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  1. I could not be here after nightfall without feeling as if every walk were answering to unseen feet, as if every tree might be hiding some lovely form, returned to dream over old memories.

  2. The storms were over, the edges and hidden roots had begun to dream of spring, and Arctura had returned to her own room to sleep, when one afternoon she came to the schoolroom and told Donal she had had the terrible dream again.

  3. When he woke not even the shadow of a dream lingered to let him know what he had been dreaming.

  4. What a God to give all her heart to, to long for, to dream of being at home with!

  5. But presently he came to himself like one escaping from torture: a terrible dream was behind him, pulling at the skirts of his consciousness.

  6. Like one in a dream of ancient ruins, creeping through mouldy and low-browed places, he went down once more into the entrails of the house.

  7. That he was not to be damned for the thing he had not done--a thing he had had the misfortune to dream he had done--God never interfering to protect him from the horrible fancy?

  8. If you dream anything nice about me, think I am thinking of you.

  9. If you should dream anything not nice, think something is lying to you about me.

  10. But I must go in--why, I did not know, but I must: the dream itself compelled me.

  11. Dedicated to the Author of "The Soldier's Dream of Home.

  12. Because I can never keep my gravity at you five minutes on end, you must not dream I do not love you very well; I am all love and laughter, every time I cast an eye on you!

  13. O, well, these were the good days, but it is all like a dream that I have seen and then awakened.

  14. If I durst speak to herself, you may be certain I would never dream of trusting it to you; because I know you like the back of my hand, and all your blustering talk is that much wind to me.

  15. Tis better To dream than to own the debasement Of sweet Cicely.

  16. I do not dream for a moment of ranking myself in the class of those who wish to rule.

  17. Why, no one would dream of entrusting his flocks and herds, his storehouses and barns, or the superintendence of his works to the tender mercies of an intemperate slave.

  18. They are still, at sixty, a dream of delight.

  19. Considering how seldom I dream, and if I do dream, how seldom the dream concerns anybody else, it is difficult to account for this as a mere coincidence.

  20. People do not hunt in August, or at Versailles, and therefore there was no reason whatever to regard the dream seriously.

  21. At that time I did not see or dream of the connection which no doubt does exist between mathematics and poetry--the connection which made the wise Dryden say that every poet ought to be something of a mathematician.

  22. He would not dream of getting up from his chair if he wanted an extra spoon or fork in a hurry, but would either send one of his children to get it for him or else ring the bell for the butler.

  23. Covenanted mercies are a kind of thing which may do very well at an insurance office or for business purposes, but they are not the mercies one would ever dream of asking for or accepting from an earthly father.

  24. I never remember a better opening: I awoke from a dream of a gruesome fight with a giant geranium.

  25. In my dream my wife had come to me with a telegram in her hand, and had told me that our son had been killed in a hunting accident in France.

  26. Slowly and like a man in a dream he plied his work.

  27. She was like a creature in a dream as LĂ©ontine wound her long hair in bands round her head (a new fashion Roger had fallen in love with a few weeks ago), fastening it here and there with diamond pins.

  28. In that buried dream there were other sounds connected with the whispered name: sounds of sobbing, as of someone crying in the dark.

  29. Never would he dream that a girl would dare what she meant to dare.

  30. You were like a bad but interesting dream, broken off in the midst, that I longed to dream over again.

  31. Oh, Angel, how could I dream for a minute it might have been you?

  32. He didn't dream the name meant anything to me.

  33. Of course, I did not dream of renewing an application thus cruelly repulsed, but resolved to rely on myself alone, and to find some occupation, however humble, sufficient for my subsistence.

  34. Little did I dream that my misplaced confidence had sealed my doom.

  35. I dream about her sometimes; but I don't know who she is: and you mustn't tell, Argus.

  36. I will not by one word or look urge you to change it; for I too deeply respect the truthfulness of your character to dream that it is capable of change.

  37. And yet, who of those who had known the Kid in the past would dream that his vileness was so utter as this?

  38. He did not dream that he possessed characteristics abhorrent to her; and he felt a keen reluctance at parting.

  39. It had realized the dream of his boyhood, and had answered the hope he had clung to during his long fight against the Northland.

  40. Everything--you don't dream how much--depends on it!

  41. But on one point my mind was made up--no one should dream of the existence of the diary until I knew all that it had to impart.

  42. Now I dream and gloat, playing with the idea that to-morrow I shall find it all a fantasy.

  43. It was useless to dream of entering the temple by the main door.

  44. The emotion he had felt on her entrance was so entire and overwhelming that it was out of the question to dream of struggling against it by a violent effort of the will.

  45. If you will listen to me one little hour, I will give you everything you can dream of.

  46. Her dream gradually changed, but did not fade.

  47. I, who have never denied anyone, I could not dream that should change so quickly.

  48. The recollection of the mirror and of the necklace and of the comb recurs to him vaguely; but he does not believe in it, and in this singular vision reality alone seems to him a dream .

