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Example sentences for "deluges"

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deluded; deludes; deluding; deluge; deluged; deluging; delusion; delusional; delusions; delusive
  1. The surface of a forest, in its natural condition, can never pour forth such deluges of water as flow from cultivated soil.

  2. When the forest is gone, the great reservoir of moisture stored up in its vegetable mould is evaporated, and returns only in deluges of rain to wash away the parched dust into which that mould has been converted.

  3. We see how deluges outpoured from thunder-storms bring down their viscous streams of loam, destroying in an hour the terraces it took a year to build, and spreading wasteful mud upon the scanty cornfields.

  4. The lumbering train which brought us one October evening from Asciano crawled into this station after dark, at the very moment when a storm, which had been gathering from the south-west, burst in deluges of rain and lightning.

  5. It appears to me manifest that the deluges of Ogyges and Deucalion were neither locally historical nor partial deluges, but merely the reminiscences of the universal Deluge.

  6. Deaf to hard Facts knocking at their door; ignorant what Noah's-Deluges have broken out upon them, and are rushing on inevitable.

  7. When this substance ceases to exude, the operator rubs him with scented soap, and drenches him almost to suffocation with deluges of hot water.

  8. My dominions were vast and venerable; they comprehended two thirds of the surface of the globe; no deluges had destroyed them, and they had been peopled ages before the coming of man.

  9. Four hundred miles of brawling through many a mountain pass, From the shadow of the Catskills to the rocks of Havre de Grace, The Susquehanna flashes by willowy isles of May And deluges of April to the splendors of the bay.

  10. Their idea of friendship only serves as the means of mutual deception between women, accompanied by deluges of endearing phrases and Judas kisses.

  11. I ought to render a candid account here of the impression made upon me by those two deluges of ink, Goldoni and Chiari.

  12. Black clouds sink down towards the sea, violent waterspouts suck up the water in spiral columns which spread out above like the crowns of pine-trees, and deluges of rain come down, lasting sometimes for weeks.

  13. Thunder, lightning, and deluges of rain marked the start southwards.

  14. Cruz, in the vast deluges of basaltic lava: at this same tertiary period, also, there is distinct evidence of volcanic action in Western Banda Oriental.

  15. As deluges have been often alluded to, I shall say something of the causes which may be supposed to give rise to these grand movements of water in addition to those already alluded to (p.

  16. Deluges are often caused in the Andes by the liquefaction of great masses of snow, and sometimes by the rending open, during earthquakes, of subterranean cavities filled with water.

  17. I might enumerate a great number of local deluges that have swept through the fertile lands bordering on large rivers, especially in tropical countries, but I should surpass the limits assigned to this work.

  18. Deluges of thick rain rushed down, while a loud roar thundered from the clouds, and a vivid flash of lightning darted through the air.

  19. As long as her movements could be distinguished, she remained with her head still to the wind, dipping her bows under the waves which broke in deluges over her.

  20. Chiefly by the Elbe himself, since he got to be a River, and became cosmic and personal; ceasing to be a mere watery chaos of Lakes and Deluges hereabouts.

  21. When the faltering, fitful breezes first failed us, a long succession of rain deluges set in, which at first were most heartily welcome.

  22. Steaming weather, variable winds, and frequent deluges of rain make life at sea in the Bay then a burden almost too grievous to be borne.

  23. Heavy clouds hung over the mountain-tops, marking the edge of the rainfall which deluges the country to the north up to the end of February.

  24. It extends from Africa to the Malay Peninsula, and deluges all the intermediate countries within certain lines of latitude, for four months in the year.

  25. Norfolk, that its matted roots might prevent the deluges of sand which that country experiences.

  26. And, above all the scenes of desolation, above the turmoil and the strife, the grim storm god ruled supreme, heartlessly sending new deluges and crashing bolts in answer to the prayers for deliverance.

  27. On either side they war as Furies now; What deluges of blood!

  28. At midnight, it shifted to east-south-east, and blew with great fury, attended with constant deluges of rain.

  29. The month of February commenced with heavy gales of wind and deluges of rain, which greatly damaged the Indian corn, and different plants that were seeding.

  30. But there was little opportunity for comparisons--for the weather was terrible; and they exchanged their greetings amid tempests of wind and deluges of rain.

  31. The bishops and ministers of his Council added to his absurd egotism, by actually pouring deluges of the most fulsome adulation upon him.

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