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Example sentences for "doting"

Lexicographically close words:
doted; dotes; doth; dothe; doti; dots; dotted; dotter; dotterel; dotting
  1. Puffed up with your own doting ignorance, You always take the two sides of one question.

  2. Your father there within agrees to it, But he is weak and overcome with wine, And caught as if with bird-lime by the cup, 430 He claps his wings and crows in doting joy.

  3. Then many a doting lover came From seventeen till twenty-one, Each told her of his mighty flame, But she, forsooth, affected none.

  4. I was thy slave, and doting let thee know, I better could myself than thee forgo.

  5. As soon as she was out of sight, I repented me of what I had done, for the price of what I had bought for her was a thousand dinars, and I said to myself, 'What doting is this?

  6. Another Florio doting on a flower; A short liv’d flower; and which has often sprung From sordid arts, as Florio’s out of dung.

  7. A choice of moment high inspire, And rescue me from shame, For doting on thy charms so late, By grandeur in my theme.

  8. Whether it was Si'Wren's beauty or her fearlessness that he found so impressive, Ibi did not elaborate, although a fondly doting Mearch seemed to have his own ideas already.

  9. Then he raised his eyes to look beyond the prostrate woman, and gaze upon the surpassing beauty of Si'Wren, and his eyes fairly twinkled with doting joy.

  10. Such hazard now must doting Tarquin make, Pawning his honour to obtain his lust; And for himself himself he must forsake: Then where is truth, if there be no self-trust?

  11. Oh, Heaven grant My doting father more humility, More faith, more hope; and aye within this breast Keep thou my faith alive, lest Satan send Some emissary forth to thwart thy will.

  12. For thee, my child, has not my doting love Sufficed, at least in part, to fill the breach Of that tremendous void?

  13. The doting husband, Don Henrique contrasts well with the jealous Bartolus; and both afford by their fate the sort of moral which is looked for in comedy.

  14. Nothing can be more happily conceived than the credulity of the honest Orgon, and his more doting mother; it is that which we sometimes witness, incurable except by the evidence of the senses, and fighting every inch of ground against that.

  15. How often have I asked thee in an hour, when my fond soul was doting on thy eyes, when with my arms clasping thy yielding neck, my lips imprinting kisses on thy cheeks, and taking in the breath that sighed from thine?

  16. Thou sacred dear delight of my fond doting heart, oh, whither wilt thou lead me, to what vast heights of love?

  17. When Leigh and Mrs. Currer', says Davies, 'performed the parts of doting cully and rampant courtezan the applause was as loud as the triumphant Tories could bestow.

  18. Jasper, it is time for you to make some headway with Miss Jarney," said his doting mother, on this evening, as they all sat around their father in his ease.

  19. Doting like me, and like me banished, Then mightst thou speake, then mightst thou teare thy hayre.

  20. During this period he had been so spoiled and petted by his doting Sovereign that he had already upon several occasions temporarily turned her favour to resentment by his arrogance and ill-humour.

  21. Who being acquainted with my curtisans deceased doting husband, for his sake vsd vs with all the familiaritie that might be.

  22. The Doctors of Wittenberg doting on the rumour that went of him, desired him before the Duke and them to doe something extraordinarie memorable.

  23. Dear old Lily,' poor Mary exclaimed fervently, as Lily lifted her snout to be rubbed, and looked with queer, piggish eyes into those of her doting mistress.

  24. Who led thy doting husband where he might hear thine own lips proclaim thy falsity?

  25. Oh, what horrible lives there are in the world and how lovely to think that I have a lovely home and a doting husband and three darling children and my dinners!

  26. He had received a spoiling from his doting and indulgent mother that would have turned many another boy into a selfish, vain egoist.

  27. Youth longeth for a kindred spirit, and yearneth for a heart that can commune with his own; He meditateth night and day, doting on the image of his fancy.

  28. She refused to see me; but I have gain'd, By intercession of my doting mother, One meeting, to decide if my estate Shall be more wretched than it was before.

  29. Nay, I would I did: I wonder not your doting heart rejects Such monstrous treachery.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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