  49. Once again, I will not tell you whether it is a question of a night dream or a waking error.

  50. And when that dream of yours comes true," he said, "what then?

  51. And the vivid, careless beauty of the face was a thing to bear away in the heart and dream of in solitude.

  52. He looked like a man stabbed suddenly from a dream to full consciousness.

  53. I shall only know for certain--when the dream comes true.

  54. A kind of waking dream began to move in his brain.

  55. You won't dream while I am here," he said.

  56. So far, what had happened in that dream country had only mattered to himself.

  57. I can't tell you how happy I am," he was saying; "I shall dream of you all night long.

  58. We can also cite many instances of dreams, in which a person sees a future event with all its particulars, and the dream comes true.

  59. Whenever the Bible speaks of prophecy coming to anyone, it is always through an angel and in a dream or vision, whether this is specifically stated or not.

  60. An example of such a dream is that recorded in Daniel 7, 1.

  61. God spoke to Solomon through Ahiah the Shilonite; at other times he spoke to him in a dream, and when Solomon woke up, he knew it was a dream and not a prophecy.

  62. Statements similar to those of the Prophetical books of the Bible, which were the result of the influence of the Active Intellect and came to the sages in a dream or in the waking state, speaking of the future in an allegorical manner.

  63. Dream and prophecy differ in degree, not in kind.

  64. When it seems to him in a prophetic dream as if God is speaking to him; as we find in Isaiah, "I saw the Lord .

  65. Divination and dream come from the Active Intellect indirectly.

  66. He is then able to interpret the dream correctly.

  67. Whenever an angel is met in Scripture speaking or communicating with a person, it is always in a dream or vision.

  68. It is merely a dream that comes to a person warning him of danger.

  69. There is a difference in kind between prophecy on the one hand and divination and dream on the other.

  70. A dream is caused by the influence of the Intelligence on the soul in sleep.

  71. Sometimes the information comes to the prophet without the aid of an image, when the reason prevails over the imagination, like the dream of Abraham at the "covenant of the pieces" (Gen.

  72. I didn't get to sleep until almost morning, and then it was to dream that Mr. Pierce was shouting "Hypocrites" to all the people in the sanatorium and threatening to throw glasses of mustard and warm water at them.

  73. I prescribe 'em all day and dream 'em all night.

  74. Lost fifteen pounds and the dream of my life.

  75. During the war Lincoln's chief purpose was the restoration of national unity, and his day-dream was that it should be achieved as a sincere and hearty reunion in feeling as well as in fact.

  76. Notwithstanding his natural agility, he does not dream of reaching them by pursuit.

  77. Though, indeed, at the moment, I was scarcely capable of noticing anything; I moved as in a dream and felt all through my being a sort of intense blissfulness that verged on imbecility.

  78. A strange and fearful dream came to me that same night.

  79. Finally, he concluded that if it were all a dream, an illusion, never was a dream or an illusion so like reality.

  80. Three days afterward the official news of peace came; English goods instantly fell one half, and our little Frenchman awoke in horror from his dream of cent.

  81. I am fallen again into the same dream and illusion that happened to me a month ago, and must expect again the bastinado and grated cell at the mad-house.

  82. I assure you, madam, this dream of mine will be very pleasant to you.

  83. I beseech you, recollect yourself, and you will find it is only a dream which has made this impression on you.

  84. As soon as the sultan awoke, he got up, ran to the queen's apartment, and with much eagerness told her the new dream of that night.

  85. Abou Hassan looking about, and finding himself in the same hall, attributed all he saw and heard to such a dream as he had had before, and greatly feared the dreadful consequences.

  86. The base wretch swore to shut the door after him, but did not, and the devil came in and has turned my brain with this wicked dream of being commander of the faithful, and other phantoms which bewitch my eyes.

  87. It was I whom you saw in a dream in the shape of an old man; I caused you to open the subterraneous place, where the urns and the statues are deposited: I have a great share in all that has befallen you, or rather am the occasion of all.

  88. He had been long married without having issue, when it was intimated to him in a dream that he should have a son, though his life would be but short; at which he was much concerned when he awoke.

  89. At the sight of these glittering objects, Abou Hassan was in the most inexpressible amazement, and looked upon all he saw as a dream; yet a dream he wished it not to be.

  90. But happening to dream for three successive nights that a venerable old man came to him, and, with a severe look, reprimanded him for not having made a pilgrimage to Mecca, he was much troubled.

  91. Pat dared to dream of some day becoming a naturalist.

  92. It would be a hard enough shot at a motionless mark, but to hit a mark moving as swiftly as the fox was now going was more than he dared even dream of doing.

  93. To Alec it meant the realization of a cherished dream which included the ownership of a certain tiny farm.

  94. We sit and rule, and, though we sleep, our dream will come to pass.

  95. We wake from one dream into another dream.

  96. At last, they made so much noise that I awoke, and thought to myself, "What a false dream that is, of children!

  97. I think I can best tell you their answer by telling you a dream I had once.

  98. For the same arguments apply, and break up time into the dream time and causal time which belong to different orders of reality.

  99. Apparent nature is the dream, and the apparent relations of space are dream relations, and the space is the dream space.

  100. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dream" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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