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Example sentences for "delusion"

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deluding; deluge; deluged; deluges; deluging; delusional; delusions; delusive; delusory; delve
  1. All the other new boys seem to have found something to do (a common delusion this).

  2. And again: "It is a popular delusion that the anthropological mythologists deny the existence of solar myths, or of nature myths in general.

  3. There is a necromancy of the spirit more potent than weapons of the flesh:--the delusion of irresistible suggestion that will conquer even truth itself.

  4. He was simply ensnared; his finer nature warped by the 'delusion of irresistible suggestion,' deadlier than any weapon of War.

  5. All that is most beautiful in life, most real to saints and lovers, must seem delusion to those whose hearts and spirits are merely vassals to the body and the brain.

  6. There was no delusion of having got her back again; only the comforting assurance that she was near him still.

  7. A Delusion in Which the Saint Was Once Entangled.

  8. Was there ever delusion so great as mine, O my God, when I withdrew from good in order to become good!

  9. The Security of Contemplatives lies in their not ascending to high Things if our Lord does not raise them--The Sacred Humanity must be the Road to the highest Contemplation--A Delusion in which the Saint was once entangled XXIII.

  10. Interior locutions in these days have been a delusion of many, and exterior locutions are the least safe.

  11. It was the most fearful delusion into which Satan could plunge me--to give up prayer under the pretence of humility.

  12. But it would be a delusion to suppose that the political decline meant misery; on the contrary, there was much less of that in Holland than in triumphant England.

  13. Richard II, must be dismissed as a delusion set up by the phenomena of agrarian depopulation in certain districts.

  14. His argument shows the survival of the mercantilist delusion that trade can drain a productive country of its bullion.

  15. It stands for an endorsement of the vulgar delusion that "possessions" are the great sources of a nation's wealth, though Seeley elsewhere (p.

  16. Instead, she sat on in the deepening twilight under the feminine delusion that she was being good to the miserable youth who sat huddled close to her knees on the step below her.

  17. We are constantly tempted to be deceived by the delusion that wealth, health and worldly success necessarily bring happiness, while the opposite is as often true, as these things are not an end in themselves.

  18. This delusion of the mind has led to multitudes of errors and has held people in bondage to ignorance and superstition in all centuries and in all countries.

  19. Rationalism is a delusion and a snare, and, when followed to its logical conclusion, leads to absurdity and death.

  20. Yet we 'll spare a slight confusion Caused the world by giving names; Since a right to some delusion Every one from nature claims!

  21. To man, in self-delusion made, An heir of heaven is brought to bow, That vow were better broke than paid.

  22. Poor fellow, it is sad to see a gallant seaman and accomplished gentleman reduced to such a pass, and to think that imagination and delusion can cow a mind to which real danger was but the salt of life.

  23. But she lulled herself with the delusion that all this was brotherliness and that all her feelings were sisterliness.

  24. It know itself no good to anybody, know that labouring was a pain and thinking a weariness, and hope the delusion of fools, and life a vain mockery.

  25. All this is lamentable; it is a complete delusion he is under; he has nothing to do, and he has boundless influence.

  26. He has certainly been under a sort of delusion that the Tories have persecuted him, but in no other respect is he mad.

  27. But the sole proof that all which the solicitor urged me to confide was not a monstrous fiction or an insane delusion had disappeared; and its disappearance was a part of the terrible mystery that enveloped the whole.

  28. So that it must have been all a delusion of mine, as you told her.

  29. Fiend or spectre, or mere delusion of my own brain," cried I, "there can be no compact between thee and me.

  30. Like all exigent people who ask too much from life, Vittoria has only gathered delusion and bitterness.

  31. When that pleasant face grew fixed and the lips closed, she seemed like a little unopened flower which no ray of the sun could open, and he experienced a sense of delusion and melancholy.

  32. Emilio did not recognise till later, much later, the immense delusion he had been as a husband to the passionate heart of Maria Simonetti; he became aware of it when there was no longer time and all was lost.

  33. A sense of delusion for an instant, only for an instant, was depicted on her face; an expression, however, which he did not notice.

  34. The delusion was so real and convincing that I was able to pursue my way only by the most desperate resolution, and all the way to Fitzroy Square, where I was living at the time, the fear clung to me.

  35. We were invited to pity the delusion of certain heathens who held that the world is supported by an elephant who is supported by a tortoise.

  36. Suspecting some delusion about his eyes, he went to a group of peasants, to ascertain if they saw it, and found them gazing at it with as much astonishment as himself.

  37. This is the delusion cherished by the people of India and many other lands to this day.

  38. Yet something akin to delusion there certainly was; its causes however were several and complex, and lust was the least potent of them.

  39. But to marry six wives, solely on licentious grounds, is a proceeding so striking and so uncomplicated that no delusion could possibly come over the performer and certainly not over a watchful people.

  40. All that is left to me in the world are these very visions, this very power--call it delusion if you will--from which you would tear me.

  41. But then, it is not always a sustainer of the stage delusion to be enamoured of an actress: it takes us too much behind the scenes.

  42. You could not have done it--I should never have been afraid of it, and in time your delusion would have worn entirely away.

  43. His father's delusion had been to shut himself up, to give out that he was dead--the son's was to desert his bride on their bridal day forever.

  44. It is only the ugly (and bad) who fondly cherish the delusion that beauty doesn't matter, that it is only skin-deep and the rest of it.

  45. Is it a footstep or simply a delusion of the ear?

  46. Could any reasonable man watch a life like Catherine's and believe that nothing but a delusion lay at the heart of it?

  47. He has been fighting against it too long under that absurd delusion of clergyman's throat.

  48. Perhaps it was all a silly, conceited mistake of her own--a delusion and one not particularly creditable either to her intelligence or her modesty.

  49. For, with those two credulous ladies as audience, she could fortify herself in delusion by recounting all manner of episodes and incidents not as they actually had, but as she so ardently desired they might have, taken place.

  50. And this delusion of permanence, the enclosing soft-clinging darkness served to heighten.

  51. But he was under no delusion regarding her.

  52. That form of delusion which leads to extravagant and absurd undertakings or sacrifices in obedience to a morbidly romantic ideal of duty or honor, as illustrated by the exploits of Don Quixote in knight-errantry.

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