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Example sentences for "envisage"

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environment; environmental; environmentally; environments; environs; envisaged; envisages; envisaging; envision; envisioned
  1. This is the object which animals envisage in their perceptions from the beginning.

  2. Whether it be matter or other people, or tutelary spirits, that which we envisage in action and passion is not our idea of these objects, but their operation on us, or our operation on them.

  3. Yet this assumption is possible only so long as we envisage the surplus value earmarked for capitalisation purely in terms of value.

  4. He could not envisage life apart from the family whom he had served so devoutedly, but his mind could and did dwell with satisfaction upon the securely invested money which assured to him, in extremity, ease approximating to affluence.

  5. He attempted for the first time to envisage her as a wife, a mother.

  6. If, in maiden meditation, she dared to envisage Lionel as a lover, it is equally certain that she shrank, tremblingly, from the issues involved.

  7. But an indispensable preliminary to this is that we should clearly envisage and reflect upon the fact, viewing it in its larger relations, where it will lose its overwhelming significance.

  8. Mr. Ricketts nodded; and John began to envisage himself equipping Hugh from the Army and Navy Stores.

  9. He could not envisage James in these surroundings.

  10. What I did, and all it was necessary to do, was to envisage a great lady devoted to the Queen from the time the Queen was married, and also receiving in exchange the Queen's devotion to her.

  11. All I need add about the Diary is that I told Beeching to envisage himself, not as a country clergyman, for that would give away the secret, but as a retired Anglo-Indian who had come to live in a village in the south of England.

  12. I had had the good luck to envisage exactly what had happened at Washington.

  13. However one may envisage the matter, it hardly seems possible to imagine an after-death consciousness quite on the same plane as our present consciousness.

  14. But there is no reason why one should not envisage them.

  15. He could envisage war and hostility only as misunderstanding.

  16. We envisage the infinite reaches of astronomical space overhead.

  17. Polter continued standing, I could envisage his sardonic grin.

  18. It is not that he does not envisage change in history, but what he seems to hope for at the best is nothing more hopeful than recurring cycles of better and worse.

  19. Thus, in a sense, Aristotle does envisage the spontaneous generation of life; and he knows, roughly, what he means by life.

  20. The connexion therefore between progress as we now envisage it, and unity, both in ourselves and in society at large, becomes apparent.

  21. The only actuality I did not envisage in that dark moment which was coextensive with eternity, was that I was the anemic ghost stalking at noonday and the others were the reality.

  22. But already that word keeps recurring in my brain whenever I envisage their dispersal.

  23. Some idiotic simplicity or imbecility inside me makes it impossible for me to envisage any creature in human form as so consummate a villain.

  24. The number of individuals who are in a position to envisage a business opportunity, and to assess with some confidence the chances of success and failure is very limited.

  25. First, it is necessary to envisage distinctly the promising though risky opportunity, and this calls not infrequently for imagination of a none too common order.

  26. It is therefore natural and convenient to envisage the problems, which we shall consider in this chapter, as problems concerning the price and rent of land.

  27. Sitting brooding among his black oak furniture, I tried to envisage even that merest fragment of it all that was being enacted within a quarter of a mile at that moment.

  28. Desperately I tried to envisage a situation so utterly beyond reason.

  29. Le blocus est envisage ici uniquement comme operation de guerre, et l'on n'a entendu en rien toucher a ce qu'on appelle le blocus pacifique.

  30. It was a new setting against which he might envisage her; he only thought of it as that.

  31. She can envisage the viewpoint of her pupils, and thus strives to have them envisage hers.

  32. I know there are those who envisage a beauty eternal.

  33. We must really envisage the wants of humanity.

  34. They were face to face now with issues of life and death, dark and sinister conditions which had already destroyed one life, threatened another, and might envisage further horrors.

  35. What I insist on to-night is that you shall envisage this affair in its proper light.

  36. To envisage an accepted truth from a new angle, to turn it over and over again in the mind in the hope of finding some aspect which might accord with a large and general view is the inevitable movement of any mind that is alive and not dead.

  37. If one could envisage so awful a thing as a community made up entirely of super-men, one might concede that here also the human scale might be exceeded without danger of catastrophe.

  38. For petty and poor is the part ye envisage When--(quaff away, cummers!

  39. Durkheim writes, "The hypothesis of collective marriage has never been more than a last resource, intended to enable us to envisage these strange customs: but it is impossible to overlook all the difficulties which it raises .

  40. I could envisage now so many things of such a character.

  41. Ultimately we might plunge his enterprise into disaster, and with Jane escape from him--that too I could envisage as a possibility.

  42. I could envisage the invisible little Bermuda in the void of darkness over us now; or here in this same space around us.

  43. For in this state our mind can do no more than envisage the surface of the sphere point by point from its centre and recognize the equal distance of all these points from the centre.

  44. We remember that it was the different relationship of sulphur and phosphorus to reduction and oxidation which led us to envisage them as ur-phenomenal representatives of the alchemic polarity.

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