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Example sentences for "bumpkin"

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  1. Homespun, having thus disposed of his admiring companion, waited, with much elevation of mien, until the gaping bumpkin had left the wharf, before he again turned his look on the stranger in green.

  2. Instead, however, of yielding directly to the strong impulse, the honest shaper of cloth chose to conduct his advance in a manner that should afford to the bumpkin a striking proof of his boasted sagacity.

  3. One of them was a Parisian ruffian, nicknamed Titi de la Villette, and the other a country bumpkin whom every one called "the old un," on account of his prematurely aged appearance.

  4. Tanno, "how should I remember the marriage of a freedwoman I never saw with a bumpkin I never heard of?

  5. Not any more of a bumpkin than I or any of the rest of us here.

  6. Three farmers are at the villa now raving over the loss of sheep or cattle; every farmer will turn out with his men to help us; anyhow, every bumpkin and yokel will want to enjoy the fun and they'll all flock to the scene.

  7. Captain One shouldn't be surprised by rudeness in a country bumpkin who was nourished without politeness.

  8. We'll trade off this bumpkin to Aunt Urania, you will get Miss Flavella, and more important, I will get Jenny.

  9. And she had her nose buried in one of Mis' Peavey's pink peonys, a-blushing as pretty as you please over it at that country bumpkin of mine with all his fine manners.

  10. Let him kiss your hand, child, he ain't nothing but a country bumpkin that can't talk complimentary to save his life.

  11. But bumpkin squire won't serve her turn When gentle Harry woos her, So farewell Will, for Kitty still Will laugh, although you lose her.

  12. Yet," I said, "the loutish bumpkin would have me marry him.

  13. Curiosity as to the place was at its utmost stretch, but our ignorant bumpkin could tell nothing about it.

  14. We procured the aid of a clownish bumpkin to carry our carpet bag, and left Warminster on foot.

  15. Ashley's glance shifted from Drusilla to Olivia as though asking in some alarm who was this exuberant bumpkin in his Sunday clothes who had dropped from nowhere.

  16. Bumpkin ate the butter, then Paid me with this cow again.

  17. The Bumpkin was so ignorant that he thought the Monkey wanted to bewitch his cattle, and dry up all their milk.

  18. Bumpkin ate the butter, then Gave a cow to me again.

  19. Tis known very well, my name is Nell, And you're but a bumpkin born.

  20. As our readers may like to hear how the Somersetshire bumpkin behaved after he had located himself in the town of Ballyman, and taken the sirname of Byrne, we give the whole of his amatory adventures in the sister- island.

  21. Fine company, fine company for a country bumpkin to keep!

  22. So the country bumpkin has found a mistress already!

  23. Hence a bumping lass is a large girl of her age, and a bumpkin is a large-limbed, uncivilized rustic; the idea of grossness of size entering into the idea of a country bumpkin, as well as that of unpolished rudeness.

  24. The hoyden and the bumpkin had no peace until they had given public imitations of the lady and the gentleman; nor were the lady and the gentleman privileged to be what he called 'free flags.

  25. As, for instance, what say you of myself beside our booted bumpkin squires?

  26. The bumpkin comes up to marriageable age, and takes the first--" "Father!

  27. Then `why' and `when' did this country bumpkin say she hated me!

  28. On one of these excursions he fell in with that singular character of a bumpkin who had interested him on his first visit, in coonskin cap and overcoat and mittens.

  29. If two cocks in a farm- yard get at one another the heaviest bumpkin from the plough-tail, who seems incapable of an emotion, grows animated.

  30. Another way is out through the bumpkin block, out or down through the pennant block, and secure the end to the bumpkin or to the fashion-piece below.

  31. The bumpkin who is a bumpkin at thirty must remain a bumpkin to threescore and ten.

  32. The pounds of material which were fashioned into Shakspeare might have made a bumpkin with little thought beyond pigs and turnips, or, by some slight difference beyond man's skill to trace, might have made an idiot.

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