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Example sentences for "foretaste"

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  1. Precious was every hard lesson of the singing, precious every thin silver thread of the light, for they were the foretaste or the preparation of the moment when the door of the true Temple should open, and the shadows flee away.

  2. This heavenly peace is a foretaste of the never-ending joys of Paradise.

  3. Mahboob Ali, Chief Eunuch and Prime Minister, groaned under the jolt; it was a foretaste of many to be endured ere he reached the Resident's house, miles away on the northern edge of the river.

  4. Then, however, a burning desire came upon him for some immediate foretaste of his revenge.

  5. Constantinople, I have had a slight foretaste of the heaven of Mohammed; and again, in the tedious days of Maria Theresa, I have had a foretaste of the heaven of Christianity!

  6. The pages of his journal are full of striking examples of this witness--the earnest or foretaste of the fuller recompense of reward reserved for the Lord's coming.

  7. To obey the laws of God here on earth means a foretaste of heaven; to disobey them, means a foretaste of hell.

  8. That is the bitterness and foretaste of death.

  9. He enjoyed the foretaste of his coming bliss.

  10. She embraced and kissed him, and he seemed to have a foretaste of the absolution yet to come.

  11. Ustrinum with its disorder gave barely a slight foretaste of that which was happening beneath the walls of the capital.

  12. In a melancholy mood they thought of the lake and of the beautiful mountains where they had received a foretaste of the kingdom of God.

  13. Our enemy doth rush upon us with all the fury of his powers, and already giveth us a foretaste and the first-fruits of all the license with which he doth intend to set upon us.

  14. Here I had the first foretaste of the Steppe regions of Central Asia, afterwards to be the scenes of my adventurous travels.

  15. The sight of it gave me a feeling of depression, and I had a foretaste of the emptiness there would be in life should Jane Ryder fail to come.

  16. It was at this juncture that the negro came dragging the body of the ruffian and declaring his intention of giving him a foretaste of torment.

  17. Scenes of accomplished bliss, which who can see, Though but in distant prospect, and not feel His soul refresh'd with foretaste of the joy?

  18. Surely in some happy, highly-favoured moments, we have had a glimpse, a foretaste of this, and could realize it by faith.

  19. My heart sighs for Thy eternal mansions; for Thy incomparable beauty; for the consummation of that blissful union, of whose sweetness Thou grantest us a foretaste here below.

  20. For the three days before her end, she enjoyed a foretaste of paradise; her interior pains vanished; her physical tortures were alleviated.

  21. The presence of those whom we love is as a double life; absence, in its anxious longing, and sense of vacancy, is as a foretaste of death.

  22. God who made the soul of man of sufficient capacity to embrace whole worlds and systems of worlds, gave us thereby a foretaste of our immortality.

  23. Only Nature, speaking through no interpreter, gently steals us out of our humanity, giving us a foretaste of that more diffused disembodied life which may hereafter be ours.

  24. The shock and terror he felt were a foretaste of what the final smothering crash would be.

  25. During all the interval the world will be a scene of warring elements; and poetry, religion, and philosophy can only hold forth a promise, and give to man a foretaste of ultimate victory.

  26. Without knowledge, the whole process is merely a natural one; or, if it be more, it is so only in so far as the life of emotion can be regarded as a foretaste of the life of thought.

  27. But again the pupils of his eyes rolled away from him in their orbits: and now a general and nameless torpor--some horrible foretaste of death itself--seemed stealing upon him.

  28. For the curse of the Prophet has smitten with perpetual barrenness the plains of the Unbeliever, and forbidden him any foretaste of Paradise by the perfume of the Mecca balm-tree, or the enjoyment of spicy fruits.

  29. But, their inclination being so powerful, they could tolerate the mediocre; and the glorious joy which they experienced from the foretaste and the aftertaste of excellence surpassed expression.

  30. Poems by Two Brothers" gave not a foretaste of what was to come so soon after them!

  31. On all this inferno the night had sunk like a foretaste of cleansing death.

  32. The pleasantest end is adopted because the foretaste of the pleasure is itself pleasurable.

  33. Again, a material object has an interest only so far as it is a condition of some kind of feeling, and, when the sympathies are not concerned, of some feeling of my own, whether implying or not implying any foretaste of the future.

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