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Example sentences for "afoot"

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  1. Next morning they were afoot again, and though jaded at first, and very tired, recovered before long and proceeded briskly forward.

  2. There could be no chance of their escaping in that direction; nor did there appear to be much in any other, afoot as they were, and pursued by mounted men.

  3. The truth is that certain distinguished patrons of the theatre did not care "to trot afoot to find their coaches," and so made complaint at Court.

  4. Blow and all, I was the first afoot again, for Hands had got involved with the dead body.

  5. The night passed, and the next day, after dinner, Redruth and I were afoot again and on the road.

  6. Far off, men mounted and afoot were seen approaching over the plain.

  7. Men do not journey afoot on the plains of the "Puszta.

  8. They were afoot and the trails showed that the animals were being driven off, so the boys returned and reported.

  9. Here he left fifteen of his men afoot secreted near the spring.

  10. At the head of the line rode four platoons of mounted police, twelve abreast, and then, afoot and alone, Col.

  11. No matter whether a man or woman wore a jewel or a pair of patent leather boots as a sign of "class," or tramped afoot to the stand or arrived in a limousine, nearly every dark hand held the nation's emblem.

  12. The colonel was afoot and was helping his daughter to alight.

  13. Having set these queries afoot in Brewster, Stanton was unwearied in keeping them alive and pressing them home.

  14. Ahorse and afoot the Crows massed, to charge from below and on either flank.

  15. They were a shave-head Indian, of forest and stream, and accustomed to travel afoot or in canoes.

  16. One of the latter made his way back afoot in the course of half an hour, saying his horse was shot under him in the valley, which was thick with Indians, and Chrome looked yellow-white and a trifle undecided.

  17. He could even have ridden down the arroyo unseen, and perhaps it was a senseless risk to hunt men afoot in this land.

  18. The fact was that he had been over on the South Canadian on some mission from the sub-agency, and his horse had thrown him and left him afoot on the prairie.

  19. I may as well say that they were all afoot by this time, as the horses that were still alive, were reduced to such a state of weakness that they were unable to carry their riders.

  20. Bill came to the conclusion that the man afoot was some cow-puncher that had been thrown from his horse.

  21. So he fomented all the quarrels that he could amongst these people, and he had seen with joy the troubles that were afoot about the Castle Lovell.

  22. I went swiftly afoot to the house of the Princess of Croy, and the door stood open with the old steward before it, chaffering with a fisherman.

  23. This was the meeting for which she had so longed, to compass which she had cajoled Fin Cooper, deceived her people, and travelled afoot across the heather all these weary miles!

  24. Well, I come down to break my fast at a reasonable hour, and not a creature is afoot in the whole house but the cat and me.

  25. The other was set afoot by interested businessmen, backed by politicians, seconded by newspapers, and borne by the community at large, in great part under misapprehension and stung by wounded pride.

  26. For she knew that perilous work was afoot that night, and did not know whom it might threaten or whom destroy.

  27. The game was afoot now; who could tell the issue of it?

  28. So I pulled out with the rest, taking all guns and horses, leaving the Guards disarmed and afoot lest they should try to act warlike.

  29. We must have gone afoot more than two whole miles before we came out at last on the edge of the Grand Canon.

  30. The fool gallopers were mostly wrung out, and gone home, or left afoot by Jim.

  31. Then I went on afoot with my rifle, crept up to the brow of the hill, and looked over through a clump of cactus.

  32. Last night I was with Sturmer, and he revealed that a great revolutionary plot is afoot for thy deposition from the Throne!

  33. While the brave Russian army were fighting valiantly, ever and anon being betrayed by their leaders, treachery of the worst and vilest sort was afoot in the highest quarters.

  34. Consequently he was early afoot and late to bed.

  35. Plowman's Ridge, they call it; and afoot upon it, it is kinder of aspect.

  36. When the other boys learned what was afoot they all became mightily interested in the bench-show game and in the prospects of the Willowdale entries at New York.

  37. Already the constant shifting of ground had carried them far from Bedlow and the men who were afoot were tired.

  38. Been some sorter o' deviltry afoot an' ten to one that same crazy Hawk's the guy that's broke loose!

  39. They are ever on the move, afoot or awing; and during these three weeks of junketing, the unique courtship is carried on.

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