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  1. Diagram of an artificial anus, showing small sutures which unite the edges of the gut and the skin, and the large ones stitching up the wound beyond.

  2. The best thing for the patient is to have just enough of the staphyloma removed to enable the remains of the eyeball to form a good stump for an artificial eye.

  3. Merely feeling that no large arterial branch was in the way, I cut straight through all the tissues, opened the trachea, and commenced artificial respiration.

  4. Such a further complication of the operation practically alters its character into an operation for artificial pupil, q.

  5. A good ankle-joint stump can bear the whole weight of the body, as when the patient hops on it without any artificial aid, or without even the interposition of a stocking between the stump and a stone floor.

  6. We differ only, [in] that I was led to my views from what artificial selection has done for domestic animals.

  7. It is founded, as is the argument of that work, on the study of domestic animals, and both the Sketch and the 'Origin' open with a chapter on variation under domestication and on artificial selection.

  8. By this means, a sheet of water may be provided almost in the centre of the grounds, and my plan suggests, that the house itself should be erected immediately on the north shore of this artificial lake.

  9. The bank president dreams of the day when he can turn again to the farm and walk in the green fields, where he can shun the various artificial activities of life, drink buttermilk and retire with the chickens.

  10. The diseases to which the natives are subject, are with the exception of those induced by artificial living, as gout, rheumatism, etc.

  11. It was showy, but not profound; striking, but not moving; full of artificial neatness, with little of natural grace.

  12. In his habits, he was very temperate--wisely avoiding to wear out, by artificial excitements, the spontaneous ardour of his eminently vital temperament.

  13. Viotti was a person of feelings and sentiments far less artificial than are commonly produced in men whose intercourse with society is fostered by their powers of contributing to its amusement.

  14. The caste of Thuggee, which was at war with all other castes, and especially at war with the English, evaded it by stimulating on the fingers of their male children the formation of these artificial ridges.

  15. We must try artificial respiration," he said, after a moment.

  16. The application of artificial cold to preserving potatoes.

  17. If there are cellars that are cold in warm weather, without the use of some artificial process, I have not seen them.

  18. He published but a single volume, in which the verse comprises scarcely more than a hundred pages, and much the greater portion of this is artificial in conception and imperfect in form and expression.

  19. The cavern narrowed as he cautiously advanced, and soon he found himself at the head of an evidently artificial gallery.

  20. In Syria, at the present day, they smoke a plant called timbac; the Chinese smoke opium; the artificial preparations for the hookah are known to all Indians.

  21. A crowd of bats rushed forward and extinguished his torch [48] He leant down to relight it and in so doing observed that he had trod upon an artificial pavement.

  22. If we wish pure comedies, I would strongly recommend the use of rhyme; with the more artificial form they might, perhaps, gradually assume also a peculiarity of substance.

  23. A saying of the poet, which has been recorded, proves that he endeavoured to maintain this elevation, and purposely avoided all artificial polish, which might lower him from this godlike sublimity.

  24. The vehicle of this critical satire might have been more artificial and diversified; the matter, however is admirable, and the separate parodies are very amusing and ingenious.

  25. We might in this way compose a sort of comic grammar, which should show how the separate motives are to be entangled one with another, with continually increasing effect, up to the most artificial complication.

  26. There was now an end therefore of everything like simplicity; still they flattered themselves that they had, by means of an artificial coherence, preserved at least a unity for the understanding.

  27. The celebrated architect, Inigo Jones, who lived in the reign of James the First, put in motion very complicated and artificial machines for the decoration of the Masques of Ben Jonson which were acted at court.

  28. Salsetta (also called Tiger Island) is united to Bombay by means of a short artificial dam.

  29. The desire for such artificial beauty extends itself even to the commonest servant girls.

  30. There is a lake close by of artificial construction, which is supplied with water from the Ganges by a canal.

  31. Those who dwell in the plains make artificial mounds of earth, and build their huts of stone or wood.

  32. The chickens are hatched, as they are in Egypt, by artificial heat.

  33. Large sheets of artificial water, surrounded by splendid stone balustrades, and shaded by alleys of the mighty tulip-tree, occupy a portion of the valley.

  34. A beautiful pond, a large well with an artificial portico, terraces with Hindoo idols and Mahomedan funeral monuments, lie in very attractive disorder.

