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Example sentences for "envision"

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environs; envisage; envisaged; envisages; envisaging; envisioned; envoie; envoy; envoya; envoye
  1. Such overloading reflects the humanness of the nurse; like all man she can envision possibilities beyond any human being's ability of fulfillment.

  2. Is it possible to envision an inclusive frame that would allow an orderly, systematic, and hopefully productive approach to the development of humanistic nursing?

  3. Results of Comparison The two clinical consultation experiences were juxtaposed, contrasted, questioned, related, and synthesized to envision their unified contribution to the construct of "clinical.

  4. Nevertheless, I started my work, trying to envision a lidded box in the stack of wood which had probably been intended for a bonfire.

  5. I began to feel human and part of society, yet as I licked my wounds, I could envision the battlements to which I would willingly march to surrender my waxing health.

  6. But I do envision the day when we may use the private health insurance system to offer more middle-income families high quality health services at prices they can afford and shield them also from their catastrophic illnesses.

  7. Our policy, dedicated to making the free world secure, will envision all peaceful methods and devices--except breaking faith with our friends.

  8. Randolph went on to envision an organization with a challenging action program.

  9. He was stripped of identity, given a new name, and he was taught to envision himself and his African heritage as inferior and barbaric.

  10. And its danger is so actual because it is active in every individual in himself as well as in others: When I view the true condition Of my troubled, restless heart, Naught but sin can I envision Even to its inmost part.

  11. One could very well," one of his biographers declares, "envision him as a knight in full armor leading a troop in the charge.

  12. The Communists envision three types of conflict to be produced by the contradictions of imperialism: intra-national class war, international class war, and inter-imperialist war.

  13. Speculation of this sort is rare among them, however, and it is difficult to envision their final system.

  14. They could envision the meeting of those problems, and they could envision the obtaining of jungle-plows.

  15. As I envision the organization, you would be its American CEO.

  16. To understand what happened next, you have to try and envision the scene.

  17. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "envision" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    anticipate; cogitable; comprehend; conceive; concoct; consider; contemplate; design; envisage; envision; expect; fancy; foresee; foretaste; form; image; imagine; invent; meditate; objectify; picture; plan; predict; project; realize; regard; represent; see; think; view; vision; visualize