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Example sentences for "deluged"

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delude; deluded; deludes; deluding; deluge; deluges; deluging; delusion; delusional; delusions
  1. This plain has been deluged by repeated streams of lava; and although it appears almost level, when viewed from a distance, it is, in fact, more uneven than the surface of the most tempestuous sea.

  2. The surface of the lava which deluged the "Val del Bove," consists of rocky and angular blocks, tossed together in the utmost disorder.

  3. The first eruption lasted nearly five hours, and on the following days the rain fell in torrents, and the rivers, densely charged with mud, deluged the country far and wide.

  4. His mind was a resistless flood that deluged the world of literature with its glory.

  5. I deluged the tall cliff under a flood of "mountain eloquence" which poured from my patriotic lips like molasses pouring from the bung-hole of the universe.

  6. Again the artillery deluged Charleroi with an avalanche of shell.

  7. The fields by the river, below the redoubt, were deluged with cannon-shot.

  8. When Dan lunged with the gaff the tuna made a tremendous splash that deluged us.

  9. Then, as Attalano warily reached for the leader, he gave a gasp, a flop that deluged us with muddy water, and a lunge that spelled freedom.

  10. Montespan, about the scents with which she deluged herself, which made his Majesty ill.

  11. I knew not but the whole village of Goumbi might be deluged in blood.

  12. On Friday (November 9) the weather broke and deluged us with rain.

  13. Here we see the joint mouth of the torrent-beds Santa Luzia and João Gomes which has more than once deluged Funchal.

  14. The senseless spirit of conquest and thirst of spoil blinded them, while with insane fury they deluged the country in ruin.

  15. The river swollen by autumnal rains, deluged the low lands, and Adrian in his favourite boat is employed in the dangerous pastime of plucking the topmost bough from a submerged oak.

  16. Would not our little island be deluged by its approach?

  17. When he died, the tide of love resumed its ancient flow, it deluged her soul with its tumultuous waves, and she gave herself up a prey to its uncontrollable power.

  18. That she had a presentiment, that the tide of calamity which deluged our unhappy race had now turned.

  19. While other countries and other colonies had been deluged in blood, during the prevalent war, had they not enjoyed the most perfect security and tranquillity?

  20. Even at a distance I could see that their cheeks were painted, could note their affectation of feminine attitudes, could smell the perfumes with which they had deluged their bodies.

  21. I knew that the look in my eyes had told more, a thousand times, than all the extravagant compliments with which I had, half banteringly, deluged her at the inn.

  22. While France was thus deluged with the blood of a civil war, young Henry was busily pursuing his studies in college.

  23. The snows of winter had nearly disappeared, and the cold rains of spring deluged the roads.

  24. With his leg broken and his arm nearly severed from his body, his horse fell dead beneath him, and the prince, deluged with blood, was precipitated into the dust under the trampling hoofs of wounded and frantic chargers.

  25. Armed bands swept to and fro, and conflagration and slaughter deluged the kingdom.

  26. It was the denial of this simple truth which deluged France in blood and woe.

  27. Then shall that arch beam upon us like God's bow of promise in the cloud, proclaiming that this land shall never be deluged by the surges of civil war--that it never shall be inundated by flames and blood.

  28. And yet, strange to tell, not only of late have we been almost deluged with editions of new and excellent American writers, but the most popular book of the century has appeared on the west side of the Atlantic.

  29. I remember, in particular, a group of young girls brought to the carriage two of the most beautiful children I ever saw, whose little hands literally deluged us with flowers.

  30. The rest of the plain country was deluged with water, and scarcely afforded a turf where we might lie down at night, or our horses take pasture.

  31. It was a difficult matter to discover their lurking-holes, to attack which was the object of the expedition; the whole plain being deluged with water to such a degree that no traces of either man or beast could be found there.

  32. As the plain is varied neither by fountains, hills, nor stones, but runs out into a vast extent of even ground, covered with turf, when deluged with rain it presents the appearance of a lake.

  33. Upon this hint, Lord Brougham, in his address to the Glasgow students, has deluged the great Athenian with wordy admiration.

  34. They sat in silence for some time, watching the rain that deluged the city, the warm devitalizing rain that unedged even the fieriest of Signor Angelinas stimulants.

  35. For three weeks of torpor Blake sat in the shadowy hotel, watching the torrential rains that deluged the coast.

  36. This was a most exquisite encounter, and with such unutterable enjoyment that we hardly paused between the first and second, and it was not until we had deluged thrice both interiors that we withdrew.

  37. The Lepchas have a curious legend of a man and woman having saved themselves on the summit of Tendong (a very fine mountain, 8613 feet) during a flood which once deluged Sikhim," which he authenticates on the spot.

  38. Two or three times the ship rose, and then, with a crash of smashing timbers, came down again, and was once more deluged with water.

  39. Borne down by its weight, the vessel careened till she lay almost on her beam's end, while the mad surges leaped over her bulwarks and deluged the nearly perpendicular decks.

  40. Tis well known that in Paris, every hostess, mistress of a salon, is deluged with cards and flowers and bonbons from Boissier on the New Year.

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