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admiringly; admissibility; admissible; admission; admissions; admits; admitt; admittance; admitted; admittedly
  1. Now had it been a question of church and stage, I should have been forced to admit that the exclusive spirit of the first, and the unending occupation of the second, kept them uncomfortably far apart.

  2. They'll fight about everything else, but be damned if they'll admit the Irish are bigger gamblers than the Chinese!

  3. So many nations had accepted the verdict of the Golden Judge, that it became increasingly more difficult, not to say impossible, for a given nation to admit it was less sporting than the others.

  4. I have no doubt you are perfectly willing to admit that all are sinful.

  5. The fact of the matter is, there is not a place where you can stick a pin in, between the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the date of this letter, wide enough to admit of the rise of the faith in a Resurrection.

  6. We are all ready to admit faults, in a general way, and to confess that we have come short of what our own consciousness tells us we ought to be.

  7. I admit all that, and yet I come back to Paul's command: 'Rejoice evermore.

  8. They admit of no co-operation of human effort, and to possess them men have only to 'take the things that are freely given to them of God.

  9. But admit the contrary, the principle is in itself bad.

  10. But, admit there may be some exceptions, it is a hazard upon which no considerate woman would venture the peace of her whole life.

  11. Thirdly, there was his clumsy attempt to explain the girl's death just now, in front of the inn door; his unwillingness to admit the idea of foul play.

  12. No, there is only one supposition that would admit this girl being her own destroyer.

  13. Yes, I must admit that it has seemed to me that circumstances pointed to your cousin, as having been directly or indirectly concerned in that girl's death.

  14. Like Dumas' hero, he was ready to admit that there might be good women in the world, only he had never happened to meet with one.

  15. We will admit that a marriage in a foreign country would have been possible.

  16. He declared that the wretches who had come forward to admit their own disgrace were shameless creatures incapable of one manly thought or one manly action.

  17. Must we not then admit that it is an abominable thing to risk the killing of something far above all laws, and all morality: the spirit of beauty, for the sake of repressing acts which are not really punishable per se.

  18. We find, then, the tendency to indolence very natural, and have to admit and bless it, for we cannot alter natural laws, and without it the race would have disappeared.

  19. I must admit none the less that I felt vaguely pleased at his encomiums.

  20. I must admit that I understand American only with great difficulty.

  21. The text will not admit of any other translation.

  22. He made a cleft, and went down into it, though the place where he entered would not (now) admit a man.

  23. I was forced to admit that Stonehenge looked far more impressive when apparently deserted, than with one or two tourists, however genial and guileless, in a high holiday humour in the foreground.

  24. I admit it would have necessitated a slight deviation, but against that you must set off the tone my presence lends-- Forgive me, but there's a wasp on your left leg.

  25. Admit it was a floater on your part, and I'll let you play a round with me.

  26. I admit I've a good deal of nerve, but there is a limit.

  27. I admit that if I had on a bonnet, I should have several bees in it.

  28. Paris at last consented to admit the king, he re-established an Hotel des Monnaies in the capital, and gave the direction of it to the man who had managed his own monetary affairs with such striking results.

  29. Weary and weak from twenty months of suspense and confinement, his heart failed him, and he agreed to admit all the charges against him except that of having poisoned Agnes Sorel.

  30. An excellent way of neutralizing the influence of these, Calvin tells his friend Bullinger, at Zurich, was to expel the natives and admit French emigres to the Genevan citizenship.

  31. Yet men of every political shade admit that the Referendum is a two-edged weapon which may cut both ways.

  32. Viewing it in this light, we were slow to admit its truth ourselves, until a pretty extensive acquaintance with the writings of the Reformers compelled us to yield our conviction.

  33. Whilst we will not admit into our Synod any one who believes in Exorcism, Private Confession and Absolution, or the Ceremonies of the Mass.

  34. Then sounded in the distance a solemn funeral march from the trumpets and horns, and duke Hanslein with his soldiers formed a wide circle to admit the king and his household.

  35. The honorable council have a great inclination to admit them, and for that purpose hastily called some of the most respectable burghers to the town-house, to give their opinions as to what answer should be returned to the request.

  36. We are under no obligation,' continued Fessel, 'to admit troops within our walls, except upon the especial command of his imperial majesty.

  37. You must admit she's in there right enough, and waiting till you're ready to join her.

  38. Yet, when he listened to this creaking, he was bound to admit that there was something about it that bothered and perplexed him.

  39. I admit that no one has any right to be surprised at anything some one else wants to do; but I never did get quite hardened to Horace Walpole Bradford.

  40. I'm bound to admit that when I'm certain that any trouble likely to arise will be thrust upon me in spite of my own moral conduct, I allus take a pleasant satisfaction in waitin' for it.

  41. I'm forced to admit that since Promotheus has gone down there, it would put him in danger for me to interfere.

  42. His reputation picked up right along until even ol' man Dort had to admit the' was more to Eugene than he had allowed.

