevated tracks.

  18. And they keep off bums and lobbygows and scare the bilkers into coughing up.

  19. Oh, the breast of man aches from immortality, and his joy bums him like a fire.

  20. He can clean up the tank after we throw the bums out.

  21. The new police Chief will be here in a while and I don't want him to see any bums hanging around.

  22. You'll find I'm enough to reform, without your having to bother your head with those bums from the slums.

  23. Ther's twenty an' more o' the lowest down bums ever I see outside a State penitentiary.

  24. But all these bums are Germans--" "Not that kind av a bum!

  25. Get married men or men who have been rejected for military service to take the places of these bums who haven't courage enough even to try to enlist.

  26. You know de t'ree bums dat hang round de old warehouse way down de river, de big warehouse?

  27. Take six of those soft, beer-soaked bums to hold him if he had an even break.

  28. When I was green I used to try to keep the bums off my trains, but I nearly got my head shot off one night and stopped after that.

  29. I've heard that they have orders to let the bums ride, so long as there ain't too much swipin' goin' on.

  30. Damn it, he should have hired a few of the younger bums from Mother Corey's.

  31. Hell, maybe I can hire some bums to sit around and whoop it up when the ships come in, and bill this as a real old Martian den of sin!

  32. Now," he said coolly, "what do you bums want out of Mike Clinch?

  33. They're bums from the city, brought here in connection with the abduction of the prince!

  34. All I know is that the bums got me at the cave and tied me up," Jimmie said.

  35. Them Chicago bums couldn't catch a crook if he walked along State Street with a sign-board on him!

  36. I seen you was a gentleman, even if de bums didn't.

  37. A couple of bums lay in a corner of the room and one on a soap box, his feet dangling over it into space.

  38. There are many Irish bums in Buenos Aires, men past middle life who years ago became stranded in Argentina having deserted sailing vessels and who have never had the price nor the desire to return to the Old Country.

  39. At night they make the drunken bums vacate the street benches whither they have repaired to sleep off the fumes of Geneva gin, which in Spanish goes by the name of ginevra.

  40. If any of these here bums tries to roust you out of that seat I will put a tin ear onto them.

  41. This here lady has got more nerve than ten transcontinental bums put together--woman, lady like her, out battering for eats and pounding the roads!

  42. If the bums would only keep sober once in a while, there wouldn't be a tramp pinched once a month.

  43. The town bums took him at his word, and left.

  44. Jones stared gloomily out the fourteenth story window into the park, where the local bums were loafing and sleeping and feeding peanuts to the pigeons.

  45. Jones turned from the window, from which he was observing the bums in the park.

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