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Example sentences for "childlike"

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childish; childishly; childishness; childless; childlessness; childre; children; childrens; childun; chile
  1. The reason why Aladdin is so refreshing is that we feel the childlike audacity of genius in its wildly fantastic wishes.

  2. Golo says to Sir Wolf, who to him represents the good old times: "How could I dream of jeering at thy childlike spirit!

  3. So successful was he in counterfeiting the most childlike frankness and innocence, and in assuming a sort of fraternal brusqueness to prevent his melting into tenderness, that she never entertained the slightest suspicion.

  4. It even seemed as though an unusual grief restrained the smile which erewhile answered so readily, in childlike sweetness, to every friendly word.

  5. One of the most accomplished and relentless of the desperadoes of the Great North-West, he had peculiarly enjoyed his pose as the childlike Tony.

  6. There was no resisting his childlike bonhomie, or the amiable antics of his great brown bear, which grinned through its muzzle as if dancing to its master's merry piccolo were its one delight in life.

  7. What minds, half childlike and half mad, these early carvers had!

  8. Ercolano, attempted certain childlike and vain subterfuges of war, which unhappily ended in failure and in his own martyrdom.

  9. Her lips parted as if for a contradiction, but it was evidently very pleasant to her to hear such words from him, and with a little childlike smile of gratification she let him proceed.

  10. She had died when Bessie was a baby, and was altogether a more childlike and undecided person than her daughter.

  11. And yet, so young did she sometimes look, so childlike was her smile and so simple her manner, that there were curious ones who scouted the supposition of wifehood.

  12. Under the light in the little drawing-room, he noticed that she looked pale and careworn, and her limpid, childlike eyes were veiled pathetically with deep, blue shadows.

  13. She looked at him--a long, searching look, her childlike eyes dark with troubled indecision.

  14. He has instead succeeded in producing so lively and natural an expression of childlike delight, untouched by any taint of sensual desire, that the hearer feels his own heart full of happiness for very sympathy.

  15. His ruses are the ruses of a childlike mind.

  16. Daughters drew near him in love secure Cooling his forehead's hot fever; Gently their message of innocence pure Made him a childlike believer.

  17. Everything about the girl piques interest; her beauty, her charm, her childlike gayety and inconsequence, which are but the upper current of a deeper sea of sincerity and common sense.

  18. Here she broke into a perfectly childlike fit of laughter.

  19. For the fair, sweet, womanly thoughtfulness was as lofty and lovely in its way, as the childlike simplicity of enjoyment before had been bewitching.

  20. The childlike loveliness of her quondam teacher really touched her heart.

  21. They went on board without the slightest sign of mistrust and with only an expression of mild wonder on their beautiful and strangely childlike faces.

  22. He smiled at the childlike secrecy of the announcement.

  23. It is this, the first of all created things, which, with its pure splendor, lights up in brilliancy whatever in the rest of creation still retains aught of childlike innocence and blessed purity.

  24. Still, together with this simple and childlike signification, it (like every other part of this divine book, thus written on the inside and the out) possesses also a far deeper meaning.

  25. And as with the love, so also is it with the faith of men: it enters not sufficiently into minutiae; it is not personal enough, nor sufficiently childlike and confiding; it is not made to refer enough to ourselves.

  26. A childlike faith, and a love that endureth unto the end--these are the true bonds to hold the soul of man in intimate union with God.

  27. But such a childlike and humble docility will not satisfy the proud reason, and so it is ever turning again to the other absolute road of a false, imaginary, and unhuman knowledge.

  28. Give him truthful devotion and childlike obedience, and the wish of your faithful heart shall be triumphantly fulfilled.

  29. When her husband had done speaking, she went up to him with the gentle and almost childlike reverence with which she always treated him, and took his hand.

  30. As he listened to this simple childlike prattle, Domitian was moved to a guileless feeling of affection, which he had long forgotten.

  31. And most childlike in their passionate bitterness, their keen sense of injustice, were the tears she shed in her own room, alone.

  32. I like you and you," was Maude's childlike answer, as she pointed a finger at each.

  33. Thinking that there might have been a confusion of checks in the station, we gave this childlike native a peseta and a card with our Santiago address in case "the Madrid gentleman" should suspect us of highway robbery.

  34. The love of the Galician peasantry for "Our Lady" blends childlike familiarity with impassioned devotion.

  35. One of the most touching effects of the scene was the childlike simplicity with which the poor of Galicia, coming from such vile hovels, felt themselves at home in the dwelling of their saint.

  36. And Milly let him do the talking, as she always had, listening with a childlike interest to what he had to say.

  37. Is it the place where, in childlike naivety, we would watch the fleeting clouds, and wonder why we, too, could not run so swiftly?

  38. In her childlike faith in her husband she had hoped for the great miracle.

  39. Was she not herself of a childlike nature, so sweet and tender, unsophisticated and generous.

  40. Mistress Crawley exclaimed, as she bustled into the room where Lucy still sat motionless, while Will, with childlike intolerance of suspense, ran off to seek someone who would speak, and not sit dumb and white like Lucy.

  41. Had she known clearly to whose account the chief share of this childlike joy was to be placed, Hortense would most likely have felt both shocked and incensed.

  42. I have always used the childlike plan of talking it out.

  43. The recurrent adjectives of Homer were the device of one who entertained a childlike audience.

  44. She paused abruptly; her round, young cheeks lost their last vestige of colour, her eyes their clear, childlike look.

  45. And his own warped and gloomy soul was at one with her pure and childlike one--pure because even the desire for revenge which she felt, she ascribed to God, and called it justice.

  46. She was so very beautiful, and that air of settled melancholy, of childlike helplessness and pathos in her made an irresistible appeal to him.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "childlike" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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