  43. Everywhere folks knew him, an' he knew them; and when I saw their faces light up at sight of him, I had to admit that he had done the right thing in stickin'.

  44. She would not admit that she did anything but love him ardently.

  45. Nor did he, as he watched the door open and shut seven times and seven times admit the wrong woman, guess that their presence, if Ingeborg came, would immensely help his betrothal.

  46. Yes," said Ingeborg, obliged to admit it; even at Redchester cases were not unknown.

  47. Of course," said Ingeborg, seeing he waited for her to admit it.

  48. He hardly liked to have to admit that Lady Pamela was stupid, but anyhow women ought not to have the vote.

  49. Before Anne could reach the door, it opened to admit Ellen Barnes, a rising wave of voices mounting in her wake.

  50. I admit I would have liked to do nothing to-night but sit before the fire and read one of my memoirs.

  51. And you'll admit our marriage was rather a farce, wasn't it?

  52. I suppose you wonder why I married her, and I admit it must seem pitiably weak, only I was in such a state at the time that I really wasn't responsible.

  53. I am also compelled to admit that it is conceivable that organisms may exert a modifying influence upon their germ-cells, and even that such a process is to a certain extent inevitable.

  54. Detmer is also greatly mistaken when he says that I refuse to admit the transmission of acquired characters, because I am prejudiced in favour of my doctrine of the continuity of the germ-plasm.

  55. If we once accept the principle of natural selection, then we must admit that it really can create new structures, instincts, etc.

  56. This is the reason why fresh examples of such so-called proofs continue to appear from time to time,—proofs which do not admit of a searching criticism because something, and in most cases very much, is invariably wanting.

  57. I am quite ready to admit that this is the case.

  58. The formation of natural groups in the animal and vegetable kingdoms compels us to admit that organic evolution has frequently proceeded for longer or shorter periods along certain developmental lines.

  59. Her pride did not even allow her to admit that the girl had gone away after her betrayer.

  60. He would not admit that it was over-fondness; it was solicitude, he said.

  61. I cannot blame Thomas much for committing so common a sin as to love most yearningly his youngest child; but I admit that his fondness was perhaps to her hurt.

  62. Well, I must admit that you made good use of it.

  63. Though he was not willing to admit it even to himself, Wolf Brennan's threatening letter had upset him.

  64. I'll admit to a shortage but I've covered it.

  65. Couldn't get him to admit that he had even taken the sacks out of the cellar.

  66. Yes, I'll admit that but--" Frazer paused slightly confused.

  67. I'll admit that it's tough going through here, but we won't find anything better until we reach the seventh portage.

  68. I'll admit that the joke was on us, but almost anyone else, even an older person, might have been taken in by it.

  69. The monks admit that they are free from most of the vices which afflict mankind.

  70. When Ivan married his fourth wife, a thing unlawful and unclean, the Metropolite refused to admit the marriage, and bade the Tsar absent himself from mass.

  71. They do not admit the law under which they live.

  72. His enemies admit that in those days of his work in the Ural Mountains he lived a holy life.

  73. Every act of this Polish rising seems, so far as concerns the Grand Duke Constantine, to admit of being told in different ways.

  74. Besides, the law does not admit our form; the Orthodox say we are not married, and the courts declare our children basely born.

  75. The Duc de Mazarin, thoroughly unable to admit that he had ever given the least cause for the scandalous conduct of his wife, demanded that she should return to France and suffer herself to be incarcerated in a convent.

  76. Catherine of Braganza, poor, little, lonely, inexperienced creature, had arrived in England with the fixed determination not to admit Lady Castlemaine into her presence.

  77. The political situation of the country did not seem to admit of an application to Congress for direct assistance, and there is no reason to suppose that such an application would have been effectively answered, if it had been made.

  78. But supposing that Congress had changed their determination, he directed Lee to disband his troops so soon as circumstances would in his judgment admit of it.

  79. In the first draft of the Constitution reported by the Committee of Detail, it was provided that the importation of such persons as the States might think proper to admit should not be prohibited.

  80. The limits of this volume do not admit of a farther description of the Framers of the Constitution.

  81. I prefer to tell you at once,” replied Monsieur Panneton de La Barge, “that where the army is concerned I admit of no discussion.

  82. He felt that he was surrounded by imposture, and yet he would not admit the fact that he had made a mistake, such an admission being possible only to minds of unusual quality.

  83. But we must admit that in most cases this was done to please their public and respond to the private opinions of their readers.

  84. I must admit that by the light of these words I seemed to catch a glimpse of a profoundly dismal future flashing across my vision.

  85. I must admit that the Republic is good enough at times, though I’m not smitten with the hussy.

  86. I must admit that I do not find its pristine beauty in the word bienfaisance; for me it has been spoiled by the Pharisees who have made too free a use of it.

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