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Example sentences for "afloat"

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  1. As soon as one of their boys can walk, he is provided with a long bright red nightcap; and one of their men would as soon think of going afloat without his head, as without that indispensable appendage to it.

  2. England had afloat more than two hundred ships of war, some of them of great force; while the navy of France counted little more than half the number.

  3. On the tenth of August it was all afloat on Lake Ontario, to the number of ten thousand one hundred and forty-two men, besides about seven hundred Indians under Sir William Johnson.

  4. The exertion of living on land for these few days had seemed so very great that we were not sorry when we found ourselves afloat once more on the new raft and with a new set of men.

  5. We were already afloat when I woke next morning.

  6. She stood for a moment silently looking far over the shadowed fields, above which the white banners of mist were already afloat on the evening breeze.

  7. Removed from the means of renewing its supplies of coal, the most powerful ship afloat within a very limited number of days becomes a helpless hulk.

  8. Every year British people have afloat upon the ocean wealth represented by this enormous sum.

  9. In their hearts hope never died that the French would regain their lost dominion; and again and again rumors were set afloat that this was about to happen.

  10. The latter are in craft which are kept afloat by the buoyancy of the water, whether in motion or otherwise and, so long as normal conditions prevail, will not sink.

  11. Instead of falling to the ground, the cardboard sails along on the wind, remaining afloat so long as it is in motion.

  12. If a body heavier than air is to remain afloat it must move rapidly while in suspension.

  13. If the machine is to be kept afloat the motor must be kept moving.

  14. Afloat at Last by John Conroy Hutcheson This short book tells the adventures over just one voyage to Shanghai of the hero, Allan Graham, whose father is a country vicar.

  15. Afloat again next morning, and quite refreshed, we prepared for a long day's work.

  16. For a whole day these two were afloat on a floe about 150 ft.

  17. How the Wright Aeroplane Is Kept Afloat The Wright aeroplane is balanced by a warping or twisting of the planes 1 and 2, which form the supporting surfaces (Fig.

  18. He sets me afloat so that I lose my feet and have scarce any will of my own.

  19. Afloat in his large personality as she always was in his presence, she yet tried to resist him.

  20. Without this the classic scholar is afloat without a rudder.

  21. Boston harbor was converted into a teapot and all the tea afloat used at one drawing.

  22. The desperate efforts of the crew, however, served to keep her afloat for another day, and might have saved her, had it not been for the continuation of the fog.

  23. Give me any kin' of wind, an' thar ain't a Moosoo afloat that can come anywhar nigh the Parson.

  24. The “Times” correspondent wrote that “many stories were afloat about the King of Ashantee’s proceedings.

  25. It is vulgar, I say, to have such a report afloat on your estate.

  26. I might get John Massingbird to give it up to you," continued the doctor, nodding his head thoughtfully, as if he had some scheme afloat in it.

  27. Many of the ships were completely riddled by shot, and on some of them the men were employed day and night at the pumps to keep them afloat till they could cross the Channel to our own harbours.

  28. He then procured a large quantity of cane, and lashed these in the bottom of the boats, using a sufficient quantity to keep them afloat even if they were riddled with balls.

  29. Such was the resignation, and at the same time the spirit of the poor woman, that she readily accepted the proposal, and in a few days the younger Scott was actually afloat in the place of his brother.

  30. On Wednesday noon, at twelve, a female body was discovered afloat on the shore of the Barrière de Roule.

  31. She was an old-fashioned, composite ship, but her lines were those of a yacht's, and there were few vessels then afloat which could look at her on a bowline.

  32. They are made on the edge of the coast and pushed into the sea; and no sooner is one afloat than it is surrounded by a crowd of barges and boats, big and little, laden with stones and clods of earth.

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