  35. The country round is a steppe, covered with artificial earth-mounds, which make the graves of a very remote period.

  36. Both are surrounded by artificial ditches, with draw- bridges leading across.

  37. The birds of the air nor the angels in heaven will ever be fooled by any artificial rose, let me tell you, however much dudes and society feather-heads may pretend to desire it.

  38. Recently the earnest attention of the French government has been directed to propositions for the artificial propagation of fish, as a means of affording good and cheap food to the people at a merely nominal cost.

  39. They will perceive under what artificial and cramping conditions, under what false standards, they have been living; they will realize the advantages of a climate where nature meets you half-way.

  40. It is probably artificial and of modern origin.

  41. No trace of flowers or shrubs remained; the walks, the ornamental stone seats and artificial terraces, were merging into brown earth.

  42. It were a speculation worthy of a philosophical mind, to examine how much is taken away from our native abilities, as well as added to them, by artificial expedients.

  43. No longer a steady stream of artificial lava rolls down the iron channel, but the liquid metal bursts its bounds and becomes a fountain.

  44. These constantly suggest artificial forms of towers, castles and fortifications, in some places rising nearly a thousand feet above the railway.

  45. Probably nothing in this artificial world is more deceptive than absolute candor.

  46. Strawberries and nectarines (Klondike-grown) were served at the restaurants, of course at stupendous prices, as hundreds of acres of glass and costly artificial heat had been needed for their production.

  47. Then came a serious difficulty, artificial warmth, which, without a roof, was sorely needed at night.

  48. The artificial scene was gay and captivating; but much in it was well fitted to make serious people wonder.

  49. When he talked of 'the sacred purposes of humanity' it was not artificial claptrap in a protocol.

  50. Occasionally whole sentences were delivered with an artificial voice and a tone of studied and sardonic bitterness, peculiarly painful to the audience, and tending greatly to diminish the effect of this great intellectual and physical effort.

  51. In this desert lie the nitrate mines, and towns have sprung up around them the inhabitants of which are supplied with water by artificial means.

  52. But nothing can convince a Chillano that artificial heat is healthful, and during the winter, which is the rainy season, he has not the wit to warm his chilled body.

  53. He was as fond of artificial warmth as a cat.

  54. He had set a huge wreath of artificial roses with flying ribbons on his head.

  55. She sat listlessly in the big, ornate room of the rented house, surrounded by yards of brown holland and acres of the artificial looking roses.

  56. Such of them as were made up for artificial light looked as though they had strayed from another century and forgotten to have their hair powdered also.

  57. I only meant," laughed Dorn, "that it reduces us to the sort of sanity that wipes out the absurd, artificial notions of morality that keep cluttering up the thought of the race.

  58. Blue electric lights cast an amorous glow--an artificial moonlight--upon tables surrounding the fountain.

  59. With regard to the aquatic larvae of insects, Mr. Horsfall may easily satisfy himself that they destroy spawn if he will turn some into an artificial spawning bed.

  60. There would be no difficulty in stocking every suitable river in the kingdom with Salmon, either by putting into them a few pairs of breeding fish, or by artificially fecundating the eggs, and placing them in artificial spawning beds.

  61. But if, to avoid argument, I admit that this theory is correct, it will not at all interfere with artificial breeding of Trout and Salmon; on the contrary, it will materially facilitate it.

  62. I quite agree with you on the period allotted to annual close time, but think there ought to be a penalty for buying, selling, or having in possession Salmon roe (save and except for the purpose of artificial propagation).

  63. Ever since my attention was turned to the artificial breeding of fish, it has always appeared to me exceedingly desirable and important to breed hybrids between the Trout and the Salmon.

  64. Let us take the second supposition, that there is no good in artificial propagation when the fish which are sent to the sea can never come back again by reason of insurmountable obstacles.

  65. I believe the fact is, that at such times they frequently see too well for the angler, and are consequently aware that his artificial flies are not what they seem to be.

  66. To that end, it makes use of a natural or artificial lack of precision: everything floats in a dream, men as well as things, often without mark in time and space.

  67. We have enumerated the spontaneous, natural causes of association, omitting the voluntary and artificial causes, which are but their imitations.

  68. Again, the employment of artificial means to excite and maintain the effervescence of the imagination assigns a causal or antecedent position to the physiologic conditions.

  69. Artificial motors, Use of, a late development, 275.

  70. Generation in the physical order is a spontaneous, natural tendency, although it may be stimulated, successfully or otherwise, by artificial means.

  71. But most methods are too artificial or too strong not to become quickly noxious.

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