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Example sentences for "foretelling"

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foretaste; foretastes; foretel; foretell; foretelleth; foretells; forethought; forethoughtful; foretokens; foretold
  1. Morin, who worked thirty years at a book on astrology, and who disbelieved in the motion of the earth, repeatedly predicted the death of Gassendi, but was always wrong, as he was in foretelling the death of Louis XIII.

  2. Auspicium was properly the foretelling of future events from the inspection of birds; augurium from any omen or prodigy whatever.

  3. To lovers this bird is one of good omen, foretelling rich and good mates.

  4. Divination is an art of foretelling future events by supernatural means.

  5. By a certain principle understood, the omen was regarded as foretelling good or evil.

  6. That dark-winged bird that sought the skies Foretelling grief with warning cries, Sits on the tree where buds are gay, And pours glad music from the spray.

  7. Red meteors, heralds of despair Flash frequent through the lurid air, Foretelling to my troubled mind The ruin of the Rákshas kind.

  8. This is one of the birds called sakuna pakshi, because they are supposed to possess the power of foretelling events, and on their movements many omens depend.

  9. Two Valluvans (Tamil astrologers) were staying in a village, where they were foretelling events.

  10. To dream of Pomegranates is a fortunate augury, foretelling good fortune and success; to the lover such a dream implies a faithful and accomplished sweetheart, and to the married an increase of riches and children, and great success in trade.

  11. We lack a method of foretelling which turn they will take; developments may be calmly awaited, with the assurance that ample warning will precede the birth.

  12. As a matter of fact, no means of definitely foretelling the sex of the child has been discovered, and I doubt if it ever can be.

  13. David in the person of Christ, prayeth against his persecutors; more especially the traitor Judas: foretelling and approving his just punishment for his obstinacy in sin and final impenitence.

  14. Prognosticate means foretelling through the study of signs or symptoms.

  15. Therefore Baptism should be conferred with fire rather than with water: and all the more since John the Baptist said when foretelling Christ's Baptism (Matt.

  16. I answer that, Our Lord, after foretelling His Passion to His disciples, had exhorted them to follow the path of His sufferings (Matt.

  17. The act of foreshowing or foretelling something future by present signs; prediction.

  18. No matter to what it is owing, he who dictated the Bible foresaw it, and made no mistake in foretelling it.

  19. This Nial was what was called a spámadr, that is, a spaeman or a person capable of foretelling events.

  20. His object in foretelling *these things* was that the Apostles might not be scandalized; i.

  21. His object in foretelling His departure and return.

  22. On some occasions when the sacred bull was led in procession through the town, the procession was led by children, and on such occasions it was thought that these children received the gift of foretelling future events.

  23. If it went towards the north, the direction of the underworld, it was regarded as a sign of death for the observer, any other direction foretelling misfortune of minor importance.

  24. The tariff question is the point of disagreement; and as the interests of the North and South are in direct opposition on this subject, there is no foretelling the end.

  25. There was, as we learn by the Gospels, an impression deep and wide-spread among the disciples of Christ, that the Old Testament was full of texts foretelling the advent of their Messiah, and foreshadowing his practical life.

  26. They were skillful in interpreting dreams, and in foretelling future events.

  27. Cacciaguida replies, foretelling the exile of Dante, and the renown of his Poem.

  28. Master of the magicians, astrologers, and soothsayers, shalt thou be, reading the stars and foretelling that which is to come.

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