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environmental; environmentally; environments; environs; envisage; envisages; envisaging; envision; envisioned; envoie
  1. The result would be a crisis, due not to over-production but to a mere intention to accumulate, the kind of crisis envisaged by Sismondi.

  2. Capital officially took over the reins in the new South African Union which replaced the small peasant republics by a great modern state, as envisaged by Cecil Rhodes' imperialist programme.

  3. Almost anything that was regarded with awe, any object used in the divine ritual could at a given moment be envisaged as a deity.

  4. Although the governments of the Czech Republic and Slovakia had envisaged retaining the koruna as a common currency, at least in the short term, the two countries ended the currency union in February 1993.

  5. However, with respect to negotiations envisaged in the framework agreement, it is US policy that a distinction must be made between Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank because of the city's special status and circumstances.

  6. With respect to negotiations envisaged in the framework agreement, however, it is US policy that a distinction must be made between Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank because of the city's special status and circumstances.

  7. Although the governments of Slovakia and the Czech Republic had envisaged retaining the koruna as a common currency at least in the short run, the two countries ended the currency union in February 1993.

  8. Against this it may be urged that, while we have no definite certainty that any race of men is destitute of belief in spiritual beings, yet certain moral and creative deities of low races do not seem to be envisaged as "spiritual" at all.

  9. It is manifest that a divine being envisaged thus need not have been evolved out of the theory of spirits or ghosts, and may even have been prior to the rise of the belief in ghosts.

  10. He envisaged it in all its bearings, not sparing himself.

  11. But, the longer he envisaged it, the more did the enduring enigma and its accompanying uncertainty allure.

  12. Intoxicating, yet, as she envisaged it, disquieting likewise.

  13. What might perhaps have been envisaged with utility was the selection of the less mischievous and more helpful of the unwelcome alternatives with which the allied diplomacy was confronted.

  14. Nobody envisaged the needs and interests of the Empire as aspects of a single problem.

  15. She held his glance, forcing him into mute acknowledgment that his philosophy, his worldliness, was only veneer, and that he had not really envisaged the hard possibility of actually losing her.

  16. Special interests already found their outlet in the recognized social patterns--so reminiscent of the institutions envisaged by the pluralists--of the ancient order.

  17. Kate had been standing with her back to the ticket station window, but now she turned, and through the ticker-seller's window envisaged the pale, bitterly sullen face of Lena Vroom.

  18. The Christian drama was a magnificent poetic rendering of this side of the matter, a side which Socrates had envisaged by his admirable method, but which now flooded the consciousness of mankind with torrential emotions.

  19. The arrest of his intelligence at this point, before it has envisaged any rational object, explains the arrest of his dramatic art at soliloquy.

  20. On the previous day he had received an enheartening, challenging, sardonic letter from his stepfather, who referred to politics and envisaged a new epoch for the country.

  21. He had Colonel Hullocher in mind, and, quite illogically, he envisaged the Colonel as a reality.

  22. Marsham felt himself already attacked by the poison of Toryism, and Diana, with a happy start, envisaged horizons that her father never knew, and questions where she had everything to learn.

  23. Diana, with a sudden catching of the breath, envisaged possibilities of which no rational being of full age who reads a newspaper can be unaware.

  24. As in the case of fame, we must buttress or modify our spontaneous judgment with all the other judgments that the object envisaged can prompt: we must make our ideal harmonise with all experience rather than with a part only.

  25. There would be meanness of soul in being content with a smaller sphere, so that not everything that was relevant to our welfare should be envisaged in our thoughts and purposes.

  26. Prayer, since it addresses deity, will in the end blush to be selfish and partial; the majesty of the divine mind envisaged and consulted will tend to pass into the human mind.

  27. All objects envisaged either in vulgar action or in the airiest cognition must be at first ideal and distinct from the given facts, otherwise action would have lost its function at the same moment that thought lost its significance.

  28. It is obvious in the sense that the ideal is a term of moral experience, and that truth, goodness, and beauty are inevitably envisaged by any one whose life has in some measure a rational quality.

  29. Intense morality has always envisaged earthly goods and evils, and even when a future life has been accepted vaguely, it has never given direction to human will or aims, which at best it could only proclaim more emphatically.

  30. Now, truth is relevant to every opinion which looks to truth for its standard, and perfection is envisaged in every cry for relief, in every effort at betterment.

  31. The ancients led a rational life and envisaged the various spheres of speculation as men might whose central interests were rational.

  32. Now the history of mankind will show us that whenever spirits at once lofty and intense have seemed to attain the highest joys, they have envisaged and attained them in religion.

  33. It is little wonder, then, that I did not want to be a poet, and I never envisaged myself as a Byron, a Shelley, or a Keats.

  34. Rhodes, I had to acknowledge, was not the kind of magnificent man that I had sometimes envisaged him.

  35. It was so that Boden habitually envisaged his generation.

  36. Her grandfather drew her towards him with a smile of real tenderness, and, unbending as none had seen him unbend before since Alan's death, told her all the sad history as he himself envisaged it.

  37. There filled the room and stooped towards her the figure that she envisaged as fate, that had stayed her hand, that she obeyed, that had tried her, that had fought for her, that now was come to prove itself fate indeed.

  38. While she spoke he had envisaged what she told, setting its freedom and its elemental note to his own desires as one sets music that stirs the breast.

  39. The hypothesis of a plasmic memory, advanced by the Caledonian envoy and worthy of the metaphysical traditions of the land he stood for, envisaged in such cases an arrest of embryonic development at some stage antecedent to the human.

  40. In the ten years previous to the War, I had constantly envisaged the probable course of events leading up to the outbreak of this world-war, as well as the manner of the outbreak itself.

  41. The visualized enemy action may introduce considerations, not previously realized, as to whether certain of his own courses are suitable to the appropriate effect desired, when results are envisaged on the basis of the possible opposition.

  42. The primary national objective (page 3) is the ensurance of envisaged prosperity and of essential security for the social system which is the fundamental basis of the community.

  43. This is true because consequences are assessed, in the Estimate, on the basis of the envisaged results of proposed actions.

  44. The courses of action which the commander has envisaged are now subjected to test (page 98).

  45. The primary national objective of organized government (Chapter I, page 7) is the ensurance of envisaged prosperity and of essential security for the social system which is the fundamental basis of the community.

  46. By means of the standard tests, the several tentative solutions are also compared to each other in the light of envisaged enemy action, so as to enable the commander to select the best solution.

  47. Inclusion of such matters may enable subordinates to gain a clearer visualization of the relationships existing among the several objectives envisaged by the higher command.

  48. The situation thus envisaged may be specific or broad in nature, depending on the soundness of the deductions.

  49. Or are they all in the secret, and interested only in the temperament expressed or the aspect of life envisaged in a given work?

  50. When they are reconcilable, if they are important, we have serious comedy; when not important, or not envisaged as important, we have light comedy.

  51. He envisaged a time even when it would become necessary to tell her that there could not be two masters in one office--but she was certainly able, very able, and in touch with a group of very clever young men.

  52. In one of those flights of fancy, not characteristic of her but tiresomely frequent this afternoon, she envisaged herself battered with rotten eggs upon a platform, from which Ralph vainly begged her to descend.

  53. It is true that the union of the national Mongol culture with Chinese culture, as envisaged by the Mongol rulers, was not a sound conception, and consequently did not endure for long.

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