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Example sentences for "engulfed"

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engrossers; engrosses; engrossing; engrossment; engulf; engulfing; engulfs; engulph; engulphed; engyne
  1. To withdraw from the firelight was to be engulfed in the savage conditions of prehistoric time.

  2. As the baggage was being landed from the steamer on to the jetty, a poor coolie slipped under his load, and in an instant was engulfed in the deep black waters below.

  3. In the web which had engulfed one by one, himself, Themar, Granberry, Miss Westfall and Poynter, a murderous stranger was floundering.

  4. It was curiously of a piece with the creaking loneliness of the ancient farmhouse and so soft at times that the clash of the frozen branches against the house engulfed it utterly.

  5. All Rosalie's impatience was drowned and utterly engulfed in a most dreadful flood of emotion.

  6. She had thrown herself upon its flood; not yielded to it as one drawn in by rising waters, but tempestuously engulfed by it and borne away upon it as swallowed up and borne away in Harry's arms when "Rosalie!

  7. Astounding how in life one's suddenly engulfed in depths and never has perceived the shoals from which they led; suddenly entombed in night and never has perceived the gradual declination of the day!

  8. When the food has once been engulfed some digestive fluid is apparently poured out upon it.

  9. The sponge, however, often grows very rapidly and the larva is soon in danger of being engulfed in its substance.

  10. If you proceed," they said, "you will be engulfed in the rapids.

  11. We did not succeed--we were beaten back; and being engulfed in a sudden rush of waters, I could not save your wife.

  12. Had her voice been engulfed in the far-off moan of the ocean?

  13. Every one was engulfed in the sea and drowned; I alone got hold of a piece of boat-timber and lived.

  14. The merrymakers were blanched with fear as this blackness engulfed everything.

  15. More than a thousand people perished; a great wave engulfed Callao, drowning half the population and carrying great ships far inland.

  16. In his administration occurred the great earthquake of 1751, which engulfed and destroyed Concepcion by a tremendous wave from the sea, and inflicted great damage upon Santiago and many other towns.

  17. As with a shout of joy it stormed the ascent, so that it seemed to fly out into the air at the top, before it was engulfed by the next hollow.

  18. These peasants then became proprietors of the new-formed ground above the city, upon which they have planted young forests and laid down grass, and the now standing village of Flies has been built upon the tomb of the engulfed city.

  19. Then the sun went down and darkness that could almost be felt engulfed us.

  20. The sun already was low, so that I did not have long to wait before the sudden darkness of Barsoom engulfed us.

  21. As far as the eye could reach the throng engulfed the pavements and overflowed into the streets between the curbs, mingling with the mass of cars, cabs, trucks and wagons.

  22. Marriage had engulfed her whole being and life, past, present, future.

  23. Her father had been killed in one of those trenches, a gallant colonel cheering a ragged handful of half-starved men in gray, unmindful of the order of retreat until engulfed by the grand army that swept over them like a tidal wave.

  24. Is he to be engulfed in the common field of industry?

  25. For without such a connection no Canadian character would have been given to the line, and freight and passengers equally would have been diverted to St. Paul and Chicago, to be engulfed in the United States system of railways.

  26. The Goodwin Sands, which stretch for about ten miles off the Kentish coast, were once part of the fertile estate of Earl Godwin which was destroyed and engulfed by a great storm towards the end of the eleventh century.

  27. It is believed that large tracts of land, the remnants of the ancient North Sea land-bridge, have been engulfed since about 3000 B.

  28. Claude struck the frozen window-frame with his fist, lifted the lower sash, and thrusting out his head tried to look abroad into the engulfed night.

  29. And with a half-sarcastic wave of her tiny hand, she left him, and was soon engulfed in the swirl round a north-bound bus.

  30. It had reminded him of Rachel; and therewith the decent memories of the distant past disappeared, engulfed by the seething, ugly, mud-stained present.

  31. Solitude engulfed him, and the bracken was as high as his knees; in the cool, moist hush he could hear a twig drop upon the moss.

  32. She was engulfed by the knowledge that she had brought a new grief into his life, had given him still more to bear.

  33. After allowing it to rest there a few moments, he pushed it further in until it was wholly engulfed in my glowing passage.

  34. Not a human being was to be seen; every one of our shipmates had been engulfed by the hungry sea.

  35. The crowd engulfed her presently, and Fitzgerald picked up the card.

  36. Besides, there was another affair which over-shadowed it and at times engulfed it.

  37. Stooping quickly as if to examine it, Doctor Jim engulfed it in one large, white hand; and kissed it just above the glittering buckle.

  38. It will be remembered that many of the population were engulfed at Ischia by an earthquake within a few years past.

  39. These were doubtless gradually submerged by the encroachment of the sea, or suddenly engulfed by some grand volcanic action of nature.

  40. According to the Chinese legend, the bodies of cats and dogs and even children that are engulfed by this ooze are never recovered.

  41. I remember distinctly, though, that the walls of water rushing by completely blotted out sea and sky to port and starboard, and that there was all the darkness of late twilight in the cavern of the engulfed bridge.

  42. At any rate, and as if he had not heard it, he had not responded to the pious appeal of Mrs. Weldon, praying for the engulfed crew.

  43. Another half mile, and the boat would have been engulfed in the abyss.

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