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Example sentences for "bluff"

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bluestocking; bluestone; bluet; bluets; bluey; bluffed; bluffer; bluffing; bluffs; bluffy
  1. For the next train was not due for two hours, and it did not seem possible he could carry on his bluff that length of time.

  2. At first sight it seemed as ridiculously impossible as the bluff with the pipe, but quickly the boy weighed the chances, and determined to take the risk.

  3. Presently we topped the bluff and disappeared over its crest.

  4. I like your bluff Balmerino's philosophy of life," he told me.

  5. This was agreed to; and next morning Tandy met bluff old Weathereye at the little railway station.

  6. After rounding the promontory, with its bold, bluff cliffs frowning darkly over the deep, they came to the entrance to the river.

  7. This is the biggest bluff town in the world, I do believe.

  8. Here, you can get away with anything, I don't care what it is, if only you bluff hard enough.

  9. At last we sighted a small headland or bluff which rose abruptly from the water where the river narrowed, and under its shadow we could just make out the bastions of Fort Caroline.

  10. We had passed a little below the Fort and had drifted toward a bluff of dunes which jutted out into the stream almost athwart our course--for here the channel runs close to the shore.

  11. And there, along the low bluff of the Kill, still lay the shingle-boarded town of Lewes, in the torpor of nearly two hundred years, or since the Dutch De Vries had settled it in 1631.

  12. I made an excursion this day for the purpose of examining the land lying between Port George the Fourth and Hanover Bay: it consists of a low neck which connects the peninsula terminating in High Bluff Point with the main.

  13. If they are after us, we must bluff it out.

  14. Then we quietly continued along the ridge of a high bluff until we came to an outstretched point, where beneath us lay the Snake Valley with its fickle-minded river winding through.

  15. So we concealed ourselves on a little bluff to the right and waited.

  16. It is the true spirit of comedy which introduces into this closely perfumed atmosphere the bluff country figure of Sir Positive Trap, with his exordiums on the rustic ladies, and on "the good old English art of clear-starching.

  17. He obeyed his orders promptly, shoving the yawl from the beach, and mooring her broadside to the bluff bank in front of the cabin, so that the cargo could be easily stowed away.

  18. The Crusoe men were gathered on the bluff at the head of the path, sweating and panting, and congratulating themselves on the success of their undertaking.

  19. Like many another man, he had attempted to call a bluff only to find that the other chap was not bluffing.

  20. There was no bluff about the man's proposal to bet ten thousand dollars, and Gallup was not the sort of chap to back down after making such talk.

  21. At the brink of the bluff she peered over into the shadow below.

  22. He took it as a bluff and continued to "make a front.

  23. Her restless spirit led her round the shore of the lake until she finally found herself on a bluff that rose from the water's edge.

  24. It's not easy to bluff them, but we may be able to get their tails down, and an uphill game is a hard game for any team to play.

  25. There was a dreary interval of riding and shouting and urging the cattle up over a low spur of the bluff and down the other side, and the placing of them to Luck's satisfaction.

  26. Behind the depot, the prairie humped a huge, broad shoulder of bluff wrinkled along the forward slope of it like the folds of a full fashioned skirt.

  27. You tell me ride down that big hill," she threw one hand out toward the bluff that sheltered the house.

  28. Taking the cars at the Bluff one can run up to Invercargill, a distance of seventeen miles, consuming, however, a full hour in the transit.

  29. I mean we must go up on the bluff and pitch our camp a hundred yards or so back from the beach.

  30. We’ll camp for the night on the bluff just ahead.

  31. Come on over to the bluff and we’ll have a last look for Mr. Dunbar.

  32. When at last the evening was completely gone, he bade his companions a cheery good night, saying that he would go over to the bluff and sleep near the catalpa tree.

  33. The whole of that part of the bluff has slumped down to the beach,” he said, “and even the big catalpa tree is uprooted and overturned.

  34. A little spring at the foot of the bluff had been dug out and framed around with sticks to keep the margin from crumbling.

  35. We call that a bluff because it fronts the water and is three feet higher than the general lay of the land.

  36. She had disguised her tenderness under a bluff camaraderie during his first wife's lifetime, and hastened Mrs. Lambert's death by inflaming her suspicions of Roddy's fidelity.

  37. I'm not the British Public, and that bluff honesty pose isn't one I admire.

  38. After leaving the inlet we pushed on through the scrub to a high bluff of granitic formation, distant about sixteen miles N.

  39. After seeing the party move on, with the native boy to act as guide through the scrub, I rode in advance to search for water at the hill marked by Flinders as Bluff Mount, and named by Colonel Gawler, Mount Hill.

  40. The part that I selected was high, steep, and bluff towards the sea, which washed its base; presenting the appearance described by Captain Flinders, as noted before.

  41. The bluff rocky banks were no longer visible, but a low level country appeared to the view at seemingly about fifteen or twenty miles distance.

  42. After having mounted, I rode down to the bluff and called out: "Madam, my name is Pike; what will you have?

  43. On this stream we encamped in a large grove of most beautiful young cottonwoods, near which was a bluff thirty feet high, with a projecting cliff, almost forming a cave.

  44. He took his canteen with him, and started down the path, while I crept to the edge of the bluff to see what transpired.

  45. Realizing their position, they spurred ahead, and dashed over the bluff into the river.

  46. The bluff was about sixteen feet high, and perpendicular above the water.

  47. There were three of our party who went over the bluff after the Indians, one of whom we always called Towney--but I have forgotten the names of the others.

  48. We encamped that night on the north side of the river, on the opposite bank of which was a bluff at least sixty feet high, and fairly sparkling with isinglass.

  49. Bluff and hearty Colonel Simcoe, in the act of drawing a goblet of port, lowered the glass a few inches at each of the girl's passionate outbursts.

  50. During the early part of the last century there were no buildings to shut off the view of the water-front, and its lawn ran down to a bluff overlooking the ferry landing and wharf.

  51. Look here, Cojuelo, what's the use of all this bluff and bluster?

  52. I am sick of all this bluff and nonsense, being brought here blind-folded, and all that sort of thing, by another fellow dressed like you.

  53. All these preparations for torture were only bluff to test your courage and your love.

  54. She gave an ecstatic "Oh," at the sight of the broad esplanade with the noble river washing the base of the bluff which jutted out into a bed of sandstone that formed a natural landing for boats.

  55. Below the bluff ran the river, and far to the right was what had been a naval depot established by the United States but used until the recent capitulation of Memphis by the Confederates for the purpose of building vessels of their own.

  56. The soft lapping of the water, as it beat against the foot of the bluff upon which the city stood, came gently to her ears.

  57. The Gayoso House fronted upon a wide esplanade which extended along the bluff in front of the town.

  58. A federal gunboat, the "New Era," assisted in the defence, but the height of the bluff prevented her giving material support to the garrison.

  59. A large number of the soldiers, black and white, and also a few citizens, myself among the number, rushed down the bluff toward the river.

  60. Major Booth was killed, and Major Bradford taking command, drew the troops back into the Fort, situated on a high, steep and partially timbered bluff on the Mississippi river, with a ravine on either hand.

  61. And from the top of the bluff the world unrolled in a panorama of nature's own shaping and coloring.

  62. At that moment I was homesick for Fort Leavenworth, through and through homesick, for the first time since that April day when I had sat on the bluff above the Missouri River while the vision of the plains descended upon me.

  63. I was on the bluff above the river at Fort Leavenworth again, watching for the fish on the sand-bars.

  64. Then the woman wandered away to the edge of the bluff and sat until late that night, looking out at the strange, entrancing New Mexican landscape.

  65. I did not know then that out on the bluff an hour ago I had come to the first turn in my life-trail, and that I could not look back now.

  66. One must have known Jondo, with his bluff manner and sunny smile and daring spirit, to feel the force, of these brave sad words.

  67. As I sat on the bluff in the April sunshine, I turned my face toward the west and stretched out my chubby arms for larger freedom.

  68. The minutes dragged out like hours, and the anxiety for the unprotected group on the bluff made the three men frantic to hurry on.

  69. A shower of arrows from the top of the bluff might rain upon us at any moment, yelling warriors might rush upon us, or a ring of riders encircle us.

  70. I told you of that once down on the bluff by the Clarenden home at Kansas City.

  71. From our bluff I saw the smoke belch from its stacks as it pulled away and started down-stream; but only Uncle Esmond and Jondo waited to wave good-by to the sweet-faced girl looking back at them from its deck.

  72. When he reached the top of the bluff he made straight across the square toward my uncle Esmond Clarenden's little storehouse, and I lost sight of him.

  73. As we trailed off into the unknown land, I looked back at the bluff below which nestled the last houses we were to see for seven hundred miles.

  74. I had gone out on the bluff to watch for the big fish that Bill Banney, a young Kentuckian over at the fort, had told me were to be seen only on those April days when the Missouri was running north instead of south.

  75. Six years had made many changes in the place, but the same old welcome awaited us, and we became happy-hearted boys again as we climbed the steep road up the bluff to the Clarenden house.

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